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Action or Power Verbs for CV Bullet Points - Different Categories of Duties with over 200 examples of the exact descriptive verbs


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Use power or action verbs to boost the first words of your CV bullet points. These words will turbo-charge your CV to the next level!

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Action or Power Verbs for CV Bullet Points - Different Categories of Duties with over 200 examples of the exact descriptive verbs

  1. 1. ACTION OR POWER VERBS FOR CV BULLET POINTS You Led a Project If you were in charge of a project or initiative from start to finish, skip “led” and instead try: 1. Chaired 2. Controlled 3. Coordinated 4. Executed 5. Headed 6. Operated 7. Orchestrated 8. Organized 9. Oversaw 10. Planned 11. Produced 12. Programmed Action Verbs 13-33You Envisioned and Brought a Project to Life And if you actually developed, created, or introduced that project into your company? Try: 13. Administered 14. Built 15. Charted 16. Created 17. Designed 18. Developed 19. Devised 20. Founded 21. Engineered 22. Established 23. Formalized 24. Formed
  2. 2. 25. Formulated 26. Implemented 27. Incorporated 28. Initiated 29. Instituted 30. Introduced 31. Launched 32. Pioneered 33. Spearheaded Action Verbs 34-42You Saved the Company Time or Money Hiring managers love candidates who’ve helped a team operate more efficiently or cost-effectively. To show just how much you saved, try: 34. Conserved 35. Consolidated 36. Decreased 37. Deducted 38. Diagnosed 39. Lessened 40. Reconciled 41. Reduced 42. Yielded Action Verbs 43-61You Increased Efficiency, Sales, Revenue, or Customer Satisfaction Along similar lines, if you can show that your work boosted the company’s numbers in some way, you’re bound to impress. In these cases, consider: 43. Accelerated 44. Achieved 45. Advanced 46. Amplified 47. Boosted 48. Capitalized
  3. 3. 49. Delivered 50. Enhanced 51. Expanded 52. Expedited 53. Furthered 54. Gained 55. Generated 56. Improved 57. Lifted 58. Maximized 59. Outpaced 60. Stimulated 61. Sustained Action Verbs 62-87You Changed or Improved Something So, you brought your department’s invoicing system out of the Stone Age and onto the interwebs? Talk about the amazing changes you made at your office with these words: 62. Centralized 63. Clarified 64. Converted 65. Customized 66. Influenced 67. Integrated 68. Merged 69. Modified 70. Overhauled 71. Redesigned 72. Refined 73. Refocused 74. Rehabilitated 75. Remodelled 76. Reorganized 77. Replaced 78. Restructured 79. Revamped 80. Revitalized 81. Simplified
  4. 4. 82. Standardized 83. Streamlined 84. Strengthened 85. Updated 86. Upgraded 87. Transformed Action Verbs 88-107You Managed a Team Instead of reciting your management duties, like “Led a team…” or “Managed employees…” show what an inspirational leader you were with terms like: 88. Aligned 89. Cultivated 90. Directed 91. Enabled 92. Facilitated 93. Fostered 94. Guided 95. Hired 96. Inspired 97. Mentored 98. Mobilized 99. Motivated 100. Recruited 101. Regulated 102. Shaped 103. Supervised 104. Taught 105. Trained 106. Unified 107. United Action Verbs 108-113You Brought in Partners, Funding, or Resources Were you “responsible for” a great new partner, sponsor, or source of funding? Try: 108. Acquired 109. Forged
  5. 5. 110. Navigated 111. Negotiated 112. Partnered 113. Secured Action Verbs 114-122You Supported Customers Because manning the phones or answering questions really means you’re advising customers and meeting their needs, use: 114. Advised 115. Advocated 116. Arbitrated 117. Coached 118. Consulted 119. Educated 120. Fielded 121. Informed 122. Resolved Action Verbs 123-142You Were a Research Machine Did your job include research, analysis, or fact-finding? Mix up your verbiage with these words: 123. Analyzed 124. Assembled 125. Assessed 126. Audited 127. Calculated 128. Discovered 129. Evaluated 130. Examined 131. Explored 132. Forecasted 133. Identified 134. Interpreted 135. Investigated 136. Mapped 137. Measured
  6. 6. 138. Qualified 139. Quantified 140. Surveyed 141. Tested 142. Tracked Action Verbs 143-161You Wrote or Communicated Was writing, speaking, lobbying, or otherwise communicating part of your gig? You can explain just how compelling you were with words like: 143. Authored 144. Briefed 145. Campaigned 146. Co-authored 147. Composed 148. Conveyed 149. Convinced 150. Corresponded 151. Counselled 152. Critiqued 153. Defined 154. Documented 155. Edited 156. Illustrated 157. Lobbied 158. Persuaded 159. Promoted 160. Publicized 161. Reviewed Action Verbs 162-173You Oversaw or Regulated Whether you enforced protocol or managed your department’s requests, describe what you really did, better, with these words: 162. Authorized 163. Blocked 164. Delegated
