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ISTE Creative Constructor Lab in Seattle, WA Nov. 2018


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This unique PD program was specifically designed for K-12 educators who wanted to use media-rich environments in their classrooms to help students leverage technology to communicate, curate their ideas and solve problems. From language arts and history to computer science, educators in every subject area are weaving digital creativity into curriculum. The ISTE Creative Constructor Lab was the first of its kind in showcasing digital media creation tools.

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ISTE Creative Constructor Lab in Seattle, WA Nov. 2018

  1. 1. Nov. 10-11, 2018 Seattle, Washington
  2. 2. A live sketchnote was created during each keynote session. Takeaways from Rebecca Hare’s keynote are featured here.
  3. 3. During the opening keynote, Michelle Zimmerman, Ph.D. and two of her students from Renton Preparatory took to the stage to present on their creative process.
  4. 4. Hare’s keynote included an interactive section that got all attendees involved, including presenter Reshan Richards.
  5. 5. During a hands-on workshop on green screens, attendees collaborated with presenter Steve Dembo.
  6. 6. Throughout the event, attendees had dozens of opportunities to create and collaborate during interactive sessions.
  7. 7. Workshops also provided opportunities to explore tools and resources for digital creation.
  8. 8. Along the way, students become teachers, helping adults with tips and tricks.
  9. 9. Sessions covered the hottest topics in digital creation. Here, Christina Zientek presents on the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the classroom.
  10. 10. Attendees also had time to advance their creation skills with green screen technology.
  11. 11. Another session, led by Manuel Herrera, covered sketchnoting – a powerful, and popular, approach to note-taking and memory.
  12. 12. Michael Cohen, the Tech Rabbi, led a packed session on design thinking and encouraging student creativity.
  13. 13. During a city walk, attendees creatively captured the colors, textures and sights of Seattle.
  14. 14. Presenter Michael Cohen shared how educators can (and should) integrate creativity in the classroom.
  15. 15. Christine Klynen encouraged attendees to think back to the time when they ran toward learning, and shared tips for helping today’s students find the joy in learning.
  16. 16. Michael Hernandez took to the stage to discuss the importance of “taking” -- taking advice, taking creativity seriously, taking care of the world and taking care of yourself.
  17. 17. At the attendees showcase, educators share their learnings and projects...
  18. 18. and how they will use technology to inspire their students creativity.
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