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Presentation about Emperor scorpions, phylum chordata, class arachnida.

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  1. 1. Pizza Lisa
  2. 2. CLASSIFICATION Emperor Scorpions Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Anthropoda Sub-Phylum: Chelicerata Class: Arachnida Order: Scorpionida Family: Scorpionidae Genus: Pandinus Species: imperator
  3. 3. PHYLUM ARTHROPODA Body with segments Exoskeleton Many legs(6+) Nervous system Contains blood in body cavity (part of circulatory system) Heart Brain Nerve Chord 1cm-1ft+ Eukaryotic- multi-cellular with nuclear membranes Reproduction- sexual Heterotrophic
  4. 4. CLASS ARACHNIDA Two segments- cephalothorax and abdomen Predatory Terrestrial and rarely aquatic No antenna Preference to warm climate Book lungs (stacked like plates) Tube-like heart Reproduction- Sexual Heterophic Eukaryote
  5. 5. Guinea Liberia TogoDISTRIBUTION Chad Ghana Emperor Scorpions Benin Ivory Coast Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone Congo Prefers : Hot climate Moist burrows
  7. 7. INTERESTING FACTS 30-40 species/2000 species Class Arachnida: largest class Moves constantly after molting Glows in UV light 2 species in Japan Mild sting, strong pinch (Emperor Scorpion) Litter: 15-40 young Scorpions are attracted to light Fable’s way of catching scorpions
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