Learning & Development Summit 2012 - presentation


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The presentation brochure of the 3rd edition of the event Learning & Development Summit.

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Learning & Development Summit 2012 - presentation

  1. 1. www.itol.ro
  2. 2. ITOL CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE We Train People to Train Themselves • enhances organizational learning skills • encourages people success through learning • resources the learning communities and teams • contributes to the balance on the competency market Advisory Services » Discussions with expert analysts to tailor insights to your needsITOL creates opportunities for professional development and contribution » Ask the Experts anytime for quick response toin the field of Learning and Development: your questions » Score your organization against best practices • International qualifications for developing professionals in training and occupational learning; • International professional acknowledgement; • International accreditation of training programmes and courses; Professional Development • Affiliation to an international professional body for learning suppliers; » Building member skills on leading edge issues • Real-time access to learning resources and tools; » Connect with our extensive netwotk of leaders » Discounted admission to “L&D Summit. Step • Opportunities for brand awareness and becoming a partner in into the Future”, our learning communities national, regional and international development projects; leading conference • Understanding the educational and occupational market; • Building a balance on the competencies market. Member Success » Designated experts to map resources to your needsITOL Central Eastern Europe, based in Bucharest, is appointed by ITOL Institute of Training » Onboarding to leverage your membershipand Occupational Learning as the EU expertise centre for Lifelong Learning and throughout your organization » Ongoing account management and support.competency market. ITOL is internationally recognised as the professional body of firstchoice for those specialising in training, development and occupational learning. ITOL CEEis a member of The Learning Teaching Network.
  3. 3. WELCOME@ITOLCreating the Successful Learning OrganizationIt is clear that our time ITOL develops, administersbelongs to information and and maintains various learninglearning. Since learning initiatives for organizations ofbecame a primary way to build all kinds and sizes; forming a Achieve a learning culture through:organization’s strengths, it is collaborative partnership in » Learning Consultancyimportant to create a learning your learning enterprise is an » Learning & Development Qualificationsorganization on a firm effective method to get ROI on » Networking of the Communities of Learning &foundation, focused on critical learning and focus on your Practicestrategic issues and aligned core competencies, improve » Coaching, Mentoring and Learning for Performancewith your business strategy. the results of your training » Learning eventsWe take a much closer look at function. Our main goal is tothe learning structure of the provide insights and methodsorganization now, as the for creating a learning culture. Key dimensions of successful learning:economic environment is » Culturechanging. A successful » Integration of learning with performancelearning enterprise should not management, even rewardonly build competency, but » Expertise in career development programmesdevelop it effectively and » Ability to share and reuse contentefficiently. » Ability to blend e-learning with other learningThe foundation for learning formulasstrategy should always be your » Expertise in mentoring and coachingbusiness. Knowledge and skills » Adoption of performance and developmentthat are not applied on the job managementreflect training money wasted. » Building a business plan for learningAttributes for the Learning & Development practitioners of the futureCuriosity to get into the heart of the problem, understand how the organizations operate, ensure that peoplecan deliver higher products and servicesCourage to ask difficult questions and to offer solutions that demand changeFlexibility - as the pace of change accelerates, we all need to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to survive.
