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Sysctr Track: SMA, the hybrid provisioning engine for public clouds


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by Kurt Van Hoecke , Stijn Callebaut

Join us in this session where we are going to demonstrate the power of Service Management Automation (SMA).

The components of the solution and how you can extend the functionality of the engine are the focus points for this automation trip.

Different public clouds are targeted in this automation scenario where we will make use of different System Center products to submit and provision the request.

Less slides, lots of demonstrations where we will explain the complete configuration that supports the demo scenario.

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Sysctr Track: SMA, the hybrid provisioning engine for public clouds

  1. 1. SMA the hybrid provisioning engine for public clouds Kurt van Hoecke Stijn Callebaut
  2. 2. Agenda • Automation • Datacenter automation • WAP and SMA as provisioning engine • (SMA) runbook Automation • People, processes and product
  3. 3. AUTOMATION ?
  4. 4. Current Environment Internal Manual Processes Internal Outsourced Processes Custom Scripts Vendor- specific Tools
  5. 5. Current Environment Issues Internal Manual Processes Internal Outsourced Processes Custom Scripts Vendor- specific Tools Lack of: Consistency Compliance Lack of: Consistency Compliance Know how High customization costs to support Heterogeneous technological landscape Lack of: Standards Unified Management Consolidated Error Handling
  6. 6. IT Process Automation Elements • Standardization of the environment • Common toolset • System and Processes automation • Automation Team- DevOps?
  8. 8. Lifecycle of the datacenter Cloud Provisioning and Deprovisioning Monitoring and Remediation Maintenance and Patching Security and Disaster Recovery Service Management, Compliance, and Reporting
  10. 10. Service Management Automation CMDB Ticketing Billing Management Systems AutomationVIRTUAL MACHINE CLOUDS 12 SQL SERVER 9 PLANS 12 WEBSITE CLOUD 12 MYSQL SERVERS 0 NOTIFICATIONS 0 USER ACCOUNTS 4 AUTOMATION 8 ALL ITEMS Web based Runbook Authoring: Service Administrator can create runbooks to automate all aspects of cloud infrastructure, plan delivery, and maintenance activities Highly Available Engine Support requirements for scale and H/A. Built on PowerShell Workflow Integration into other systems: Import PS modules and create additional modules and runbooks for existing resources or to connect into 3rd party systems (ticketing system, billing system, user store, CMDB)
  11. 11. SMA built on PowerShell workflow PowerShell Workflow •Use Windows PowerShell syntax •Multi-device management •Running a single task to manage complex, end- to-end processes •Automated failure recovery •Connection and activity retries Centralized store •Credentials / certificates •Global variable •Global connection for runbooks •Modules •Runbooks (draft / published versioning) •Scheduling Highly Available •Runbook servers to process jobs •Odata Web service to submit / retrieve status •SQL Server clustering / always on Historical Analysis •Historical view of runbook jobs •Reporting through Excel PowerPivot for ROI •View runbook used for all jobs PowerShell Workflow Centralized store Highly Available Historical Analysis Service Management Automation
  12. 12. Demo What?  Overview of the interface Built-in automation?  PS Modules in SMA Integration?  Procedure import PS module
  13. 13. SMA and the Windows Azure Pack • WAP provides a GUI to SMA • Native connector between WAP actions and SMA automation • WAP is not necessarily needed for SMA to function • No Administration Capability from the WAP Tenant Portal yet ;-)
  15. 15. SMA Assets • Globally available combination of settings – Connections – Credentials – Schedules – Variables
  16. 16. SMA capabilities • Inlinescript • Parallel execution • Nesting runbooks • Snapshots • Pauze/resume
  17. 17. DEMO: User account creation WAP portal Automation input - First/lastname - Username - Manager SMA Runbook User Created Notification send
  18. 18. DEMO: Provisioning to AWS Automation input - Password - Phone number - … SMA runbook - PowerShell runbook - … AWS Cloud service - VM provisioning Send notification
  19. 19. Administration, Authoring and Execution • WAP Portal or PowerShell ISE • Runbook Tags • Different states • Flexible execution methods • Job = instance of executed Runbook
  21. 21. Processes in automation Request offerings Offering created by IT service provider that consumers request using the service catalog Based on a template Service offering Work item used to identify and classify standard IT services Contains one or more request offerings Templates Minimize data entry by providing default values Standardize processes The service catalog SCSM: Create Service/Request Offering SCSM: Create request template GRIDPRO: WAP – Requests SMA Runbooks - SCSM SCSM Process flow SMA provisioning of the request WAP: Create request in WAP portal
  22. 22. DEMO: Processes in automation Automation input - WAP portal - Password - Purpose - … SMA runbook - PowerShell runbook - … AWS Cloud service - VM provisioning NotificationsSCSM Process - SR work item - Approvals - Calls SMA Runbook
  23. 23. Key Takeways • Think PowerShell • SMA – The hybrid automation solution • SMA is a fast moving service in WAP and Azure • Think about the three musketeers - People, processes, product (and PowerShell)!
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