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Rebel Groups in Jebel Al-Zawiyah

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  2. Aleppo Turkey Jebel al-Zawiyah Ariha Latakia Jebel al-Zawiyah is a rebel stronghold that lies 11 kilometers to the west of the highway linking Damascus to Aleppo. It lies 30 km southeast of the Turkish border. The city of Ariha sits along the main road linking Aleppo to Latakia. Rebel groups there are well positioned to deny the regime access to key lines of communication across Syria.
  3. Rebels travel 11 km to overrun fortified position on main north-south highway Rebels carry out coordinated attack, overrun Mughara checkpoint Rebels improve organizational capacity, Idlib Military Council forms Regime draws down to increase forces elsewhere Rebel raids and IED attacks increase Regime massacres fighters and villagers Large armed Rebels form more demonstrations in coherent Jebel al-Zawiyah organizations Regime violently disperses protests, small bands of rebels emerge Unarmed protests begin
  4. • Operates out of Sarjah Ariha • Operates out of central/southern Jebel al- Ariha Ariha • Founded September 2011 Sarjah Zawiyah Sarjeh Sarjah • Lead by Ahmed Abu Issa • Founded December 2011 Rami • Run by a shura council • Lead by Lt. Alaa Hussein Khan Subul • Stated aim is creation of a “moderate Islamic state” • Named after a Syrian Nationalist leader Mughara • Not directly linked to the Idlib Military Council • Directly linked to the Idlib Military Council • Arms network is separate from the Idlib • Likely member of the Idlib Revolutionary Revolutionary Council network Council arms network
  5. al Sham Although there is no evidence of a hierarchal chain of command across rebel groups in Jebel al-Zawiyah, the participation of multiple groups in two raids in late May 2012 and late June 2012 does indicate joint planning and coordination.
  6. Ariha Ariha Sarjah Sarjah Rami Khan Subul Mughara Six Confirmed Suqour al-Sham attacks Six Confirmed Suqour al-Sham attacks March 11, 2012 – May 1, 2012. May 2, 2012 –July 13, 2012. Suqour al-Sham attacks have shifted from their home village of Sarjah and the closest urban center, Ariha, to towns up to 11 kilometers away.
  7. ZU-23-2 Anti-aircraft gun in Rami, Mid July Mounted Anti-aircraft gun in Khan Subul, late June Downed Helicopter Burns in Khan Subul, late June A single IED destroys a tank in Ariha, early June
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