  7. 7. 165. Dispatched 166. Enforced 167. Ensured 168. Inspected 169. Itemized 170. Monitored 171. Screened 172. Scrutinized 173. Verified Action Verbs 174-185You Achieved Something Did you hit your goals? Win a coveted department award? Don’t forget to include that on your resume, with words like: 174. Attained 175. Awarded 176. Completed 177. Demonstrated 178. Earned 179. Exceeded 180. Outperformed 181. Reached 182. Showcased 183. Succeeded 184. Surpassed 185. Targeted >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. 8. Action Words ToUse If You ManagedPeople If you’re a people manager, it’s easy to say “managed a team…” or “led a team…” but that’s what everyone else has on their resume too. If you want to stand out, try swapping in these action words:  Galvanized  Directed  Unified  Rejuvenated  Mentored  Trained  Cultivated  Supervised  Fostered  Hired Action Words ToUse IfYou IncreasedSomething(Sales, Revenue,Efficiency, oraSpecificKPI) If you’re in a “skill position” like sales, marketing, support, etc. then your performance is likely judged on specific metrics. Instead of saying “I helped increase…” or “I drove…” try using these action words to amplify the impact of your results:  Stimulated  Accelerated  Launched  Shot  Delivered  Boosted  Maximized  Generated  Created  Optimized Action Words ToUseIf YouEliminated IssuesOrReduced Problems On the flip side of skyrocketing sales, many roles specialize in “reduction” — eliminating issues, decreasing expenses, etc. If that’s you, consider using these action words when writing your bullets:
  9. 9.  Eliminated  Minimized  Diagnosed  Expedited  Conserved  Saved  Reduced  Controlled  Resolved  Debugged Action Words ToUse IfYou SpearheadedAProject Or Initiative Projects are one of the best ways to convey value in your resume because they let you show off the skills you used as well as the results you saw. Instead of saying “Led an initiative where…” try using these action words to emphasize your accomplishments:  Executed  Orchestrated  Facilitated  Programmed  Directed  Mobilized  Oversaw  Engineered  Spearheaded  Mobilized Action Words ToUse If You Designed, Planned, Or Organized Something Big It’s one thing to execute on tasks that someone handed to you, but companies love to hear about candidates who took the initiative to dream up and plan a project or initiative that led to major results. It could be an idea for a new product, a plan to increase customer retention, or a new design to better connect the brand to its customers. Whatever it might be, if you dreamt it, designed it, and planned it, use these action words to describe it on your resume:  Built  Pioneered  Introduced
  10. 10.  Designed  Choreographed  Initiated  Founded  Formulated  Forged  Conceived  Developed Action Words ToUse IfYouUpdated,Changed,or RestructuredSomething Pretty much every company has processes that need to be improved or things that simply need a complete restructure. If you came in and improved something, made a positive change, or simply changed the way things were done, these are the action words to help you describe it:  Restructured  Simplified  Upgraded  Standardized  Transformed  Integrated  Overhauled  Redesigned  Merged  Streamlined
  11. 11. Action Verbs/percentage used as reported by experts TransferableSkills Technical Experience Quantified Results Accomplished Achieved:52 percent Advanced -client-facingskills -commercial acumen -communicationskills -conflictresolution& problem solving -currentindustrytrends -emotionalintelligence -entrepreneurialmindset -informationandtime management -legalandregulatory awareness -organisationalskills -peoplemanagement -Productandmarket knowledge -professionalawareness -Projectmanagement - relationshipbuildingand teamwork 1. Strong leadership skills and experience managing research professionals on collaborative projects resulting in 11 publications and £120k in lab grant funding. 2. Knowledgeable relationship builder with advanced skills in biological and chemical systems as demonstrated, confirmed, verified) by the optimisation of 9 different nuclear magnetic regenome spectroscopy methodology and the set-up of 5 cross-functional collaborations, which led to £1.5 mm in grant funding 3. Knowledgeable innovator in bioinformatics and nanotechnology as evidenced (show, shown, proved) by 3 patents and recent discovery of 2 new medical treatments involving composite micrometres 4. Helped team recognise over £10K in grants and skilfully leading 18 engineers and technicians to complete all projects and studies in time, resulting in (resultant, ensuing), grant renewal every single year >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ★ Rounded industry awareness and recently identified areas needing enhancement in PG/UG student employability & entrepreneurship training leading to the development of ‘designed programmes’ for universities & business schools ★ Strong project management skills with sound oral & written communication skills evidenced by completing a PhD with a written commendation from the Programme Head recommending the thesis to fellow students because of noted excellence in ‘clarity, contents and organisation’ of the work ★ Passionate & experienced researcher and lecturer with strong numeracy skills teaching undergraduate and postgraduate modules– economics, statistics, business mathematics, finance & entrepreneurship- leading to 2 awards by former university following student surveys>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boosted Calculated Campaigned Collaborated Created:43 percent Delivered Developed Forecasted Founded Generated Ideas:27 percent Improved:48 percent Increased/decreased:28% Influenced:29 percent Launched:24 percent Managed:44 percent Negotiated:25 percent Resolved:40 percent Revenue/profits:23 percent Studied Trained/mentored:47 % Trimmed Under budget:16 percent Upgraded Volunteered:35 percent Won:13 percent