UML- Class Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams


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This presentation covers Class Diagrams and State Machine Diagrams

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UML- Class Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams

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  6. 6. • Rational Rose• ArgoUML• MS VISIO• Enterprise Architect• Magic DrawUML• StarUML• Integrated Development Environments also offer UML functionality
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  8. 8. • Business Analysts are proactively involved in Analysis, Testing andImplementation Phases. Development Team, Project Managers and Architectsare responsible for Design and Development. Accordingly most importantdiagrams for Business Analysts are• However as Class Diagrams are important UML diagrams it helps if a BA understand basics of Class Diagrams
  9. 9. Class Diagrams show building blocks of the systeme.gBanking System: Customer, Account, Account Types, AdministratorInsurance System: Insured, Policy, PolicyTypes, AdministratorUniversity System: Student, Program, Batch, ExamControllerWhile Analyzing a BA focuses on externally visible building blocks orclassesA class has got a ClassName, Attributes, OperationsAttributes and Operations are collectively called features of the Class
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  13. 13. Class Name is shown centre alignedIt starts with a capital letterClass Name Does not have spaces between multiple words, eachword however starts with a capital letterEg BankAccount and not Bank Account CoustomerInvoice and not Customerinvoice
  14. 14. – PAN Number is important for Banking Customer– Height and Weight is important for Slimming Centre Customer– Previous Loan A/C No and Bank Name is important for a customer of a Home Loan company
  15. 15. + Public Visibility- Private Visibility# Protected Visibility Package Visibility
  16. 16. Default ValueDerived ValueMultiplicity
  17. 17. Default Value is the Default Value Assigned to the attributeDefault Valure is annotated by (=) eqaul to sign after the data type andthen mentioning the defult valueDerived Valuee.g If attribute is age (Today – Date of Birth)Derived attribute is annotated by inclusion of (/) forward slashimmediately before the attribute nameMultiplicityMultiplicity is show immediately aftEr the attribute name [m..n]--phoneNo[m..n] : String1..2
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  20. 20. Notation for a State Initial Pseudo State, Multiple Starts are Valid Transition Note Decision ConstraintFianl PseudoState
  21. 21. Identify the Business Entities to be ModeledIdentify Various StatesIdentify Movement between StatesIdentify Permanent States
  22. 22. Case Study State Machine Diagram Higher Education University Management SystemYou are an analyst given responsibility of preparing state chart diagram for Student LifeCycle of a Higher Education University Management System being developed. While youinteract with the Registrar of the University, who is your client you receive the followinginformation• The University will maintain a prospect database. Prospects will be those individuals who submit the purchased application to University. After Submission the prospect may or may not join the program• If the prospect does not register the program within three months he is not pursued further for admission.• A prospect may register for the program. Those who register are called as Registered Students. Registered Students appear in the exam and can fail or pass. Registered students who fail have to reappear to pass the program. If he does not pass the exam within stipulated time period his registration is cancelled.• A registered student’s registration can be cancelled for ineligibility or gross indiscipline.• A registered student can abandon the program midway. Those who abandon the program can reregister within a stipulated time period else their registration is cancelled.You are required to prepare a state chart diagram for the above case.
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