My horror


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My horror

  1. 1. I have a story to share, a story that I’m experiencing till this day<br />I wish I could draw the answer but…it remain unanswered…<br />So, please sit and let me share my heartbreaking story that been haunting me till this day!<br />
  2. 2. Sometimes its easier to share your external lifestyles rather than what really you’re in you….<br />Same goes to me… I have been suffering for a long time and not knowing the way out..<br />Yes! I’m a scholar whom doing very well in my research<br />I’m well-known by the kind hearted person and a helpful student..<br />
  3. 3. Irent a single room in the university hostel …<br />Everything was so fine in the early of the year…but things were not like what I wished for…<br />I used to be a very cheerful and happy go lucky ..seems like its getting off from me and leaving me apart…<br />Everything will be fine in the day..I lead a normal scholar lifestyle..<br />I enjoyed most of my day when the sun still in rise…as it will change in dawn!!!!<br />
  4. 4. Ever since I choose the 3-017 room in Block C….it started…<br />It all began on Jan 24th 2010, when I registered for PhD IS course in a local university here….I enjoyed it as its just like what I’ve wished for..scholars uni-life…<br />I immediately request for the hostel and for my luck I got it immediately..ROOM 3-107 BLOCK C.. Just few steps away from my working lab..<br />
  5. 5. I still remember that day April 15th,2010…a day that changed me totally.<br />After my Research Paradigm class, I went to the library to get some reverences, to prepare for the assignment given.. If only I choose not to go on that day; it wouldn’t be like this now..<br />It was almost 7pm, the library was quiet far, but as I don’t have a better choice, I walked.<br />For my luck on that day, I managed to get the references that I need and I went back home..<br />
  6. 6. I didn’t realized that it was almost 10.00pm that day…it was really a hectic day for me..I walked nearly 20 minutes to reach my room.. <br />As it was too tiring, I couldn’t even to take dinner, I took a glass of milk and straight shoot to bed.<br />I should have at least washed my legs, hmm that’s the old believes advised us to wash our legs before go to bed…hmm why wouldn't I did that…<br />That night, the very night of the day that haunted me…that lead no way out for me…left tears..till this day<br />
  7. 7. I fall asleep immediately, in my tiring sleep I had a dream…<br />I dream of the same thing I did in the day; I went to library and get reference and walked home….but something unusual happened.<br />In my dream, I was talking to a girl, my hostel mate Jenna from the gulf country. <br />A very cheerful girl, doing her MSc in Software Eng, a bright girl and shy type. We walked together. I was asking her why she didn’t come to classes often, as we meet during out lunch break..She suddenly, cried; said she lost her wallet and went back to her hometown to replace her important documents..i consoled her..<br />As soon as, we reached our hostel main entrance, I told Jenna to help me to carry some books to our room, the 3rd floor. She didn’t reply, but stared at me..without saying anything..I asked her again if she’s fine. She stared at me and stand still at the entrance.<br />I was puzzled and went back to my room. Suddenly I felt someone pulling my toes hardly. I woke up!<br />
  8. 8. She , Jenna my hostel mate in my room? I think it was about 3.00am I hardly open my eyes, I asked her “Why are you in my room?, Jenna” She didn't answer but walked to a corner and stand still..<br />I told her, to go to her room and meet up for break fast. She cried aloud. She cried so loud that the whole girls would wakeup.<br />I heard someone, knocking my door, there and then I woke up and opened the door. I saw Jenna again, but this time not herself..with her blouse torn and smudge with mud.<br />She stared at me! And stand still in front my door. I was puzzled, because I saw her a minute ago in my room and now in front of my door. I looked around and saw no one there and I asked her back why she's in that terrible condition. But, she walked away. I called her back! She turn back at me and vanished..<br />I stood there puzzled not knowing what really happened.. <br />
  9. 9. I gain cautious when my hostel warden called out my name. do you know where I stand and in what condition? My hostel warden saw me, standing all day long in front of Jenna’s room! <br />Actually, what really happened was as I borrowed some books from the library I took the short route to my hostel, Jenna showed me the route. I saw her there, standing still as if waiting for someone….<br />My hostel warden, told me that my fellow hostel mates heard people talking and they heard crying and yawning noises..others heard someone scratching the wall..<br />She saw me standing still holding my books and in dirt, my hair was covered with mud and I don’t know what happened, what time I reached my hostel, why I’m covered with mud.<br />I asked her back, where’s Jenna?<br />
  10. 10. It was a shock for me when warden told me that there’s no such person as Jenna! Staying in the hostel and there was a girl called Jemimah whom studied MSc Eng but she was killed after being raped sometime back in the 1990s.<br />I couldn't believe it, and this news spread so fast that other students started to notice me differently. Some even stop talking to me..At first I wanted to quit, but my senior lecturer advised not to and keep going.<br />But, ever since that day, my life changed totally. When ever I’m alone in my hostel or research lab, I always hear someone knocking my door..but when I opened it..I guess you know the answer..<br />So, after life seems real in my life experience, but I always tell myself to be strong and respect the soul. <br />
  11. 11. I wish I could change the whole scenes, but I also knew that nothing can be changed. For your information, while I type this story she is here in front of my room..<br />I’m sharing this, so that others will be careful and if possible never go alone…anywhere!<br />Thank you one and all<br />