How to Become a SAP BODS Consultant


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In this PPT, learn more about SAP BODS Consultant Job profile, SAP BODS module, SAP BODS Consultant roles and responsibilities, SAP BODS consultant tasks, SAP BODS consultant career opportunities.

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How to Become a SAP BODS Consultant

  1. 1. BECOME A SAP BODS CONSULTANT & JOB PROFILE Learn more about Highly Paid Jobs in IT
  2. 2. Contents  What Is SAP BODS  More about SAP BODS  SAP BODS Consultant Responsibilities  Deliverables Of SAP BODS  Required Skill Set  Job Out-Look
  3. 3. What Is SAP BODS SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) is designed to deliver a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing to help integration, transformation, improvement, and delivery of trusted data to critical business processes. SAP BODS provides one development UI, metadata repository, data connectivity layer, run-time environment, and management console.
  4. 4. More About SAP BODS  SAP BODS platform has a modular structure and consists of the following tools  Data Services Designer  Management Console  Administrator  Auto Documentation  Data validation  Impact analysis and Data Lineage Analysis  Operational Dashboard  Data Quality Reports  Central Repository
  5. 5. SAP BODS Consultant Responsibilities  Define, Analyze and Design the SAP BODS specs  Develop and Configure BO Backend objects  Design and development of Business Objects Semantic Layer (Universe/BICS) for SAP Landscape  Review Dimensional model and oversee development activities  Assist SAP BODS Architects in architectural review processes
  6. 6. Deliverables Of SAP BODS Consultant  Strong analytical skills - to deliver ongoing SAP BODS customization  Knowledge transfer SAP BODS capability to other teams  Provide documentary information to support and evidence the ongoing data cleansing exercise  Proactively communicate and collaborate with additional b usiness representatives to analyze  Information needs and translate them into configurable requir ements
  7. 7. Required Skill Set  Business Objects Data Services  Specific SAP BODS v4 experience   Knowledge of SAP BODS enhancements  Generic Enterprise Performance Management / Report Strateg y Consulting Skills  SAP ERP / other applications  Demonstrable build experience
  8. 8. Job Out-look Given SAP’s grasp on the market for high-end ERP installations, the slice of this market for certified SAP professionals will continue to grow. SAP consultants with specialized certifications and industry experience play a variety of roles including project planning, deployment, and analysis. Based on an employer’s industry and location, these jobs often pay between $58,000 and $96,000 annually.
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