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Health Information Management Degree | CAHIIM Accredited Programs


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Research marketable skills for health IT degrees and compare the top-rated CAHIIM-accredited programs in health information management online and in your area.

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Health Information Management Degree | CAHIIM Accredited Programs

  1. 1. Health Information Management Degrees
  2. 2. Health Information Technician Job Outlook There has never been been a better time to begin your HIM learning plan. There has never a better time to learn health information management. Health Information Management (HIM) is one of the hottest IT career fields. Driven by aggressive government funding and regulatory mandates for medical practices to implement centralized electronic health records (EHR) and Rx systems, the U.S. Dept. of Labor projects 22% growth in health IT employment through 2020, placing health information technician among the nations fastest growing occupations. Students beginning health IT education programs now will be well-positioned for lucrative HIM management & leadership roles as the field continues to grow. NEXT SLIDE: See how the particular health IT degree program you pursue will impact your HIM career options and opportunities for advancement. Compare Health Information Management Degrees Sources: • AHIMA • CAHIIM • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012 - 2013
  3. 3. Marketable Skills & Accreditations What to look for in a Health Information Management Degree ProgramThe most important thing to look for Marketable Skills in HIM Degrees:when selecting a health IT degree is Electronic Health Record ManagementCAHIIM-accreditation. The Commission ICD-9-CM Diagnosis & Procedure Codingon Accreditation for Health Informatics Medical Insurance Claims and Billingand Information Management Education Patient Information Laws and Ethics(CAHIIM) guarantees approved HealthIT, Health Informatics & Health Health Care Terminology & AcronymsInformation Management programs Access to EHR Practice Labsdeliver the skills and job marketability Hands-On Practicum (Internships)you need to succeed in the healthcare IT AHIMA RHIT or RHIA Certification Prepfield. CAHIIM-AccreditationFurther more, only graduates of CAHIIMprograms qualify for the red-hot healthinformation management certificationsfrom AHIMA, such as the RegisteredHealth Information Technician (RHIT). See Full Health Information Technician Education Requirements Sources: • AHIMA • CAHIIM • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012 - 2013
  4. 4. Top 5 Health Information Management Degrees
  5. 5. Associate Degree in Health Information TechnologyDeVry Universitys Associate Degree in Program Highlights:Health Information Technology (HIT) CAHIIM-Accredited Associate Degreefollows a curriculum based on the AHIMA RHIT Certification Preparationentry-level competencies outlined by ICD-9-CM Medical Coding Trainingthe American Health Information Health Ins. & Reimbursement TrainingManagement Association (AHIMA). Health Information Regulatory IssuesStudents in this CAHIIM-accredited Healthcare Terminology & Acronymsprogram get 24/7 access to coding and 24/7 Access to (EHR) Lab Softwarechart management labs, plus the State & Federal Financial Aid Availablechance to gain accredited experience On-Campus, Online or Blended Learningthrough two hands-on internships. 45+ Locations in U.S. & Canada + Online Learn More About This Program
  6. 6. Associate Degree in Health Information TechnologyThe Health IT Associate Program at Program Highlights:Rasmussen College prepares you to CAHIIM-Accredited Associate Degreeseamlessly maneuver Electronic AHIMA RHIT Certification PreparationMedical Records (EMR) software to United States Health Care System 101manage and secure patient health ICD-9-CM, HCPCS & Ambulatory Care Codingdata. Whether you learn online or on- Medical Insurance and Billing Coursescampus, industry-seasoned instructors Intro to Pathophysiology & Diseaseswill mentor you to pass the AHIMA Patient Data Legalities and EthicsRHIT certification exam - the gold Pharmacology for Health Professionalsstandard for beginner to intermediate Gain Practical Experience via Virtual Labshealth information technicians. Campus, Online & Blended Learning Options Learn More About This Program
  7. 7. Bachelor’s Degree in Health InformaticsWGUs online bachelor’s program in Program Highlights:Health Informatics combines Includes Certification Prep for:concepts in healthcare, technology AHIMA Registered Health Informationand team leadership, providing you Administrator Certification (RHIA)with the skills and certifications you CIW Database Design Specialistneed to be a successful CompTIA A+ Certificatedesigner, developer, and manager of CAHIIM-Accredited Bachelor Degree Advanced Health Informatics Traininghealth information systems. You’ll Medical Coding & Reimbursementbecome a valuable asset in the high- Human Anatomy and Physiologydemand fields of health informatics Health Care Legalities and Ethicsand health information Health Care Statistics and Researchmanagement. Health IT Systems Design & Management Learn More About This Program
  8. 8. Health Information Management Bachelor’s DegreeHerzing Universitys B.S. in Health Program Highlights:Information Management teaches Includes Certification Prep for:students how to be successful AHIMA Registered Health Informationadministrators in a variety of health Administrator Certification (RHIA)practices including CAHIIM-Accredited Bachelor Degreehospitals, clinics, govt. health Diagnosis and Procedural Codingagencies & insurance companies. Database Administration Training Patient Health Information Law & EthicsGraduates will leave this CAHIIM Electronic Medical Record Managementaccredited HIM program fluent in Learn how to Prepare Health IT Budgetshealth care coding and classification Healthcare Terminology and Acronymssystems, patient health record Healthcare Information Team Leadershipmanagement and computer HIM Business & Management Conceptsinformation systems administration. Learn More About This Program
  9. 9. Online Master’s Degree in Health InformaticsThe Online Masters Program in Health Program Highlights:Informatics from the University of CAHIIM-Accredited Masters ProgramIllinois delivers an advanced education Manage Health Communication Systemsdesigned to help you affect change and Study Relevant Interpersonal, Organizationalinnovation in health information and Mass Communication Theoriesmanagement from a position of Health Informatics Team Leadership andleadership. Built on the MBA / Business Professional Development Workshops Health Care Information Security, RiskSchool model, UICs CAHIIM accredited Assessment and Pre-Emptive MeasuresHealth Informatics program is based Learn how to Successfully Manage Healthon real world experience and practical Care Technology Vendors and Suppliersapplication of health IT skills. Social & Organizational Issues in Health Care Learn More About This Program
  10. 10. Health Information Management Schools CompareThere has never been a better time to begin your HIM learning plan. Schools On-Campus and Online Degree Programs from Accredited Health IT Find Local & Online Health IT Schools
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  13. 13. Source Materials Related Posts Current and reliable information from thought-leaders and active practitioners. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012 – 2013