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Teledyne Brown Engineering Slides

  1. 1 Space Systems Paul Galloway Program Manager, Lead Systems Engineer, Systems Safety Engineer November 5, 2018
  2. Agenda 2 1. About Teledyne Brown Engineering/Space Systems Department 2. Space Systems Organization and Achievements 3. Direct Past Experiment with Tissue Engineering in Microgravity 4. Future Space Initiatives
  3. TELEDYNE TECHNOLOGIES 3 FOUR SEGMENTS Aerospace and Defense Electronics InstrumentationDigital Imaging Engineered Systems
  4. Engineered Systems – Teledyne Brown Engineering History ► Established in 1953 in Huntsville, Alabama to support Dr. Wernher Von Braun’s Rocket Team. ► Founded Cummings Research Park, the second-largest such park in the U.S. ► Evolved from a defense and aerospace service contractor to an engineering and advanced manufacturing company focused on solutions for large scale projects in challenging environments. 406/06/18
  5. 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Present Teledyne Brown Engineering History 5 Explorer Redstone Rocket Apollo Radiological Lab Services Chemicals Weapons Demilitarization Space Shuttle Nuclear Waste Containers International Space Station (ISS) Harpoon Skylab Space Launch System (SLS) Program Multiple User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) Hydrogen Generators SWCS Hydrogen Fuel Cells OSF Curiosity with MMRTG Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) JASSM
  6. Teledyne Brown Engineering Space Systems 6 ► Space Flight Hardware ► Ground Support Equipment and Propulsion Subsystems ► Mission Planning and Control Center Operations ► Payload Development, Testing, Integration and Training
  7. Teledyne Brown Engineering is a Prime Contractor Marshall Operations Service, Systems & Integration (MOSSI) 7 ► Plan science payloads, train astronauts, and manage all science experiments on ISS. ► Contract recompete combines 2 contracts, MO&I and HOSC. It will be called Marshall Operations Services, Systems, & Integration (MOSSI). ► Largest contract in TBE’s history.
  8. Teledyne Brown Engineering Global Commercial Space Imaging 8 ► Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) Platform • Multiple payload options ► Precise Pointing of High-Resolution Earth-Imaging Instruments ► On-Site Command and Control Tele-Science Center ► Hyperspectral Imagery Data DESIS Robotic Installation on MUSES Platform (August 27, 2018)
  9. VEGITATI ON INDEX VEGETATION INDEX SUSPENDED MATTER DISSOLVED ORGANIC MATERIAL ► Partnered with German Space Center (DLR), ► Operating successfully on ISS since August 28, 2018 DESIS-30 Hyperspectral Imager First Instrument on MUSES ► 30 meter ground sampling distance; 30 km swath; 235 spectral bands; Visible to Near Infrared. ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE Vegetation No Vegetation
  10. Microgravity Science Glovebox (MSG) ISS Configuration 10 Command & Monitoring Panel Airlock Stowage Drawers Utility Interface Panel DC Power & Circuit Breakers Video System Drawer Gloveports Rack Power Distribution Assembly Rack Maintenance Switch Assembly • Delivered to ISS on STS-111 and installed June 2002. Operations started July 2002 • Enables crew interaction for setup, sample exchange, and experiment monitoring. • Provides 2 levels of containment for safety, 1 KW power & cooling, HD video, and data • Engineering Unit w/ PRCU used for high-fidelity Verification, Integration, Training and Troubleshooting (4 available Units --Training Unit, Engineering Unit, Ground Unit, & Flight Unit) • Operational Tele-science Center at TBE and local ISS POIC at MSFC
  11. Life Science Glovebox (LSG) ISS Configuration 1111 • Launched on HTV-7, September 22, 2018 • Currently Undergoing Installation and Checkout on the ISS • TBE provided design, analysis, test, & Integration Support
  12. ISS Science Payload Development/Integration & Sustaining Support for MSG/LSG/MSRR 12 ► Life Science Glovebox (LSG) delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) by the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), also called Kounotori (White Stork) . LSG MSG MSRR
  13. Teledyne Brown’s Role in Historical Historical Tissue Engineering in Space 1313
  14. Teledyne Brown’s Role in Historical Historical Tissue Engineering in Space 1414
  15. Ring Sheared Drop (RSD) Experiment will Fly on ISS in early 2019 Experiment Objective: Observe Formation of Fibrils as Protein Undergoes Shear Forces as Sample Drop Spins Magnified Imaging of Fibrils RSD – Inside MSG Work Volume
  16. Future – Dream Chaser Sierra Nevada & TBE Dream Chaser is a reusable composite spacecraft designed to carry from 2 to 7 people and/or cargo to orbital destinations such as the International Space Station
  17. Deep Space Gateway is the Next Step Teledyne Proprietary 17
  18. NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration
  19. Space Systems
  20. Summary 20 Teledyne Brown Engineering has the proven experience to successfully integrate and operate your Tissue Engineering or Mechanobiology Experiment on ISS and other space vehicles. We have successfully taken many payloads through the ISS Payload Safety Review Process which is a critical skill for launch and on-orbit operations approval. The following contract vehicles are available now to facilitate your work: Contract Vehicle Abbreviation Contracting Organization Research, Engineering, and Mission Integration Services REMIS NASA Johnson Space Center Engineering Solutions and Prototyping ESP NASA Marshall Space Flight Center CASIS Implementation Partner Direct Contract with CASIS
  21. 21Teledyne Proprietary