  4. 4. Learning & Development Summit is an annual event, dedicated to all the stakeholders in the field of Lifelong Learning in Romania and the EU. The event aims at raising awareness towards a culture of learning, at both organisational and individual level. The special workshops and guests will enhance discussions, debates and projects dedicated to learning, involving different actors of the Lifelong Learning field in Romania. 5 international experts from UK, USA, Sweden, representing renowned organisations (Achieve Global, Learning Teacher Network LTN, Institute of Training and Occupational Learning ITOL, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD) will offer practical instruments, results and reports from the latest ale research projects in Learning & Talent Development. Their colleagues from Romania, representing Evolutiv Consultants Network, The Learning Business TLB, AchieveGlobal - ROI Institute will also facilitate a series of interactive workshops. 2012 is the year of LifeLong Learning for ITOL. We need more than ever an integrated effort to create a powerful network of learning and professional communities, a network that enables an organic and sustainable development.Agenda - 29th of March 201208.30 - 09.00 • Arrival and registration. First 13.30 - 14.30 Networking lunchnetworking session 14.30 - 16.00 • Session II. Parallel workshops.09.00 - 11.30 • Introductory Speech Roxana Mocanu, International speakers.ITOL. Learning Organisation. International Panel • Train people to train themselves (Harry Bundred,12.00 - 13.30 • Session I. Parallel workshops ITOL)• ROI - Measuring the impact of learning (Alexandra • Talent development priorities for a change-readyLițu, ROI Institute - AchieveGlobal) business (Dr. Valerie Anderson, University of• Learning Myths (Marius Brașoveanu, The Learning Portsmouth Business School)Business) 16.30 - 18.00 • Session III. Parallel workshops.• Using competencies to support organisational needs International speakers(Gigi Andrieș, Evolutiv Consultants Network) • Magnus Persson, The Learning Teacher Network • From learning plan to learning budget (Perry Timms, Big Lottery Fund UK)
  5. 5. Speakers@ Learning & Development Summit Valerie Anderson, University of Portsmouth Business Harry Bundred, ITOL School Valerie (Chartered MCIPD, BA (Hons), M.Ed, PhD) is a "Learning and Development is the new ‘game’, L&D Principal Lecturer in HRM at the University of being about: learning, connecting, innovating and Portsmouth Business School. She is a recognised changing." academic expert in issues relating to the strategic value Harry Bundred changed his career and training is his and evaluation of HR activities; the use of measures and second profession since twenty years ago. He metrics in HR, and the role of line managers in HR. She embraced it fully and from free-lancer he became the is a committed ‘practitioner-researcher’ seeking to Managing Director of the Rhema Group(between 1998 exploit the best of HR theory and practice to deliver HR and 2005), a company founded in 1985, now a leading effectiveness in organisations. Valerie acted as a provider of training, coaching and personal methods advisor to CIPD for their land-mark Shaping development resources worldwide. the Future Project in 2008-10, the project where the Harry Bundred is the director of the Institute of Romanian HR community had its own contribution. Training and Occupational Learning since 2005 and has Prior to her career in Universities Valerie gained contributed immensely to its growth and international extensive management and consultancy experience awareness. working with public and private sector organisations. He has worked with organisations from every sector of In addition to writing for scholarly journals and books industry, commerce, local and national government, she has developed many practical tools and fact sheets not-for-profit organisations and the Armed Forces in for practitioners to use, four of which were produced as Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Asia, North America part of the CIPD Shaping the Future project and which and Australia. focused on: Engagement; Alignment; Metrics and ITOL has started his journey as the UK’s elite Measures, and Talent and Capability Management. She professional body for trainers and L&D Professionals, is the author of the CIPD textbook Research Methods in ten years ago, when the UK government granted HRM. ‘Institute’ status. The international centers represent ITOL in more than 30 countries of the world. ITOL is recognised as the premier organisation for everyone involved in the world of learning and education with a global impact and a rapid international growth.
  6. 6. Speakers@ Learning & Development Summit Magnus Persson, The Learning Teacher Network Peter Strupp, AchieveGlobal Magnus Persson is a former head teacher and now for Peter Strupp is AchieveGlobal CEE partner. Hes a seven years Senior Manager at the Directorate of graduate of Harvard Business School and currently Education in Karlstad, Sweden, with specific assignment Co-Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce - on quality management in education and international Employee and Labor Committee and on the Executive affairs. Since 2002 he is the Coordinator of the Learning Committee of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) in Teacher Network, a European network and association. Warsaw, Poland. Magnus Persson has been engaged in centralised From 1989 to 1991, Mr. Strupp worked for Constellation European projects for 15 years and has wide experience Bancorp as an International Trade Specialist and Credit in EU policy and educational programmes, project Analyst in Woodbridge, N.J., USA. He moved to management, and international networking. He was Warsaw, Poland in 1991 with the Polish-American editor of a trilogy of books on the future role of the Enterprise Fund (now named “Enterprise Investors”) a European teacher and is member of editorial boards for $240 million private equity fund. He taught hundreds of the networks magazine and academic journal. Persson commercial bankers in credit policy, international trade is member of the UNESCO Chairs reference group to finance, project finance, loan procedures and corporate re-orient teacher education to sustainable development. credit analysis in BRE Bank, Polish Development Bank On national level in Sweden he has been involved in (PBR), The National Economic Bank (BGK), Bank PKO local government bilateral projects with Turkey and with BP, BOŚ Bank among many others. initiatives related to education for sustainable He became President of the Board of United Business development (ESD). Development in 2005 and has since converted the The Learning Teacher Network is a European, company into a joint stock company. The focus of the educational, non-profit association working within the company that has now operations in Poland, Romania, EU Lifelong Learning Porgramme on Education for the Czech Republic, Serbia and Turkey is diagnostics, lifelong learning, Education for all, and Education for facilitation, coaching and training on organizational sustainable development (ESD). Originating as a culture change and leadership development. He is now Comenius 3 network funded by the Commission, since a Board of Management member and the major 2006 the network is member-based and one of few shareholder of the company. sustained EU networks in education and training. The In 2010-2011, Mr. Strupp created a Human Resources Learning Teacher Network arranges international Professional Development (HRPD) Program for HR conferences and European training courses, produces a professionals in cooperation with the American quarterly illustrated magazine targeting schools and an Chamber of Commerce in Poland. academic journal, and mentors the creation of new European projects.
