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5G service implementation in Winter olympics 2018


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This presentation discusses 5G service implementation in Winter Olympics 2018. The presentation was given at ITU Workshop on 5G Security in Geneva, Switzerland, on 19 March 2018. More information on the symposium can be found here:

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5G service implementation in Winter olympics 2018

  1. 1. 5G service implementation in Winter Olympics 2018 Hans Kim
  2. 2. Paving the road to 5G
  3. 3. GiGA Speed GiGA Internet (2014) 5G (2019) LTE-A LTE HSPA+ HSPA EDGE FTTx VDSL2 VDSL SDSL ADSL ISDN < KT Broadband breakthrough > SNS SMS/MMS VOICE Web Surfing VoD IPTV SPEED 1Gbps 100Mbps 10Mbps 150Mbps 2Mbps 500kbps 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 64kbps 10Mbps 100Mbps YEAR
  4. 4. Boosting Customer Experience Latency 300Mbps ~4Mbps Voice/Telepresence Data Speed LTE 20Gbps 5G Full-HD Video Streaming 400ms 20ms LTE 1ms Massive Connectivity 5G Dense Stadium 60,000 200(active) LTE 5G 2,000(active)
  5. 5. 5G Roadmap 2016 2017 2018 2019 1st Test Event 2nd Test Event PyeongChang Winter Olympics 5G Pre-Commercial Service 5G Commercial Service BroadcastingService ExperientialService IoTService 5G Safety Sync View 360° VR Hologram Live Interactive Multi-view
  6. 6. 5G Network
  7. 7. Omni-View 5G 10 Cameras (7.5Km) Wearable GPS module Finish 5G module embedded Cameras
  8. 8. Omni-View
  9. 9. Time-slice
  10. 10. Time-slice
  11. 11. 360˚ VR Live
  12. 12. Lessons Learned Hyper Connectivity to connect 10s billions IoT devices Super High Speed to deliver exponentially generated data True Cloud Infrastructure to compute dramatically accumulated information Intelligence to analyze & decide extremely accurate direction