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Business Processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Nicu Aleman


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The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM go beyond sales efficiency and customer relationship excellence. During this session you will find out how a streamlined process will help your sales grow, and also how you can manage internal processes and basic admin activities, such as holiday requests, travel expenses, project management or newsletters campaigns. This workshop will help you understand how daily internal processes can be captured in a powerful tool and increase speed and efficiency for your teams.

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Business Processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Nicu Aleman

  1. 1. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Business Processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Nicu Aleman Managing Partner / ASG (Aleman Software Group) /
  2. 2. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Many thanks to our sponsors & partners! GOLD SILVER PARTNERS PLATINUM POWERED BY
  3. 3. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals • Who’s a programmer in this room will laugh at the following joke: I don’t see women as objects. I consider each to be in a class of her own.
  4. 4. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals About me Nicu Aleman Managing Partner - ASG “Do. Or Do Not. There is no TRY” Background • Managing Partner – ASG (Aleman Software Group) • Cloud Business Development Manager – Microsoft • ISV Partner Account Manager - Microsoft • Presales Manager - Oracle Personal • New Technologies • Microsoft CRM • Corporate Etiquette • Photography • Chess • Basketball • Management
  5. 5. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Customer Experience CRM: Your Business Solution Sales Process Q&A What is Dynamics CRM? Marketing & Service Extending CRM with great features Agenda
  6. 6. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals • A structured, measured set of activities designed to produce a specific output for a particular customer or market • A flow chart • Why do we need them? What is a business process?
  7. 7. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Sales Marketing Customer Service Social Other LOBs
  8. 8. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals • v. 2016/Online • Customer Relationship Management • xRM (any Relationship Management) • A great tool for less programming and more consulting What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
  9. 9. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals
  10. 10. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals •All companies sell •Sales are not a game of luck. Sales are a game of statistics •How does a sales process help? Sales Process
  11. 11. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Our sales people really sell? 22%78% Non-Sales activities
  12. 12. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Sales Marketing Service Your business, faster and easier. Pace Productivity: “How Sales Reps Spend Their Time” A salesperson’s weekly schedule Breaks, Lunches, 6% Travel, 13% Admin work, 23% Sales, 22% Planning, 10% Orders Processing, 12% Others, 4% Customer assistance, 10%
  13. 13. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals • Starting with v. 2013 • Create fast and relevant business processes • Fast customization (only clicks) • See your next steps – no guesswork! • Adapt a process to match your business • Visible on any entity • Easy to follow and report • Less code – more consulting and drag&drop Business Processes in Dynamics CRM
  14. 14. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Marketing activities Lead Opportunity Quote Order Invoice Delivery Cash Lead to Cash Process
  15. 15. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Stage Probability 0% 10% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Purpose Find potential leads Qualify and profile opps. (B.A.N.T) Contact and meet the customer Identify needs for a customized offer Create offer, demo, POC, prepare for negotiation Negotiation Contracting and steps for delivering the project ApproachQualifyProspect Needs Identification Offer Negotiation Contracting Invoicing Delivery Sales steps
  16. 16. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Sales Process Prospect Qualify Needs Identification Offer Negotiation Close
  17. 17. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals • Standardize • Lead to Cash Process • B2B vs B2C • Probability • Lead vs. Opportunity • B.A.N.T. • Pipeline • Forecast • Sales velocity Sales Process
  18. 18. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Dashboards & KPIs
  19. 19. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Marketing Dynamics CRM Marketing Tablet/ Mobile Availability Newsletter Integration (MailChimp) Surveys Flexible Forms Skype Integration Customer portal QR / Bar Code Web Traffic MonitorPhone Integration SMS Platform Competition Analysis Dashboard and Reports Guided Telesales Scripts Personalized Letters Budgets Control Tasks Management
  20. 20. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Service | Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  21. 21. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals EXTENDING CRM WITH GREAT FEATURES
  22. 22. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Initiation Planning Execution Control Close Project Management Process
  23. 23. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Performance Objectives Planning Feedback & Coaching Employee Feedback Evaluation Employee Performance Process
  24. 24. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals • IT HelpDesk • Expenses Management • Holidays admin • Surveys • Personlized, targets emails and mailmerg • MailChimp Integration • Add-on ASG PhoneToSMS • QR/Bar code integration • Employee Performance evaluation • Project Management Maximizing the investment
  25. 25. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals DEMO Demo
  26. 26. @ITCAMPRO #ITCAMP16Community Conference for IT Professionals Q & A