ISYS363 Bruins - Group collaboration tools


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ISYS363 Bruins - Group collaboration tools

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363 - FALL 2013 Section 01 Bruins
  2. 2. Features we expect to see ● Easy communication between team members (Chat / messaging) ● Rapid file sharing and document editing ● Storage to upload files ● Organized, clean space that is easy to navigate
  3. 3. Criteria, concerns, market leaders The collaboration tools our group uses need to be fast, powerful, and organized. With everyone having different schedules we need a collaboration tool that can bring all team members up to speed at any time they access the project. Real-time editing, such as what is provided by Google Drive, is also a necessity because each team member can see who else is currently editing a document. Concerns include being able to reach team members when they are away from the collaboration application. Facebook provides push notifications to team member’s mobile devices when changes are made to group pages.
  4. 4. Collaboration tool 1 Skype Pros ● Skype is one of the cheapest VoIP services available. ● Microsoft account and facebook logins available ● Free unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls ● Video calling Cons ● Limited group collaboration abilities ● Unable to edit documents ● No group video calling with free account ● Contains advertisements
  5. 5. Collaboration tool 2 Facebook Pros ● Everyone can decide who to share with ● A place to share thoughts, causes and ideas ● File sharing through chat ● Most people already have an account ● Group push notifications Cons ● Privacy issues ● Time consuming ● No Google Drive or Dropbox integration ● No storage space
  6. 6. Collaboration tool 3 Vyew Pros ● Up to 10 real participants ● Contains polling features to allow group member to vote on project issues. ● Desktop sharing ● Free telephone conferencing Cons ● Contains advertisements ● No Mobile Version ● Design is dated, site feels old and lacking support
  7. 7. Collaboration tool 4 Teambox Pros ● Up to 5 projects ● Up to 5GB storage ● Google Drive Integration ● Available on mobile Cons ● Only supports up to 5 users ● No group chat ● No dropbox or box integration
  8. 8. Collaboration tool 5 Google Drive Pros ● 15 GB free storage available ● Share and edit documents ● Connect with others with chat ● Available on mobile ● 10 GB file size limit Cons ● Communication between team members can be difficult ● Anonymous editing makes it difficult to know who did what ● Provides basic, minimal features for document editing
  9. 9. Our “winner” The collaboration tool we will use Google Drive Google Drive is free, easy to use, and feature rich. Sharing and editing documents between team members is organized and in one secure place. Revision history allows teams to recover any lost work and provides information on who edited or added to a document.
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