Business Analysis Essentials


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This lecture covers Process, Project, Enterprise and Industrly level Business Analysis. It also covers various activities of a Business Analyst

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Business Analysis Essentials

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  5. 5. AnalysisAccording to Oxford Dictionary (2003) Analysis is detailed examination of theelements or the structure of something. It is also defined as separation ofsomething into its component parts.BusinessBusiness is defined as work to be done or matter to be attended Oxford Dictionary(2003).Business Analysis – Cadle & Paul (2006) Business Analysis is the discipline of identifying needs and formulating workable solutions to the Business problem.Business AnalysisBusiness analysis is the discipline of identifying business needs and determiningsolutions to business problems. Solutions may include a systems developmentcomponent and may also consist of process improvement or organizational change orstrategic planning and policy development.
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  7. 7. BAs who work specifically on new software developments orsoftware alterations or software implementation are called as ITBusiness Analysts, Technical Business Analysts, or SystemsAnalysts.Depending upon the scope & nature of the project and stage ofthe project role and activity of a Business Analyst may vary.Business Analysts are much in demand in Product Companies,Domain Specialist Companies, Client Organizations, ConsultancyOrganisations
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  9. 9. – Analyse Industry Trends e.g. new demand for vocational trainers from the government– Analyse Technology Deployments e.g deployment of GPS in transportation sector, Biometric Technology in Security Domain, Touch Screen Kiosks, RFID Contact less cards for Banks– Analyse Supply & Demand Conditions– Benchmark and observe global best practises
  10. 10. – Study Vision, Mission, Key Success Factors, Competitive Positioning– Study or Design Enterprise IT Architecture– Arrive at Enterprise wide IT Strategy e.g Indian Railways has several Applications : Peoplesoft HRMS, IRCTC Passenger Ticketing System, Wagon Performance Monitoring System
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  13. 13. – Business Rules– Efficiency– Human Computer Interaction, Ease of Use– Process Steps– Interrelationships
  14. 14. – Live Demonstration
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  16. 16. – Requirements Engineering and Management, Modelling and Visualisation Skills, SQL and RDBMS Concepts, Appreciation of Technology and Technical Environment, Systems Thinking, Software Project Knowledge, SDLC, Implementation Methodologies– Industry Knowledge, Domain Knowledge, Domain Vocabulary, Critical Process Specialisation, Domain Rules– Interviewing, Meeting Management, Verbal and Written Communication, Patience, Negotiation Skills, Business Analyst Vocabulary, Relationship Building, Leadership, Attention to Detail
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