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Naomi (teachers mac book's conflicted copy 2012-05-18)

I love my vacation time! It sounds awesome!!!

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Naomi (teachers mac book's conflicted copy 2012-05-18)

  1. 1. My Adventure to California By NaomiAll Ab ou t Fu n !! !! !
  2. 2. How I Got There... Flying Car!!!
  3. 3. I Saw My House And...I saw I needed to do a lot of work with my bag so instead...
  4. 4. I Went to Lego Land and Met a Family!!!
  5. 5. I Went On a Roller Coaster!!!It was awesome!!!
  6. 6. I Got Back Home and Went to Bed
  7. 7. I Had Delicious Breakfast!!!It was amazing!!!
  8. 8. I Saw That I Had One More Day Of VacationI was sad.
  9. 9. I Went SwimmingWith Dolphins!!!
  10. 10. Then I Went Back HomeI loved my vacation!!!!!