  7. 7. Speakers@ Learning & Development Summit Perry Timms, Big Lottery Fund UK Perry introduces himself as "the most passionate and enthusiastic HR practitioner you’re ever likely to meet...!" In 2006 he started working with Big Lottery Fund UK and since 2008 he has been Head of Talent & Organisational Development. He is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, has a range of experiences having held leadership positions across different business roles around HR/Organisational Development, Business Transformation and IT change. He has designed and built Talent strategies and he has led Talent, Learning & Development and OD teams in the design and delivery of a range of key activities covering core business, improving performance, coaching, talent management, developing leaders and employee engagement. He is a qualified Executive Coach specialising in high-potential staff, Directors and Senior Managers and he has been a speaker for CIPD conferences, for Henley Business School, Harvey Nash and at a number of leadership and talent development conferences and seminars.
  8. 8. Partners@ Learning & Development Summit AchieveGlobal The Learning Business – TLB - learning & With offices in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, development consultants AchieveGlobal is present in over 70 countries, being one TLB is a Learning&Development company that enjoys of the world leaders in the training and consultancy doing things DIFFERENTLY (www.TLB.ro). It works with industry. The organization has global reach and uses its emotions, joy, courage, curiosity and fun for helping 40 years of experience to deliver transformational people find out new things about themselves and leadership, sales, and service programs. supporting them to transform at a profound level for fulfilling, step by step, the promise of their potential. For over 15 years in Romania, AchieveGlobal is TLB team believes in beauty, perfection and quality. developing individuals, teams, organisations and is contributing to the growth of the business community Marius D. Brasoveanu, The Learning Business and of the business environment, with the help of more than 150 trainers certified with AchieveGlobal’s Creator of training, teambuilding and personal methodology. The company is a corporate member of development programmes. Tutor for CIPD and ITOL ITOL - Institute of Training and Occupational Learning international certifications. Trainer. Fellow ITOL. Director since 2011. of the TLB company (www.TLB.ro). Marius believes that what you are matters much more Alecsandra Litu, ROI Institute - AchieveGlobal than what you have. And for adding value to your life, you have to continuously learn. Because life is a Alecsandra joined AchieveGlobal in 2006 and is now journey, not a destination. When not in training, you can Trainer and Consultant. She has a strong passion for find him descending a water canyon on a rope, diving both individual and organisational development and has under the sea, caving, climbing mountains or exploring an active role in developing and implementing solutions exciting places. for a wide variety of clients. Her journey started in Learning & Development almost 10 years ago working as a HR coordinator for an NGO. The switch to banking, where she held the position of Training Consultant, helped her gain awareness of the return on investment approach and hands-on experience with performance management and development systems. By becoming in charge of the ROI Institute within AchieveGlobal Romania, Alecsandra has leveraged her previous exposure to the business sector as well as her experience with people development projects.
  9. 9. Partners@ Learning & Development Summit EVOLUTIV Consultants Network Gigi created and delivered training and coaching Through their network of consultants, EVOLUTIV programmes for organisations from every sector of accompanies big, medium and small sized industry: banking, insurrance, IT, automotive, medical, organizations, on medium and long term, in their steel industry, FMCG, mechanical, food&beverages, pursuit for growing the levels of performance, efficiency constructions, etc. and sustainability. He says that for him and his colleagues from EVOLUTIV Evolutiv believes that “hard skills” professional training Consultants Network: "learning means the permanent must be combined with “soft skills” training in order to battle of not letting life to pass by". achieve authentic alignment with the mission, the values and the business strategy of the team and the organization. The company is a corporate member of ITOL - Institute of Training and Occupational Learning since 2010. Gigi Andries, EVOLUTIV Consultants Network Senior Trainer and Consultant in organisational development with EVOLUTIV Consultants Network, Gigi is certified for delivering the programmes Buying Facilitation (USA), NLP Practice and Coaching Fundamentals, Six Thinking Hats-DeBono. He graduated the Diploma in Management from the Open University Business School, the Diploma in Training Management and Organisational Learning from ITOL, he is an ITOL Fellow and he is trainer and consultant for Leadership, Organizational Strategy, Performance Management, Management for Development and Change. He managed the training and consultancy department of CODECS from 2004 to 2007 and since 2007 he has founded together with other 8 colleagues Evolutiv Consultants Network, a company that is now a member of ITOL.
