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BA Geography with Transport Studies at the University of Leeds


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This is an undergraduate degree with a distinctive employability element ...

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BA Geography with Transport Studies at the University of Leeds

  1. 1. BA Geography with Transport Studies School of Geography Top 10 in the world for Geography Centre for World University Rankings 2017
  2. 2. School of Geography What we’ll cover in today’s talk
  3. 3.  World-class reputation for quality of teaching and research  Ranked 2nd in the UK for research power in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF, 2014).  Awarded Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2009 for ‘sustained excellence’  ITS’ research is commissioned by leading organisations e.g. Department for Transport, European Commission, World Bank, Volvo, Rail Research UK.  New centre for energy demand reduction  Influencing travellers through smart phones  Transport policy competition between cities  Close links to industry – partnership with Jaguar Land Rover for £10m virtual engineering project  Multi-disciplinary. The Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) School of Geography
  4. 4. Our Industrial Advisory Board… School of Geography
  5. 5. School of Geography Transport is more than…
  6. 6.  Understanding travel behaviours and mobility cultures  The role of transport in shaping the city  Energy, environment and climate change  Accessibility and proximity of place  Uneven and unequal mobilities  Planning for healthy cities  Visioning future transport systems Transport is about… School of Geography Study global challenges in transport and mobility
  7. 7. Mapping deprivation data from the 2011 Census Merseyside – all households experiencing deprivation (MSOA, 2011) Legend Case study wards #deprived households School of Geography
  8. 8.  Transport has long had a role in protests shaping culture and society From…  Rosa Parks sitting at the front of the bus in Montgomery to...  Uber protests in London, Paris and Barcelona Mobility cultures School of Geography
  9. 9.  Transport and virtual mobilities are the glue that bind activities in time and space  We all need mobility  Are our transport systems resilient?  What would happen if there was no petrol tomorrow?  How do we respond to disruption?  Flooding  Fuel shortages/price rises  How can local transport support growth, be sustainable, provide accessibility and tackle obesity?  Are walking and cycling the modes of the future? School of Geography Mobility cultures
  10. 10.  Specialise at undergraduate level, while developing transferable skills  Study an interdisciplinary subject (this is not a joint honours)  Cover two thirds of geography and one third of transport  Study the same human geography modules as single honours students. Why study Geography with Transport Studies? School of Geography
  11. 11. You’ll study the same human geography modules as single honours students. Plus, Global to Local: Challenges in Transport and Mobility (20 credits) in semester one and two Year 1 – Geography with Transport Studies School of Geography every year you can also choose Discovery modules (20 credits)
  12. 12. Global to local semester 1 School of Geography
  13. 13. School of Geography Global to local semester 2
  14. 14. You’ll study 40-120 credits of transport… Transport and Society (20 credits) Choose 20 credits from... Transport, Energy and the Environment (10 credits) Transport Land Use and Development (10 credits) Transport Economics (10 credits) Transport, Mobility and Safety (10 credits) Project Appraisal (10 credits) You’ll also have 80 credits to study geography Plus, choose an optional European field trip with a transport and urban planning focus Year 2 – Geography with Transport Studies School of Geography
  15. 15.  Communication technology, virtual mobility and travel  The nature of crime and transport clocking, twoking and smuggling  The character and significance of transport protests  Theories of inequality, exclusion and capital(s)  Social networks and travel  Leisure travel, tourism, globalisation, climate change and the right to travel  Travelling pleasures: car culture Transport and Society School of Geography
  16. 16. You’ll study 40-120 credits of transport Travel Activity and Social Analysis (20 credits) Choose from… Public Transport Policy and Practice (10 credits) Physical Distribution and Logistics (10 credits) Case Studies in Sustainable Transport (10 credits) Healthy Cities: Transport and Health (10 credits) Dissertation (40 credits)  Your topic may be geography, transport or a mixture Plus, 40 credits to study geography School of Geography Year 3 – Geography with Transport Studies
  17. 17.  Year 1: UK-based geography fieldwork  Year 2: field trip from a choice of Helsinki, Montpellier or Belgrade during Easter vacation  Year 3: optional geography field trip modules – travel to Athens, Costa Rica or Miami Image taken by Dr Martin Zebracki of students in Miami Fieldwork opportunities School of Geography You’ll receive £500 towards your fieldwork costs
  18. 18.  A unique opportunity to study the links between Transport and Urban Planning ‘under laboratory conditions’  A chance to experience a very different planning culture  A place most students wouldn’t normally think of visiting Helsinki School of Geography
  19. 19. School of Geography Student experience
  20. 20. School of Geography Student experience
  21. 21.  You’ll need AAB preferably including geography.  A strong personal statement explaining your motivation (and passion) for this subject is important. School of Geography Entry requirements and applying
  22. 22. The possibilities are endless… Transport planning is consistently identified as an area of skills shortages! Our graduates work in transport planning jobs all over the world such as: School of Geography Your employment prospects
  23. 23. Gain a head start in your career… You’ll be better placed to get a job in the Transport Planning sector than other graduates You’ll be guaranteed a place on an ITS Masters degree if you achieve a 2:1 The fees for your Transport Masters degree may be paid by your employer after you have gained experience School of Geography What will you gain from a Transport degree?
  24. 24. At least two thirds of graduates went straight in to Transport Planning professions Other career paths you could choose… Other planning jobs (development, environment) Retail distribution Airlines, airports and CAA Teaching Charities and campaign groups Or further study (Masters / PhD) School of Geography Where are our graduates working? Last year C.100% of students were employed after graduating or went on to postgraduate study
  25. 25. If you think of any questions later… School of Geography