ITC Smart Content Delivery Network (CDN)


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ITC's Smart Content Delivery Network (CDN) presentation in Data Center Dynamics 2012, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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ITC Smart Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  1. 1. Smart Content Delivery Network (CDN)March 18 2012 w w w. i t c . s a
  2. 2. CONTENTS Trends & Challenges of Media Delivery Why Telecom Operators are Deploying CDNs Smart CDN Overview
  3. 3. Whole Media Industry is Moving to Internet!End-to-End Internet Smartphone/Tablet Explosionmedia ecosystemInternet video’s 10 feet Find everything online, evenexperience Content Centric Network movies
  4. 4. Global Internet Traffic: Doubles Every 2yrs Key Questions: How to • Minimize CAPEX? • Increase revenues from video? • Provide QoE?* Source: Informa Telecoms & Media
  5. 5. Challenges to Deliver Content… Delivering High quality and Interactive experience A platform capable of delivering vast array of content like HD Video , HD Live Broadcast, Gaming, Large Software updates, etc., without typical internet congestion. Scalable Network and platform ready to provide immediate and uninterrupted delivery of HD rich media content to end users. Quality of service (QoS); Quality of Experience (QoE), and Security
  6. 6. CONTENTS Trends & Challenges of Media Delivery Why Telecom operators are deploying CDNs Smart CDN Overview
  7. 7. Traditional Network Operators Advantages Have Shifted, Eroded… OTT Service Providers Inter-exchange carriers Interworking Interworking Super Regional Regional National Operator Operator x Operator y
  8. 8. Current IP Traffic Compositions B2C B2B OTT OTT Traffic UGC Traffic (Infinite Video Volume) Total IP TrafficOperator Own CDN Traffic PGCTraffic (Small Library)  OTT Traffic Keeps Growing (30 – 50%YoY) – Need LT Strategy to Cope  Small PGC Library Generates Huge Traffic! Convert to B2B CDN Traffic  Unified Infrastructure to Handle both OTT and B2C/B2B CDN Traffic
  9. 9. Paradigm Shift in Network Architecture Text Web Video Caching 70% Contents (COLD) 11/120=0,09 30%36:11Backbone 91% saving 1 1 BW 120Regional Warm Contents Cache Hit 70% 1 6 BW 120 30%x120: 36 Hot Contents Edge Cache Hit 70% 1 30 BW 1 →120 100%x120: 120 Without Caching With Caching
  10. 10. Telecom Operators Benefits Monetize Network – Local & Regional CDN Optimize On-net traffic flow, reduce peering load and save International Bandwidth with local cashing Host and deliver High quality On-net B2C services, Launch OTT services across multiple screens Improve Broadband subscribers experience Increase revenue:  B2B CDN Services (i.e. complement Datacenter Hosting services with CDN services)  CDN services to content owners  Wholesale CDN services Regain their place in the value chain
  11. 11. Examples of How Operators Can Compete and Thrive… Offer Rich Data Explore Value-adds Providers OTT Service Analytics/BI for CP/SP Services Launch OTT Services Offer Wholesale & Across Multi-Screen B2B CDN, Inter-exchange carriersLaunch High Quality Bundle BroadbandOn-net B2C Services Plan w/ Media Services Super Regional Regional National Operator Operator x Operator y
  12. 12. CONTENTS Trends & Challenges of Media Delivery Smart CDN Service Overview and Feature Smart CDN Overview
  13. 13. CDN ServicesMedia Delivery Live Streaming Web/Content AccelerationGames$ Live Video Improves website contentMusic / Audio Broadcasting delivery performanceSoftware & Apps simulating IP multicastOn Demand Streaming network HTML, Video, CSS, etc.(unicast)Geo-BlockingStorage Smart Delivery Service EnablingContent Management Smart Content Delivery NetworkPortal
  14. 14. Strategic Network Element ingest transcode protect Key to store content distribute deliver monitor • Unified: Single network architecture to support various services: Cable TV, Unified IPTV, OTT Video, Web cache, Hybrid TV. • Smart: Intelligent Service Routing & Dynamic Load Balance. Innovative Intelligent adaption to Bit rate. • Better experiences: Fast response, Better better user experiences Experience
  15. 15. Smart CDN Components Premium OTT Content Servi NOC cesMM Portal • Content ingest • Cloud based Storage Internet Media Storage (MS) HT TP HTT P • Content ingest • Cloud based Storage Media Media Control Media Switch Management (MC) (MX) (MM) • Traffic management and control • Request routing and content location • Media service management • Redirection • Reports analysis engine DNS routing TS/UDP HTTP/RTS P HFC Network IP Access Network End Users
  16. 16. Unified CDN Support Multiple Services Unification Experience Intelligence Federation Smart CDN is application agnostic infrastructure that is compatible with major media delivery applications OTT Video Web IPTV CacheCable TV Hybrid TV NO NO C C Media Storage Media Media Management Control Media Switch(MX) TV PC Mobile Many “Chimney Pipes”, high CAPEX and OPEX, unified CDN is the trend.