  10. 10. "Education makes sense because women and men learn that through learning they can make and remakethemselves, because women and men are able to take responsibility for themselves as beings capable of knowing —of knowing that they know and knowing that they dont" (Friere)Why join ITOL as a corporate member? Standard Premium Membership Membership Use of ITOL Corporate branding √ √ 10% Discount for ITOL Award Qualifications √ √ People Alchemy √ √ online Management Resources database to help you design training courses, on over 130 topics Use of People Alchemy - 1 license per affiliate Up to 3 affiliates Up to 10 affiliates Discounts for individual Membership for your Staff 10% discount 25% discount 3 Free L&D Magazines: - Global Training Manager √ √ - Coaching & Mentoring Magazine - Training & Learning Magazine ITOL Glossary of Learning Terms √ √ Course Accreditation √ √ ITOL Accreditation of your internal Training Department √ √ Discounts on Meeting rooms and Training Facilities through Regus (1100 Sites worldwide) √ √ International professional networking √ √ Unlimited number of employees, partners and associates can be recommended to affiliate with ITOL, √ √ CIPD and EMCC membership; ITOL’ s Ambassador: √ √ 10% off for L&D & HR qualifications in the benefit of the participants your organization is recommending √ Exclusive access to learning & development resources Case studies and videos √ Assessment instruments Training applications and activities √ Strategic & Branding Consultancy √ ITOL Research and Surveys tailored to your business needs √ 25% off on advertising on the ITOL website √ Fee 550 euro/year 995 euro/year Please contact Roxana Mocanu, ITOLs Director to join ITOL as an organizational member today. +40 021 314 88 00, itol@itol.ro
  11. 11. ITOL. Award International Qualifications inLearning & DevelopmentLearning and Development is potentially a powerful strategic function. It can make a majorcontribution to organizational, group and individual effectiveness - and lead to increaseefficiency, growth and success.Good trainers need to know how to identify learning needs, plan effective developmentstrategies, design and deliver innovative programs that make real impact on bottom-line results.Additionally, they are likely to need first-rate communication skills, tenacity, diplomacy andenthusiasm.Certificate in Training & Development - Ideal for trainers and consultants (2-3 yearsexperience) who wish to acquire an in-depth and thorough understanding of the learning cycleand the fundamentals of learning and development consultancy.Diploma in Training Management & Organisational Learning – for Training Managersand Learning Coordinators who act as L&D consultants internally or externally, and wish todevelop higher abilities and have greater impact in the organization.On completion of the blended learning program, you will be able to: • Build self confidence and trust of assuming your role as consultant, facilitator and strategic business partner • Describe the complete learning cycle from the analysis of training needs through to the evaluation of training interventions • Identify training needs at an organisational, group and individual learning process, learner and trainer styles and appropriate supporting technologies and resources • Use your knowledge and skills to choose, construct, implement and analyse evaluation and assessment measures • Make use of the latest technological opportunities to blend e-learning strategies with more traditional methods • Engage the L&D function to support organizational change
  12. 12. ITOL. Award International Qualifications inLearning & DevelopmentUnparalleled quality • firmly based on the latest thinking and best practice • developed by subject experts who continually consult other respected practitioners and acclaimed academics to Diploma in Training Management make sure the program is just right and Organisational Learning Licentiate ITOLExceptional personal tutor support • our tutors are carefully selected for their expertise in the 3SCO Certificate in Training subject area and ability to facilitate the very best trainingUnique blended approach and greater flexibility & Development Member ITOL • reflecting the increasing importance of e-learning, the program enables students to become familiar with the 3MTR 4PDL basic concepts as well as to access the latest Foundation developments in technology • students have access to the dedicated VLE (virtual learning environment), allowing them to experience 6PJ 4BLN 3DEP 3LNA 3ELA 6CFS blended learning by themselvesTrain people to train themselves • 113 training topics ready-to-be-delivered (People 4DEP – Understanding organizations and the role of L&D Alchemy transferable license) 4LNA – Undertaking a Learning Needs Analysis • exclusive access to comprehensive online resources via 3ELA – Evaluating L&D Activities our dedicated ITOL website 6CFS – Consultancy. FacilitationGet the recognition you deserve through professional 4PDL – Preparing, Designing and Delivering L&D Activities 4BLN – NEW! E-learning and blended learningmembership 3SCO – Supporting change within organizations • ITOL recognizes professional competence and the impact 3MTR – Managing Training Resources that professionals are making in the workplace based on 6PJ – Work-based project what they know and what they do: Assoc / Lic ITOL / Certificate in Training and Development: MITOL / FITOL– letters after your name DEP, LNA, ELA, CFS, PDL, BLNGain credibility and further skills by getting access to our Diploma in Training Management and Organizational Learning: DEP, LNA, CFS, SCO, MTR, PJDiploma in Training Management & OrganizationalLearningOPEN EVENINGS. Attend an open evening and save money!If youre interested in any of our qualifications, and would like to find out more, then why not join us at an open evening.Run regularly, they provide the ideal opportunity to discover if a qualification is right for you.By attending an open evening, you could receive a discount of up to €300 off the price of your chosen qualification program.
