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Khol's Torres Strait Youth Photo Essay


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Khol's Torres Strait Youth Photo Essay

  1. 1. A new interactive exhibit by Kholan Mairu-Kaczmarek.
  2. 2. Choose a section you wish to learn about.  About the Torres Strait.  Schooling in the Torres Strait.  What kids do for fun.  Info on Torres Strait families.  Torres Strait traditions .  Videos.  Quiz
  3. 3. Test you’re knowledge on Torres Strait Islands facts.
  4. 4. Where are the Torres Strait Islands Located? A. Off the coast of Africa B. Between Papua New Guinea and the tip of Australia C. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
  5. 5. WRONG Sorry try again. 
  6. 6. What is the name of the Torres Strait school sports carnival?. A. Bammoa B. Bamma C. Soccer
  7. 7. What is the age when a boy first goes hunting? A. 7 B. 17 C. 27
  8. 8. True or False. Boys are preferred because they can carry on the family name?  Yes  No  This is a trick question
  9. 9. A. 1,000 people B. 3 million C. 500 Approximately how many people are on each island?
  10. 10. YOU WIN Menu
  11. 11. Click video to view Home
  12. 12. The Torres Strait Islands are situated between Australia and Papua New Guinea. The population of the inhabited islands range between 200 to 1,000 people. Out of 200 people on an island there are about 50 youths. Home page ABOUT THE TORRES STRAIT
  13. 13. Schooling in the Torres Strait. Next page. • Schooling in the Torres Strait is from kindergarten to 7th grade. Students attend secondary and tertiary education on Thursday Island or on mainland Australia. • Classroom lessons include most subjects as well as traditional lessons such as language, singing, dancing and arts and craft.
  14. 14. Schooling in Torres Strait. For sports and other activities they play rugby league, volleyball and basketball. Inter- school sports are held each year which then leads to inter-island sports for example Bammoa Sports Day which is a fun sports carnival with representatives from each of the island schools competing. Home
  15. 15. Girls are expected to help with house duties like cooking, cleaning and taking care of elders or siblings. Next page What kids do for fun
  16. 16. FUN IN TORESS STRAIT.  When school is finished the kids play playstation games or other video games for fun. They watch television or listen to radio. They like to listen to modern music and traditional music.  Kids also spend a lot of time outdoors exploring the islands and swimming in the sea. home
  17. 17. FUN IN TORRES STRAIT.  Because the islands are surrounded by seas and reefs, many older boys like to go out hunting with adult men. They enjoy going out on fast dinghies to the reefs to dive for fish and hunt for turtles. home.
  18. 18. Family Torres Strait Islanders have big families. It is normal for grandparents to live in the same house as their children, usually their eldest son or daughter. Parents usually hope for a baby boy because he can carry on the family name. Most families are close because they live in the same villages on one island. Home page
  19. 19. Traditions  Traditions and customs are most important to the youth in their upbringing. Many people may not know that Christian names are very important in Island culture and Islanders often keep the same name in the family for generations.  Language has the same importance in youth upbringing therefore songs and dances in language are taught to youth even as young as toddlers.  Feastings are held for celebrations such as milestone birthdays, engagements, weddings, christenings, tombstone unveilings, first shaves and other traditional ceremonies. Next
  20. 20. TRADITIONS  The most important tradition for young boys is the manhood test. This is an initiation in which boys become men.  At the age of 17 or older a boy is taken out to a reef by older men to hunt for a turtle, if he succeeds then the village women gather at his mother’s house singing and crying tears of joy. They take over the house by cooking a meal and eating with her and then as they leave they take one item from the house to keep.  This means her son who has become a man is now able to provide for the family and replace the items that were taken. Home