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Etas user guide


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The new ETAS service: a "how to" guide

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Etas user guide

  1. 1. The new Electronic Transfer Alerting Service: A “How-to” Guide ISSN International Centre Paris, France
  2. 2. Objectives of this guide - This guide provides a detailed presentation of the new ETAS system (Electronic Transfer Alerting System). - It is intended for: • Publishers declaring transfers through ETAS, • ISSN National Centres validating the transfers. - It has been designed by the ISSN International Centre, • Thanks to inputs from James Phillpotts (Oxford University Press) and Jennifer Bazeley (Miami University Library),
  3. 3. The ISSN International Centre and Transfer - Transfer is a voluntary code for journal publishers containing best practices for transferring and receiving journals. - It is governed by a standing committee of librarians, publishers & other intermediaries. - ETAS is the application to collect & disseminate the Transfer information.
  4. 4. What is Transfer? What is ETAS? - As from Sept 10th, 2018, ETAS will be maintained by the ISSN IC (previously by the Univ. of Manchester in UK) - A two-step Registration: • Signature of the Transfer Code of practice by publishers; • Registration of the publisher by the ISSN International Centre on the ISSN Publishers’ Extranet. - Transfer requests done by the publishers on the ISSN Extranet. - Transfer information distributed on the new ETAS application (
  5. 5. From a Publisher’s Perspective
  6. 6. Registration of Publishers - To get registered, publishers need first to sign the Transfer Code of Practice (see committees/transfer/about-transfer). - Then they are registered for free by the ISSN International Centre ( - They will be able to login on the ISSN Publishers’ Extranet and declare transfers following the procedure described in the next slides. - Note: this Extranet is also designed to request ISSN assignment to new publications. This functionality is only offered to publishers in countries which do not have an ISSN National Centre, or which have a specific agreement with the ISSN International Centre.
  7. 7. We are now going live… Go to
  8. 8. We are now going live… Connect to the Extranet using login and password provided by the ISSN International Centre
  9. 9. You access your personal publisher page (“home” button)
  10. 10. From that page, you will be able to: - Search the Portal (freely accessible part only, except if you have subscribed to the full Portal) - Check here the number of transfers you have reported - Declare a new Transfer - Exchange messages with a librarian from the ISSN International Centre Note: functionalities in grey are not available (for example “request a new ISSN” or “purchase ISSN credits”) when the publisher is not entitled to request new ISSNs from the ISSN International Centre
  11. 11. You have an overview of your transfer requests ID of the request (click to see the original request form) Request type (“claim” for a transfer request) ISSN of the resource (click to access the record in the ISSN Portal) Status of the request
  12. 12. Request Statuses - The different request statuses allow you to follow the outcome of your requests: • Pending: the request is waiting for validation by the ISSN International Centre, • Provisional: the transfer information is validated; however the transfer is not effective yet, • Processed: the effective transfer has been checked by the ISSN Network. - There are also error statuses: • Incomplete: some information is missing; you should complete your request form, • Rejected: the request is not validated. Please contact the ISSN International Centre for more information (“contact a cataloguer” button)
  13. 13. To declare a transfer, first click on “claiming a resource”
  14. 14. Search the resource in the ISSN Portal. You may search - By all liberated fields - By title only - By ISSN only Declaring a Transfer
  15. 15. You access then the record of the resource (only the free data, except for Portal subscribers) Click on “declare a transfer” to open the transfer form
  16. 16. Fill-in the form Fields with an (*) are mandatory
  17. 17. Indicate here if the other medium versions are also transferred (selected by default) Provide here information about the previous publisher (institutional name, contact name, contact email) Providing the former and new URL of the publication is mandatory, as well as the expected transfer date
  18. 18. You may provide here supporting documents (either the URL of the resource or a URL providing information about the transfer; or a scan of the resource containing the new publisher name) Click on “send request” to send the request to the ISSN International Centre for validation
  19. 19. From the ISSN International Centre’s Perspective
  20. 20. The request is then assessed by a librarian of the ISSN International Centre If the request is deemed valid, its status is switched to provisional. Otherwise, it may be declared incomplete or rejected
  21. 21. Validation of the transfer request - As soon as the transfer request from the publisher is validated by the ISSN International Centre: • The request status is set to provisional o Note: the status is “provisional” as the effective transfer has not been checked yet by the ISSN Network • The receiving publisher is informed that its request is validated, by email and in its personal space. • The transferring publisher is also informed, through the email provided by the requester. • The information is forwarded to the ETAS application. • The Transfer information is also made available on the ISSN Portal (for Portal subscribers only). - There is nothing anymore to do on the publisher’s side.
  22. 22. On the ISSN Portal (for subscribers), the record of the resource(s) is tagged with the Transfer logo The name of the receiving publisher and the expected transfer date is indicated
  23. 23. The information is made available in the ETAS distribution tool
  24. 24. Role of the ISSN International Centre - …
  25. 25. Search a specific Transfer notification
  26. 26. Browse the Transfer Alerting Service
  27. 27. Successive Transfers
  28. 28. Access Transfer statistics
  29. 29. Final validation by the ISSN Network
  30. 30. Transfer information is provided to the National ISSN Centre of the receiving publisher. It is accessible through the “Transfer” dashboard
  31. 31. Transfer dashboard for National Centres
  32. 32. If the transfer is effective, the status is switched to “processed” It is possible to check the supporting documents (if any)When the expected transfer date is reached, the cataloguer of the ISSN National Centre checks if the transfer is effective
  33. 33. Thank you! Questions?