  13. 13. It’s cool to be ITOLtestimonials from participantsCertificate in Training and DevelopmentTeodora Graur, MITOL Flaviu Pop, MITOL, AssocCIPD Daniela Penescu, MITOLIn a few words, studying for the The one thing I treasured above What I have treasured mostCertificate was a valuable and all during the ITOL programme during the Certificate in Traininginsightful learning experience for was the openness; not only the and Development programme wasme. Apart from gaining access to implicit openness towards a career the module held by Magister Ludiuseful learning resources that as International Trainer, but also Marian Stas – “The Art andhelped me strengthen my the “mind opening” sessions with Mastery of the Glassbeads Game”;knowledge on the subject, I had the ITOL tutors, on how the world I won’t give other details becausethe opportunity to interact with goes round, on how you can touch the joy of the discovery ismany professionals in the field of people’ souls. priceless for the new participants.Learning & Development, both Of course, once you have The practical side of thestudents and tutors. For me, this understood the “How to?”, the programme is that of structuringinteraction was really enriching as right inner attitude, the fearless all the information we knew andit challenged me to reflect on past speech and coherence of ideas are discovered during the course inlearning experiences and to just so many assets that stay with the bigger framework ofimprove my way of designing you ever after. Learning&Development.activities for adult learners.
  14. 14. It’s cool to be with ITOLtestimonials from participantsDiploma in Training Management and Organisational LearningLaura Agapin, LicITOL Oana Condruz, LicITOL Ruxandra Hanea, LicITOL Roberta Ioachim, LicITOLFor me the Diploma in Training What I liked most was that ITOL holds a high standard that is I didn’t sign up for thisManagement and Organisational through the programme I learned needed for the training profession programme – my colleagueLearning represents a life not only new concepts in the field in Romania. For me, besides convinced me that it was anchanging experience, the moment of Learning&Development, but systemising information, opportunity and I said yes. So…when I understood that there is how to use them in practice and improving skills and everything kind of started with thealways a next step, a next level in how to “juggle” with them in my competencies, the programme wrong foot because I waspersonal and professional professional day to day life. meant the opportunity of meeting complaining about thedevelopment and that the Moreover, the programme helped other professionals in the field of face-to-face workshops (imaginechallenge of taking everything to me understand better my role in Learning & Development eager to having two small kids and a lot ofthe next level is fascinating. the organisation and consolidated hold this high standard in activities for the weekend) and IThe discovery facilitated by the my position as a “L&D Romania. had mixed expectations (I haveprogram was that all my professional”. more than 12 years of experienceexperience in education, teaching in training).and training has to have a I gladly recommend the I was definitely surprised and ILearning & Development approach programme for the joy of meeting felt constantly the thirst forin order to produce a systemic professionals in your field, people knowledge, for going deeper in allchange in my current role. that share their experiences and the subjects we debated. expertise, for living an intense and Everything was exciting, thingsI thank ITOL for the most valuable enriching learning experience and, were presented from a differentlearning experience I had so far, of course, for gaining international perspective, that I didn’t considerfor being serious, for holding high recognition and an international before.intellectual and professional qualification. The programme showed me astandards! broader view on the role and the influence that a responsible and dedicated L&D professional can have in a company. This is why I consider that this programme is a must-have for those who wish to define their identity and to gain an added value, as individuals and as a defining part of their organisation.
