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Budget Hearing 2012


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Budget Hearing 2012

  1. 1. WELCOME!Pre RA Provisional Budget Hearing Presentation Callie Marksbary ISTA Treasurer Spring 2012
  2. 2. Check out: preface of budget book, pages i and ii Remember our goals are:  Continue to function as a vibrant, resilient, enduring organization  Continue to support our members on LTD claims  Position our organization to move forward in keeping the commitments to our NEA
  3. 3. A MUST! We must generate $4.7mabove our operating expenses.
  4. 4. Provisional BudgetThis means that we will be asking the RA delegates to provide flexibility tothe elected ISTA Board of Directors to finalize a balanced budget between now and the July board meeting.
  5. 5. INCOME [see pages 1 and 1a in the budget booklet] Total income for 2012-2013 projection $21,779,900 Dues income of $18,781,000 37,000 full time equivalent [FTE] members. Included is $40 per member dues assessment$1- ISTA Foundation for the Improvement of Education Dues for full time Members will be $508 for 2012-13$254.75 for full time Educational Support Professionals.
  6. 6. Net Operating Income $4,186,554 (short of the $4.7m needed)
  7. 7. EXPENSESSee pages 2 and 2a summary of all expenses pages 3- 13a fordetailed descriptions of those expenses. Total Expenses of $17,593,346UniServ Program $7,523,620 43% of budgetGovernment Relations $ 826,539 5% of budgetCommunications $ 374,859 2% of budgetGovernance $1,278,179 7% of budgetAdministration $ 479,738 3% of budgetFinance and Accounting $6,941,411 39% of budgetContingency Fund $ 169,000 1% of budget
  8. 8. $514,000 budget gap short of our $4.7 million goalWe MUST meet this to keep our commitment toour LTD participants and fulfill our commitmentto NEA for their financial support. We can do this!
  9. 9. We must continue to be frugal and disciplined. We aredetermined, resilient, an d enduring. WE ARE THE ISTA!
  10. 10. We are the one true voice for public school employees in Indiana Our power is in numbers We can do this! We know we can.We are the voice, the force for public schools in Indiana.
  11. 11. Thank you!Thank you for all that you do for members and students each and every day! Questions or concerns? Callie Marksbary 317-519-6044