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Action verbs for your c vs


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use these action verbs to begin each bullet point in your CV and you will be fine

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Action verbs for your c vs

  1. 1. Action Verbs/percentage used as reported by experts TransferableSkills Technical Experience Quantified Results Accomplished Achieved:52 percent Advanced -client-facingskills -commercialacumen -communicationskills -conflictresolution& problem solving -currentindustrytrends -emotionalintelligence -entrepreneurialmindset -informationandtime management -legalandregulatory awareness -organisationalskills -peoplemanagement -Productandmarket knowledge -professionalawareness -Projectmanagement - relationshipbuildingand teamwork 1. Strong leadership skills and experience managing research professionals on collaborative projects resulting in 11 publications and £120k in lab grant funding. 2. Knowledgeable relationship builder with advanced skills in biological and chemical systems as demonstrated, confirmed, verified) by the optimisation of 9 different nuclear magnetic regenome spectroscopy methodology and the set-up of 5 cross-functional collaborations, which led to £1.5 mm in grant funding 3. Knowledgeable innovator in bioinformatics and nanotechnology as evidenced (show, shown, proved) by 3 patents and recent discovery of 2 new medical treatments involving composite micrometres 4. Helped team recognise over £10K in grants and skilfully leading 18 engineers and technicians to complete all projects and studies in time, resulting in (resultant, ensuing), grant renewal every single year >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ★ Rounded industry awareness and recently identified areas needing enhancement in PG/UG student employability & entrepreneurship training leading to the development of ‘designed programmes’ for universities & business schools ★ Strong project management skills with sound oral & written communication skills evidenced by completing a PhD with a written commendation from the Programme Head recommending the thesis to fellow students because of noted excellence in ‘clarity, contents and organisation’ of the work ★ Passionate & experienced researcher and lecturer with strong numeracy skills teaching undergraduate and postgraduate modules– economics, statistics, business mathematics, finance & entrepreneurship- leading to 2 awards by former university following student surveys>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boosted Calculated Campaigned Collaborated Created:43 percent Delivered Developed Forecasted Founded Generated Ideas:27 percent Improved:48 percent Increased/decreased:28% Influenced:29 percent Launched:24 percent Managed:44 percent Negotiated:25 percent Resolved:40 percent Revenue/profits:23 percent Studied Trained/mentored:47 % Trimmed Under budget:16 percent Upgraded Volunteered:35 percent Won:13 percent