  15. 15. It’s cool to be with ITOLtestimonials from participantsDiploma in Training Management and Organisational LearningIoana Predescu, LicITOL, Gabriela Solomon, LicITOLAssocCIPDThe Diploma in Training Every new piece of information,Management and Organisational the discussions with theLearning programme meant for colleagues and tutors helped meme the confirmation that my “re-learn” that the more I know,motto “BusinessHR” exists and is the more I realise how much Ireachable. don’t know. The debates and theDuring the 6 months, I learned practical examples helped me putthat the competency level of the things in a new perspective andemployees is a key factor for brought the certainty that learningbusiness success. I knew this and facilitating learning is a key toinstinctively, but now I can bring success for individuals andarguments in a business language organizations. I “learned” that theand this defines me as an HR L&D practitioner should set anpractitioner. I enjoyed every example as a “lifelong learner”.second with the tutors, all the For me, finishing the graduationmaterials and the feedback forms project was a lesson aboutthat helped me improve and learn self-development and about thesomething new from each amazing value that people have inassessment. designing a learning experience.I am glad I choose ITOL and I am ITOL’s motto “We are committedwaiting more of our colleagues to to your success!” was presentjoin us! during the most difficult moments, as well as during the successful ones.
  16. 16. "Education makes sense because women and men learn that through learning they can make and remakethemselves, because women and men are able to take responsibility for themselves as beings capable of knowing —of knowing that they know and knowing that they dont" (Friere)Why choose an ITOL individual membership? Associate Member Licentiate Fellow Member MITOL Member FITOL Assoc ITOL LicITOL Enhance your professional visibility and credibility Use the ITOL Post Nominal Letters on your business card or electronic signature Discounts for Learning & Development Summit, learning events and qualifications People Alchemy: online Management Resources database to help you design training courses, on over 130 topics 3 Free L&D Magazines: Free access to learning resources: • Global Training Manager • ITOL Glossary of Learning Terms • Coaching & Mentoring Magazine • Academic articles • Training & Learning Magazine • ITOL E-Books Download Library FREE Membership for Life The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning wants you to share our growing success. If you introduce three new members in any one calendar year we will refund your membership fees for that year. What that means is, if you continually contribute to our growth, you could receive free membership for life! Publishing your articles or books, either electronically or in print version under ITOL 10% Discount 10% off for for ITOL Award Qualifications CIPD qualifications Exclusive access to My ITOL account Discounts on books and learning materials 218 euro/year Please contact Teodora Graur, ITOLs Head of Membership to join ITOL as an individual member today, at +40 021 314 88 00, itol@itol.ro
  17. 17. ITOL Case StudyThe DNA of Performance and LearningCoaching and Mentoring for Sustaining a Top Executive Job Rotation ProjectRoxana Mocanu, FITOL, MBA, Assoc CIPDTeodora Graur, MITOL A unique job rotation project, European and national context designed for a distribution pharmaceutical company, gave HR "Rotation has been seen to have a lot of benefit in raising the versatility of the the opportunity to collaborate with organization, lengthening the attention span of current employees, and socializing in the General Manager. Three top other areas of the business," said Samuel Bright, Forrester Research analyst, Staffing executives, members of the Board and Careers, author of the February 2007 report, IT Job Rotation -- Still A Long Way To of directors (Finance Manager, Go.1 National Sales Manager and Logistics Manager) had changed In Romania, mentoring and coaching interventions have gained a new place in the their role in 2010; despite the learning and development landscape; four dedicated schools and several coaching recession and the risk of the associations are developing specific skills to professionals and managers; organizations project, they burst the business are interested to support performance through internal or external coaching. A recent figures (turnover, profit margin, survey made by ARC envisaged that banking, insurance, real estate; commerce, working capital, market share) distribution; manufacturing, telecom and IT allocate the most significant budgets on and improved capabilities and coaching.2 (Coaching interest in Romania, ARC, 2010) behaviors. ITOL designed the individual and team coaching and mentoring sessions, the 3 parties success contract and as a L&D consultant we measured behaviors before and after the project. Major structural changes have been developed during the project as well as a meaningful learning process Fig. 1 The incidence of Job rotation in Europe (EWCS 200-2001) 1 http://www.eurofound.europa.eu/ewco/reports/TN0507TR01/TN0507TR01_5.htm 2 http://www.coaching-arc.ro/assets/media/RaportARC.pdf