  17. 17. IP Video Delivery to Multiple Screens Unification Experience Intelligence Federation Live Silverlight VoD Silverlight Live Flash Live on Android Live on Live on Live Flash VoD Flash phone iPhone iPad On PCHTTP Adaptive Streaming for Linear and VoD for all screens ! E2E CDN System
  18. 18. Smooth Video Experience Unification Experience Intelligence Federation IPG Access bandwidth Media file rateChallenges Video quality greatly affected by IP bearer network, cannot ensuring user experience Large investment into backbone networks, high costs in video developmentSolutions Monitor quality of IP bearer network in real time With intelligent and dynamic adaptation, adjust video rate based on IP bearer network qualityBenefit Construct experience-centered video network to ensure user experience Bitrate (Kbps) 2,200 2,100 NetworkCompare with pre-prepared 2,000 Bandwidth 1,900adaptive streaming, dynamic 1,800 1,700adaptive streaming is more suited 1,600for network. Dynamic 1Vs. Pre-preparedTimeline 6 11 16 Adaptive Streaming
  19. 19. Intelligent Routing, Optimize Network Unification Experience Intelligence Federation Intelligent ServiceChallenges Best route: B Best route: 20 ms How to improve user experience? How to better ensure network reliability? A MX MX B End UserSolutions End User MC MX MC MX Rich intelligent routing algorithms A >B Real-time and centralized network status Routing policy Routing policy monitoring based on Geo location based on network status Dynamic route adjustment based on Geo location, network status, device load, and Automatic route switch Optimize cache algorithm requested content to improve the hitting rate 80% A MX1 Hash 2 2 ... Domain MX1Benefits Hash 22 Ms-level response to reduce impact of network B URL 22 ... MX2 30% and device status changes on user experience End User MX2 Obtain network status in real time to ensure load Bucket No. balancing and construct carrier-class reliable network Routing policy Routing policy based on device load based on content buckets
  20. 20. Smart Caching Algorithm Unification Experience Intelligence Federation Intelligent Service H H H C C H H C C C Problem • Most users will not view the whole video clip,Video 1 Video 2 the first several minutes of video clip is more hot than other parts. H:Hot • Traditional cache is based on the whole file, H H H H H C:Cold the cold chunks are also cached. Cache Space HHHCCCCC HHHCHHCH HHCCC HC HHCHCCHH Solution CHHCC C CHHCHCC • The caching is based on chunks, only the hot CHHHHHHC chunks are cached not the whole file. HH C C • In ip video (i.e. YouTube) caching, this method CCHHH HHHCHHHH will save more than 60% storage. H CC C CHHHHCHC • It reduces the frequent writing of storage to HCCH HCHCCHHH extend the storage life cycle. H HCC C HCHCHHHC Only the hot chunks are cached
  21. 21. Intelligent and Flexible Sales Model: Multi Level Account Unification Experience Intelligence FederationChallenges How to improve B2B mode revenue? Telecom How to enhance profitability of the CP/SP? CDN Reseller ASolutions Reseller Telecom CDN may have different Resellers B A reseller may have different service providers Reseller A service provider may have different services (Live/VoD, Web X Acceleration) S. Intelligent reports base on user behavior Provider Service A A S.Benefits Provider Service B Multi Level Account Expand sales channels and improve B2B B S. revenue. Provider Service Z Profitability is improved by intelligent report support Y Based on these intelligent reports value-added services can be carried out (Targeted advertising, Intelligent recommendation Live/VOD etc.) Web Acceleration
  22. 22. CDN Federation — Build an Open CDN Cloud Unification Experience Intelligence Federation Pure-play CDN Providers B2B B2C Global CDNs CDN Federation Controller Super Regional National Operator CDN Network Operator Regional Other Operator CDN Network Operator CDN CDN Network Network
  23. 23. Thank you itc.saPage 23