How to Become a SAP SCM Consultant


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In this PPT, learn more about SAP SCM Consultant Job profile, SAP SCM module, SAP SCM Consultant roles and responsibilities, SAP SCM consultant tasks, SAP SCM consultant career opportunities.

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How to Become a SAP SCM Consultant

  1. 1. BECOME A SAP SCM CONSULTANT & JOB PROFILE Learn more about Highly Paid Jobs in IT
  2. 2. Contents  What Is SAP SCM  Introduction To SAP SCM  Roles of SAP SCM Consultant  SAP SCM Consultant Responsibilities  Essential Skills  SAP SCM Career Opportunities
  3. 3. What Is SAP SCM SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) - enables effective planning and execution of logistics and workflow management within the supply network. The main processes include sales, procurement, manufacturing, and warehouse management.
  4. 4. More About SAP SCM Module  SAP SCM allows – optimization of supply chain for months in advance  Streamline processes such as supply network, demand, and material requirement planning; create detailed scheduling; refine production integration, and maximize transportation scheduling  SCM is involved in every aspect of getting products to customers, from raw materials to consumption
  5. 5. Roles Of SAP SCM Consultant  Supply chain managers attempt to integrate and optimize all the steps required to produce the right amount of the right product and deliver it to the end user at the right time  A standard nomenclature for supply chain management roles does not exist  A single role in supply chain management might be called analyst, specialist, or coordinator, depending on the caprices of the company that set out the requisition for that position
  6. 6. SAP SCM Consultant Responsibilities  Manage various programs and key activities  Ensure the program framework is established and its activities are successfully executed  Facilitate the execution of programs by aligning and providing Oracle resources, expertise and assistance where required  Communication and Analytics to program stakeholders in all phases  New business development
  7. 7. Essential Skills  Functional knowledge of Oracle Planning Process flows  Primary: ASCP - GOP Secondary: SNO, PS, IO, Collaborative Planning etc; Good conceptual understanding of ASCP dependency to Oracle Manufacturing and Purchasing  Consultant should have sound knowledge and implementation experience on constrained based planning, component substitution, fixed loss quantity and Use-up (component).
  8. 8. CAREER OPPORTUNITES  As SCM is involved in every aspect of getting products to customers  You could work for a consulting organization as an SAP SCM functional consultant or in an end user environment as a user of SAP SCM solution  Proficiency in an enterprise resource planning software package such as SAP, Oracle, or i2 greatly enhances your marketability  The outlook for supply chain management looks healthy
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