  18. 18. ApproachOutlining the training, coaching & mentoring approach and strategies adopted;Introducing structural or HRM innovation in enterprises often leads to the need for change managementand restructuring. The social costs associated with restructuring can be high, resulting in large-scaleredundancies and even the decline of particular sectors or regions, affected by job losses. When discussinginnovation, it is important to consider this, and to search for approaches on how enterprises can respondimaginatively to restructuring needs to minimize not only social costs, but also losses for the enterprise.The solution we have chosen was considered creative but risky – to rotate three of the top managers,members of the executive board: the Finance Manager, the Quality Manager and the Logistics Manager andto cover the vacant National Sales Manager position. ITOL acted as an external consultant to design andimplement the project and to prepare and deliver the start and ending presentation in front of the mothercompany.Job Rotation Project’s Scope & ObjectivesScope:Secure the business performance sustainability in 2010 and build the foundation for 2011-2012performance.Objectives: 7.1 develop a new structure of the organization which should be able to answer the new strategic business needs: prepare a flexible and innovative organizational structure, emphasize the logistical services, target the number one position in top distributors; 7.2 expand the exposure of the three top executives: the FM Finance Manager took the position of the Fig. 2 Job Rotation Model at Top Management level NSM National Sales Manager, the LM Logistics Manager took the role of the FM, and the Quality Manager took the role of the LM (see Fig. 2) 7.3 secure the risk of the project and cover the development of the three job rotated JR managers through a dedicated coaching and mentoring programme, with impact in the eight areas of sustainable organization performance (see Fig. 3) Alignment Shared purpose Capability building Agility Short-long term Assessment and evaluation Locus of engagement Leadership Fig. 3 The 8 areas of sustainable organizational performance
  19. 19. Target group, specifying what type of in-company learning is targeted: the top management of the company, level one (3members of the executive board) and level two.Innovation, illustrating the initiatives ’innovative elements’; 4.1 innovative solutions in the distribution activity in the field of finance, sales and logistics.Organic growth approach: a. Individual b. Team c. Organization 4.2 PDP Personal Development Plan 4.3 the project risk has been secured through: individual and team coaching and mentoring program: every JR got a mentor from within the organization, the GM ; individual and team coaching sessions have been provided by ITOL, according to the their needs; close business performance KPI monitoring followed by feed forward sessions.Funding arrangements: the JR project has been sponsored by the organization, the Learning & Development budget.Partnership arrangements: ITOL and EPH partnered for the success of the project.Content, offering more details on the content of the initiative according to the type of measure being undertaken;Main purpose: cover a recession period with a ingenuous method of preparing for the upturn and a new strategic era, investin people development and increase the turnover and the market share. Fig. 4 Coaching and Mentoring Mix Fig. 5 Behaviors/ Sustainable Organizational Performance Matrix
  20. 20. Tactics:• identify and cover the behavioral gaps;• agree on a three party “Success contract”: a contract between three parties (the organization, the participant, thecounselor/the mentor) signed before the start of the programme, by which the parties express their commitment to the JobRotation project;• elaborate and implement a Specific Development Plan of the participants;monitor individual and business performance;• manage the learning process in the organization;• implement the team and individual mentoring and coaching programme at the level of everyone involved in the job rotationprocess (see Fig. 6);• share the wisdom and lessons learnt in the project with the professional and the business community: articles,conferences, case study.Valeria, Logistics Manager: “I was going from a small team to a complex one, I had unlimitedsupport from Doru. Wishing to take over the information and this posed the risk of also taking overhis style, so I decided to let it go. I did want to keep everything clear, transparent and simple”Insights:I. About the company Fig. 6 The context of the mentoring and coaching interventionEuropharm Distributie, part of GlaxoSmithKline is one of the main pharmaceutical andcosmetics products distributor and logistics services provider in Romania, with national III. The context of the project:coverage and a wide portfolio of products.In figures, Europharm has 440 employees, 11 warehouses for direct distribution, a • In 2009 Europharm held the 5th place on theportfolio of over 3.800 SKUs, over 75 suppliers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products pharmaceutical distributors marketlocally and internationally, and a 8.69% Retail market share in 2010. It ranks the 4th • The company benefits of know-how, reputationplace in the Romanian top distributors. and business growth over the industry averageThe logistics network comprises of 10 main working points (Bucuresti, Baia Mare, Brasov, • There is a need to stimulate the growth of theCraiova, Cluj, Galati, Sibiu, Iasi, Suceava, and Timisoara) and two warehouses dedicated individual performance curveto logistics services in Bucharest. The logistics services it provides are storage, handling,picking, deliveries, logistic services for clinical studies, samples distribution, recall & IV. Strategic business objectives:returns management. • Reaching 3rd place in the pharmaceuticalII.Vision. Mission. Strategy distribution market by 2012 • Releasing the growth and development potential ofThe vision and mission of Europharm Distribution is to become the 3rd pharmaceuticals employees, stimulating the crossing ofdistributor on the Romanian market by 2012 and a 360 degrees leader. Its strategy organizational and individual performance limitsemploys focusing on independent pharmacy. • Increasing the market share by 5% by rethinking the distribution activity and the partnership with theValues: respect for people, customer focus, transparency and integrity. clients, tripling 2009 profit margin and sales byBehaviors: continuous improvement, flexible thinking, customer focus, developing 2012people, enabling & driving change and building relationships.
