SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project #1 Raiders


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This is team Raiders presentation for the first ISYS 363 group project.

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SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project #1 Raiders

  1. 1. PROJECT TASK #1: GROUP COLLABORATION TOOLS SFSU ISYS 363 - Fall 2013 - Section 01 Raiders
  2. 2. GROUP COLLABORATION INTRODUCTION The features expected for our group collaboration tools include: - The service must be free - Multiplatform (Mac and Windows) - Easy to understand - Email Integrated - Calendar Integration (to keep track of deadlines) - Offers a mobile app - Real time updates
  3. 3. GROUP COLLABORATION INTRODUCTION In addition to the features, we expect the group to use collaborative tools; our main criteria is to provide a free service and real time updates. Some concerns are the limitations of each tool: Will it be able to accommodate our group size and will it track specific changes an individual made to the file? Google Docs is a prominent market leader within group collaboration tools. Dropbox and Skype are also market leaders within those respective categories. Our project focuses on tools that are not widely used, but are just as effective resources for group collaborations.
  4. 4. ANYMEETING (WEB CONFERENCING) Pros: ● Quick sign-up ● Free support is included ● Completely web-based, no need to download software for basic setup ● Offers scheduling flexibility (can use immediately, or schedule for future meetings) Cons: ● There are ads for the free version ● Must download an additional application to utilize screen sharing capabilities ● Lacks customization for meeting screen. ● Free subscribers can’t download meeting recordings (both video and audio).
  5. 5. GOOGLE DOCS (WEB-BASED OFFICE SUITE) Pros: ● Can access it anywhere as long as there is internet connection ● Strong version control is enabled ● Multiple people can work on the assignment at the same time ● A free service Cons: ● Security Concerns - Information is stored in Google servers ● Limited presentation program (lacks diverse selection of templates, graph tools, and layout themes). ● Can’t access offline
  6. 6. ETHERPAD (REAL TIME COLLABORATIVE EDITOR) Pros: ● Free ● You can chat with the instant messenger in real time ● You can collaborate in real-time (with document updates every half second) and edits are color coded by each different author. ● Can import/export in many different formats (including HTML, PDF) Cons: ● Limited to only text documents ● Very simple, not too many tools ● Limited password protection and access control features
  7. 7. TEAMBOX (COLLABORATION PLATFORM) Pros: ● Can be used for mobile devices ● Has simple task manager, and real-time communication tools to keep the group on track for assignments ● Up to 5 GB of storage under its free plan Cons: ● The free plan doesn't include group chat within the website ● Limited to 5 users ● Not designed for large, complex projects
  8. 8. TRELLO (PROJECT MANAGEMENT) Pros • Offers a mobile app, compatible in Windows and Mac operating Systems • Free • Provides real time updates • Highly visual and offers a user friendly interface that provides visual “boards” to organize projects. Cons: • Within the design system, cards in one project cannot be linked to cards in another project. • Limited email integration • Limited color coding selection for project organization • No calendar
  9. 9. OUR WINNERS... Based on our criteria and expected features for group collaboration tools, we chose Google Docs, and Trello. Google Docs are easy for everyone to access and all of us can work on it at the same time. Google docs saves a copy of our project online so we can have instant access anywhere that has an internet connection. Trello allows us to create a project and access it to see each of our group member’s activity. We can also look at what tasks have been completed and what tasks need to be completed.
  10. 10. REFERENCES AnyMeeting ● http://mobileoffice.about.com/od/conferencing-and-collaboration/fr/freebinar-review.htm ● http://www.pcworld.com/article/251417/anymeeting_now_makes_online_meetings_free_and_simple.h Google Docs ● www.willamette.edu/wits/help/google/docs.html ● http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/benefits.html Etherpad ● http://etherpad.org/#about ● http://howto.informationactivism.org/content/etherpad-lite Teambox ● http://www.pcworld.com/article/238242/teambox.html ● http://teambox.com/platform/pricing/ Trello ● http://www.businessbee.com/resources/news/operations-buzz/buzzbattle-basecamp-vs-trello- which-project-management-tool-is-best-for-business/