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Stakeholder Analysis


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This presentation on Stake holder analysis covers Stakeholder Identification, Classification and Engagement Techniques

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Stakeholder Analysis

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  4. 4. Stake The degree to which you are involved in something and want it to succeed have a stake in (doing) something: E.G A project sponsor has a huge stake in success of the Project. Stakeholder A person, group or organization who has direct or indirect stake in outcome of the project or proposed solution
  5. 5. The project has to meet the needs of its stake holders in order to succeed Early Identification of Stakeholders and their representatives is necessary
  6. 6. “Stakeholders are your partners who control the purse strings and certify successful project completion” Vijay S Shukla, Director QBI Institute “ For project success good relationship and rapport with your stake holders is necessary but not a sufficient condition” Vijay S Shukla, Director QBI Institute
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  10. 10. Stake Holders Wheel
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  12. 12. Power : High, Medium, Low Support: Positive, Neutral, Negative Influence: High or Low Need: Strong, Medium, Weak
  13. 13. Source : BABOK V2.0 Stake Holder Engagement Matrix
  14. 14. Source Business Analysis: Paul, Yeates, Cadle
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  20. 20. – Identify them Early, Engage Continuously – Get Introduced, Meet & Communicate Frequently – Build Rapport, Make your life easy – Understand & deliver their key requirements – Lead your project to success
  21. 21. Contact QBI Institute, 91-9810055734 For Business Analyst Training and Certification Programs IIBA – CCBA, CBAP Certifications Preparation BCS – Foundation and Practitioner Level Certification Preparation