  21. 21. V. Doing the Job Rotation ProjectThe solution to achieving the strategic business objectives was to undergo a bold Job Rotation project at Executive level,organizational learning and people development. The implementation period was 1 January – 31 December 2010.VI. Steps followed:1.Identifying 3 key positions to be rotated, with a major impact in restructuring and growing the business2.Choosing an external consultant with expertise and thorough knowledge of the industry3.Designing the job rotation process4.Sustaining the process through an external consultancy project: consultancy on the process, defining and measuring theperformance indicators, individual and team coaching sessions, close monitoring of the financial results Grațiela Simionescu,5.The monitoring was made on two coordinates: business – financial results and people development – their behaviors have HR Manager:registered a growth in both the potential areas and the “areas to be improved” areas. “I had to act as a business person in a6.Summarizing the lessons learned. To unleash the true potential of the job rotation process a planned system has been strategic HR environment.”designed with ITOL Institute of Training and Occupational Learning as an external consultant, in place with the policy, takinginto account: • Organizational interests – employee commitment, attrition rates, specific business issues • Eligibility of the employees – qualification, prior experience, aptitude, competence • Nature – mandatory or voluntary • Duration • Basis of selectionIn the absence of the aspects brought out above, there is every possibility that the seriousness with which the job rotationscheme is implemented in the company may get diluted and become a cause of sagging employee motivation.HR has taken a strategic role in the organization redesign and the ownership of the project. The Job Rotation created a richlearning environment for teams, individuals and the organization and put the executive board in the positions of generatingnew knowledge through the hierarchy.VII. Business Achievements:The business targets to get in 2010 were: • profit: €19.3M, • turnover: €213M, • market share: 8.7%, • gross margin: 5.9%; Margareta Mareș,In terms of business performance, the JR project has led to a turnover of 576 mil. EUR, a market share increase General Manager:too and the tripling of the profit margin in 2010 as compared to 2009. “I am a leader who adapts to the need of the individuals I work with”.
  22. 22. MARKET SHARE SALES Fig. 7 & 8 Business targets for 2010 and achievements after the JRVIII. Key lessons:• Theres no better way to learn something than to get hands-on experience.• The job satisfaction, the motivation, and genuine commitment to the organization business objectives will increase.• Strategically rotating the top management will create a pool of leadership, business competencies and knowledge for thefuture of the company.IX. Dissemination activities:• Case study• Participation into the local case studies contest• Bilingual article to be published in the HR Management, in Romanian, and ITOL Coaching Magazine, in EnglishITOL’ s members newsletter• 18th EMCC International Conference, Paris, 2011• Complimentarily offered to all participants of the Learning & Development Summit III
  23. 23. NEW@ITOLEMCC Accredited ProgrammesCertificate in MentoringWhat is mentoring?“Mentoring is a helping relationship based on an exchange of knowledge, experience and good-will. Mentors help someone less experienced gain confidence, clearer purpose, insight, andwisdom. In developmental mentoring, the mentor, too, is changed by the relationship.”"No other developmental intervention has such a significant impact as mentoring does onretention, career success and talent management. It’s hard to find a truly successful person,who didn’t have the benefit of one."Prof. David Clutterbuck, 18-19 October 2012, BucharestIn-house Mentoring InterventionsMentoring programmes are often put in place for the entire organisation with a general focus on: • Talent Pools • Enabling mutual learning • Increasing confidence • Encouraging reflective practice • Diversity Groups • Women Returning to Work • Group Mentoring • CSR Agenda • Reverse Mentoring • Online Mentoring • Mentoring Master Class
  24. 24. www.itol.ro ITOL Central Eastern Europe Carol Davila nr. 99, etaj 2, Sector 5, Bucuresti, 050453 Romaniat. +40 021 314 88 00 f. +40 021 314 88 01 e. itol@itol.ro