Fall 2010 Convocation :: Jonathan Wickert


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  • Staffing:22 staff positions were eliminated or remain scheduled for elimination, and 6 positions that became vacant last year were left unfilled.Policy:EFTFThe number of EFTF proposals considered for FY10 -192 The number of people who served as proposal evaluators - 39 at the college level + untold numbers creating those proposals (EFTF = 25 members; 1 faculty, 1 UG student, 1 grad student from each department + Ass’t. Dean as Chair, + IT staff from ECSS and all departments = 14) Examples: - ME bought 5 new printers for 5 different labs and each one was a separate proposal that was created and reviewed for funding. These were 5 of the 109 “capital projects”- Among 70 “software projects” was a proposal for 2 copies of Adobe Photoshop for a total of $ 92. Amount of EFTF funds this year that will go directly to departments - $ 1.7 M, including $ 1M in “special” one-time allocations to reduce the carry-over balance from prior years. Another $ 1M was allocated for college-wide, shared expenses that benefit all departments.Differential Tuition:397 engineering students who have received a credit on their u-bill this fall.The total cost to the college is $366,384FY09 departments submitted 30 proposals to the college, of which 14 were funded utilizing differential tuition revenuesused to support one-time expenditures such as laboratory renovations, hiring of lecturers, teaching assistants, and advisors.  Specific examples include $50,000 to renovate 142 Town Engineering for a CE360 (a geotechnical engineering course) and $130,200 to support the hiring of lecturers in the Mechanical Engineering high enrollment department.This year, $1.8 million was allocated to the departments (1,772,000 to the academic departments and 28,000 to student services) based on a 3-year rolling average of junior, senior, and graduate student enrollments; in proportion to the enrollments of students who pay differential tuition. Collaboration:ITuniversity-level Information Technology Services unit and the College of Engineering’s own IT staff have led the development of a solid infrastructure and teamed with others on campus to put the university at the forefront of this service delivery trend.said Iowa State President Gregory Geoffroy. “This project is truly representative of a progressive management model for information technology.”
  • Total Engineering Departmental budgets are at an all-time high:Increased by $3.8M FY10 to FY11
  • Fall 2010 Convocation :: Jonathan Wickert

    1. 1. Fall 2010 Convocation<br />Jonathan Wickert<br />Dean of Engineering<br />
    2. 2. Photo credit: Arturo Fernandez/The Register<br />
    3. 3. College Faculty and Staff Awards<br />Superior Engineering Teacher Award<br />Jim Heise<br />Amy Kaleita<br />Early Career Engineering Faculty Research Award<br />Zhengdao Wang<br />Superior Engineering Extension Award<br />Charles Hurburgh<br />Superior Engineering Advisor Award<br />Theodore Millen<br />Dean’s Staff Excellence Award<br />Sylvia Anderson<br />
    4. 4. Promotions<br />Associate Professor with tenure<br />Halil Ceylan, CCEE<br />Michael Kessler, MSE<br />Monica Lamm , CBE<br />Zhiqun Lin, MSE<br />DajiQiao, ECpE<br />David Grewell, ABE<br />Lie Tang, ABE<br />Full Professor<br />Degang Chen, ECpE<br />Andrew Hillier, CBE<br />Sivalingam Sritharan, CCEE<br /><ul><li>University Professor
    5. 5. Max Porter, CCEE
    6. 6. Distinguished Professor
    7. 7. Rodney Fox, CBE</li></li></ul><li>Named Appointments<br />Vance and Arlene Coffman Endowed Department Chair in Aerospace Engineering<br />Richard Wlezien, AeroE<br />Palmer Endowed Department Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering<br />David Jiles, ECpE<br />Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik Professorship<br />Judy Vance, ME<br />VlastaKlima Balloun Professorships<br />Balaji Narasimhan, CBE<br />Hans van Leeuwen, CCEE<br />Mike and Jean Steffenson Professorship<br />Brent Shanks, CBE<br />Donald F. and Sharon A. Greenwood Professorship<br />Douglas Gransberg, CCEE<br />Harpole-Pentair Developing Faculty Assistant Professorship<br />Liang Dong, ECpE<br />Litton Industries Professorship<br />Umesh Vaidya, ECpE<br />Lei Ying, ECpE<br />Martin C. Jischke Professorship in Aerospace Engineering<br />Paul Durbin, AeroE<br />Vance D. Coffman Faculty Chair<br />Bong Wie, AeroE<br />
    8. 8. Restructuring Central Administration<br />Significant reduction in state appropriation last year<br />Engagement of stakeholders<br />Protect student learning as the highest priority<br />Sustainable business model for the college<br />Leaner, flatter, more flexible central administration<br />Technology fee and differential tuition allocated to departments based on enrollment and amount of teaching<br />Student course fees reduced<br />
    9. 9. Academic Department Budget Outlook<br />
    10. 10. Enrollment<br />
    11. 11. Research Grant and Contract Awards<br />
    12. 12. Private Fundraising<br />