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Sysctr Track: The Capable & Scalable Cloud OS


Published on

by Didier Van Hoye

A Session full of demos about SMB Direct, ODX, UNMAP, Storage QoS, Live Migration options, DVMQ & vRSS etc.

Real life commodity hardware that renders nice performance accessible to everyone.

Published in: Technology
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Sysctr Track: The Capable & Scalable Cloud OS

  1. 1. The Scalable & Capable Cloud OS Didier Van Hoye
  2. 2. Microsoft MVP in Hyper-V MEET Member DELL TechCenter Rockstar Didier Van Hoye Technical Architect – FGIA @workinghardinit
  3. 3. Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V  Performance  Scalability  Excellent data protection  High to continuous availability  Great Economics  Leverage existing investment  Solutions for any size, needs & challenges
  4. 4. Hyper-V Storage – Improvements in the storage stack – Storage QoS – VHDX – ODX/UNMAP
  5. 5. IO SCALING LIMITATIONS WITH W2K8R2 vCPU 0 1 channel per vSCSI Controller for all attached devices 256 Queue Depth per vSCSI controller shared for all attached devices Storage IO on vCPU 0 ONLY Hyper-V Host Parent Partition Virtual Storage Stack VHD VHD Virtual Machine vSCSI
  6. 6. IO SCALANBILITY WITH W2K12R2 guest-storage-performance-above-beyond-1-million-iops/ vSCSI vCPU 0 vCPU 1 vCPU 2 vCPU 63 ... Storage IO spread across all vCPUs 1 channel / 16 vCPUs per device per vSCSI controller è 4 with 64 vCPUs 256 Queue Depth per device per vSCSI controller VHDX VHDX Virtual Machine Hyper-V Host Parent Partition Virtual Storage Stack
  7. 7. Storage QoS
  8. 8. VHDX Larger Virtual Disks Large Sector Support Enhanced Performance Larger Block Sizes Enhanced Resiliency Embed Custom Metadata User Defined Metadata
  9. 9. 512e RWM
  10. 10. Large Sector Support – 512e Disks Hardware RMW No Auto Align For Existing VHDs Hardware RMW Windows Server 2012 • New VHDs 4K Aligned - Padding  Better Performance, Reduced Need For RMW 4K Aligned Sub-Optimal Performance For Existing VHDs ~30% • 512b structures - Sector Bitmap, Header, Footer, Parent Locators  Extra Hardware Read-Modify-Write
  11. 11. Large Sector Support – Native 4K Disks VHDX Software RMW • Support For Native 4K Disks  Software Read-Modify- Write • 512b Logical Sector Virtual Disk  Performance Penalty For RMW • 4K Logical Sector VHDX  No Performance Penalty
  12. 12. Increased Storage Efficiency – Unmap • Unmap – Storage Informed Of Unused Space • Efficiencies At Virtual Layer • Allows Reuse Of Unused Blocks • Efficiencies At Physical Layer – VMs Unmap Passed To Hardware • Supported On – VHDX & PassThru Disks – vSCSI, vIDE or Virtual Fibre Channel / iSCSI VHD Stack
  13. 13. Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) Intelligent SAN Virtual Disk Virtual Disk Offload Read Token Token Offload Write Token Actual Data Transfer
  14. 14. High To Continuous Availability • Online Virtual Disk Merge • Storage Live Migration • Shared Nothing Live Migration • Online Set Parent • Online resize of VHDX
  15. 15. Storage Demos
  16. 16. Hyper-V Networking – Live Migration • Compression • SMB Multichannel & SMB Direct – DVMQ – vRSS
  17. 17. Tips for optimal live migrations 1. Set optimal performance option 2. Bigger Pipes 3. Use jumbo frames 4. Optimize power settings 5. Tweak # of simultaneous live migrations
  18. 18. Live Migration Performance Options • TCP/IP (what we had) • Compression • SMB – SMB MultiChannel – SMB Direct • iWarp • RoCE • Infiniband
  19. 19. No VMQ (W2K8) All the interrupts of incoming network traffic to a VM has to be handled by core 0.
  20. 20. Static VMQ (W2K8R2) Sorting, filtering is done by NIC & each VM get a core to handle the interrupts
  21. 21. Dynamic VMQ (W2K12/R2) Sorting, filtering is done by NIC & the VM(s) gets one or multiple core dynamically assigned to handle the interrupts
  22. 22. Dynamic VMQ & vRSS (W2K12R2) Sorting, filtering is done by NIC & the VM(s) gets one or multiple core dynamically assigned to handle the interrupts
  23. 23. Network Demos
  24. 24. You can have your cookie & eat it to!
  25. 25. Didier Van Hoye Technical Architect – FGIA Microsoft MVP, MEET Member, DELL TechCenter Rockstar @workinghardinit
  26. 26. And take home the Lumia 1320 Present your feedback form when you exit the last session & go for the drink Give Me Feedback
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