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One World One Global Sim


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Join ITU today and apply for an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) ranges signified by the shared Mobile Country Code ‘901’, which has no ties to any single country. ‘Global SIMs’ are important for enabling cross-border global M2M & IoT connectivity, helping manufacturers to build once and sell anywhere.
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One World One Global Sim

  1. 1. ONE ONE WORLD, GLOBAL SIM Frederic Werner Senior Communications & Membership Officer ITU
  2. 2. What is ITU? The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs) Member states Private sector organizations Academia members 193 +700 +150SANTIAGO NEW YORK BRIDGETOWN TEGUCIGALPA MOSCOW GENEVA (HQ) BANGKOK JAKARTA CAIRO ADDIS ABABA HARARE DAKAR YAOUNDE REGIONAL OFFICES BRASILIA UN OFFICE AREA OFFICES
  3. 3. • ITU allocates International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) ranges • (IMSI) ranges are signified by the shared Mobile Country Code ‘901’ • This 901 code has no ties to any single country • Global IMSI ranges enable ‘Global SIMs’, cross-border connectivity • ‘Global SIMs’ important for enabling cross-border global M2M & IoT connectivity, helping manufacturers to build once and sell anywhere.
  4. 4. Evolving technology, evolving use cases • Global SIMs traditionally used for maritime and aerospace connectivity for both satellite and cellular communications. • Today, (MVNEs), (MVNOs) and (MNOs) are using ‘Global SIMs’ to offer global connectivity to M2M and IoT industry players.
  5. 5. Enabling Global M2M & IoT connectivity Global SIMs are helping companies to expand IoT and M2M operations seamlessly across countries and industry sectors. Smart cities Traffic control, emergency services, smart energy devices. Smart healthcare Connecting healthcare devices, providers, patients and insurers. Smart logistics Global product and asset tracking. Smart retail Secure real-time payments worldwide and digital signage. Smart manufacturing Tracking machines worldwide. Smart utilities Making electricity, gas and water more efficient. Smart automotive Cross-border transport systems, fleet management, emergency calls.
  6. 6. How it works, how providers benefit • A SIM embedded in a device with 901 code is a ‘Global SIMS’ • Global IMSI ranges enable MVNEs/MVNOs to generate their own "Global SIMS“ • "Global SIMS" enable seamless deployment of M2M and IoT devices across countries • Some benefits include: Connected everywhere Land, sea or air. Global SIM advantage • Build once, embed SIM in device, avoid network failover. Unified roaming rates Single price for connectivity. Greater flexibility • One MNC for all countries. • Mitigates lock-in
  7. 7. Connected everywhere Bodytrace’s weighing scales use cellular technology for data connectivity anywhere in the world. Global SIM advantage AeroMobile offers in-flight calling capability. Unified roaming rates Transatel’s SIM 901 is a universal, network-agnostic SIM card that enables users of any device to connect to the internet via cellular networks (3G/LTE) at local conditions, wherever they may be. Real-time IoT enabled analytics across borders SAP’s IoT Connect 365 is enabling vehicle manufacturer engine management systems to monitor the operation of their vehicles across borders. Some use cases for Global IMSI ranges
  8. 8. How to apply? • The allocation of global IMSI ranges to ITU members is led by ITU-T Study Group 2 • Join ITU as an Associate or Sector Member order to be eligible to apply for an MNC under a shared MCC 901 • Submit a formal application to the Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) for assignment of a shared MCC 901 • A formal reply will be received by the applicant within a 75 day period Want to know more? Contact our team at:
  9. 9. Some of our current assignees and applicants
  10. 10. Benefits of Global IMSI ranges To learn more about how ITU-T Study Group 2 leads the allocation of global IMSI ranges to ITU members, contact: For more information on ITU-T Study Group 2 activities, please visit: Eligibility to apply for global IMSI ranges (MNC under a shared MCC 901) is afforded to organizations which hold either Sector Membership in ITU or ITU-T Associate status in Study Group 2 (ITU-T SG2). Global IMSI ranges are assigned to organizations that satisfy the assignment criteria contained within Annex A of ITU-T Recommendation E.212 @ITU