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DOES14 - Anders Walgren - Electric Cloud/Huawei - Huawei’s CD Transformation Journey


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Anders Walgren, Chief Technology Officer, Electric Cloud at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014

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Huawei is a $40B company delivering communications technologies for telecom carriers, enterprise and consumers. This talk will provide an overview of Huawei’s Continuous Delivery and DevOps transformation initiatives in a complex embedded software evironment. Ting Zhou Principal Solution Architect for Huawei, alongside Electric Cloud’s CTO Anders Wallgren, will present the business drivers and benefits of their Continuus Delivery solution encompassing build, infrastructure provisioning, deployment and testing plus reporting including release pipeline visualization and progress dashboards.

Huawei’s CD and DevOps implementation is a centralized, shared cloud service currently used by 2,000 developers supporting 20 applications and is in process of being extended to 40,000 developers servicing over 1000 applications. Some additional statistics on our current implementation:

– More than 2000 releases per year
– More than 50,000 compile & builds per day
– More than 1million test cases run per day
– More than 30million LoC, product is complicated
– More than 480K code review/analysis per year
– More than 170k system integration testing per year

The benefits of our solution include:
– Reduced cost of delivering software
– Increased resource utilization and productivity
– Shorter time to market with higher quality

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DOES14 - Anders Walgren - Electric Cloud/Huawei - Huawei’s CD Transformation Journey

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