The Open Web Platform and You! [Executive version]


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The Open Web Platform and You! [Executive version]

  1. 1. Transforming the Web Together 1 1 1
  2. 2. The World Wide Web ConsortiumFounded in 1994 with vision of “One Web,” open to all 2
  3. 3. How does W3C work?• Accepts inputs and provides outputs to all – no charge!• Focus is to create standards which lead to commercial benefit• Web has a good track record• 60+ Working Groups• Working Groups have engineers from Member companies with staff support • Each company brings their expertise, perspective• 4 Domains: Interaction, UbiWeb, Accessibility, Technology and Society• RF patent policy• Liaisons with many organizations: IETF, OMA,…• ISO PAS submitter 3
  4. 4. The Web continues to change commerce,governance, leisure, education, relationships ... The Web is changing the world 4
  5. 5. The Web is Everywhere USAGE • Accessed by billions • In many languages • Vital for information sharing, entertainment, education, commerce • Barrier FreeTECHNOLOGY • Common, pervasive, and interoperable • Internationalized • Widely used by developers • Linked sites and linked data 5
  6. 6. A NEW WAVE ofTRANSFORMATIONS Just as the Web has transformed everything… …It will transform everything again 6
  7. 7. Open Web Platform is…• A platform for innovation, consolidation and cost efficiencies• W3C is shaping the future of global business transformation 7
  8. 8. Open Web Platform Means… • Web pages are more beautiful, interactive, intelligent • HTML5 provides cross-browser interoperability and all major browser vendors plan to support it • Video a first-class citizen • Simplified data integration • Numerous devices • Tools for social networking (privacy, security, identity) • The most interoperable platform in the industry 8
  9. 9. Open Web Platform Technology for your value Widgets JavaScript API DOM SVG CSS HTML5Web fonts Mobile Applications OWL WAI-ARIA SMIL Geolocation API’s Semantic Web YOU GET • Value creation • Economic revolution • Industry transformation • A platform for innovation 9
  10. 10. HTML5Common across devices: desktop, mobile, tablet, TVPowerful and modular: documents, multimedia, interactivityMulti-application: e-books, user interfaces, games 10 10
  11. 11. BenefitsBetter Web application adaptation to multiple devicesReduce the size of Web applicationsReduce the need to install third-party plug-insEnable cross-site information sharing 11 11
  12. 12. Benefits (cont.)Allow rapid prototyping of user apps using Web technologies instead of more traditional heavy weight frameworkFacilitate deployment of apps across platforms: one dev. platform for allAllow more complex apps. to be pushed and deployed through the Web Cloud 12 12
  13. 13. Royalty-free technologiesMore than a 100 technologies Incremental evolution of thewithin the same environment platformHTML5, CSS3, SVG, Web Real-Time WebSockets, Web Workers, Communications, Audio,Indexed Database, File APIs, User Timing, etc.Geolocation, etc. 13 13
  14. 14. Standard TechnologiesText, videos Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)Styles Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Fonts Web Open Font Format (WOFF)Protocols Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)Dynamic Javascript (ES), Web Application Programming Interfaces (WebAPIs)Graphics Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), 2D Canvas APIOffline access WebAPIs: Web Storage, IndexedDB, File APIDevice access WebAPIs: Geolocation, Orientation, Multi-touch, etc.Performance WebAPIs: Navigation timing, Page visibility, Timing control 14 14
  15. 15. Value Proposition• International organization• Strong Web community• Track record of success• Neutral forum for collaboration across industries, ecosystems and communities• Broad industry and academic participation (e.g. browser, mobile, internet and corporate)• Active, expert staff participating in work 15
  16. 16. W3C Offers Global StaffInternational first class Web expertsteam role is to: • Drive W3C missions • Coordinate activities of W3C • Facilitate active member participation • Communicate results of W3C work • Engage with the worldwide Web Community 16
  17. 17. Broad Reach• Translations of standards to 55+ languages• Liaisons w/ 40+ global standards organizations (UN, ISO, ITU, IETF, OGF, Unicode, ICANN, ETSI, Isoc…)• 55,000+ people subscribed to 800+ mailing lists• Millions of Hits/day on W3C Website• 220+ Web standards: (HTML, XML, PNG/SVG,RDF/OWL/SPARQL,Accessibility….)• 1,800+ participants in 60+ Groups 17
  18. 18. Nearly 3503 Host Locations Members20 Offices from 30 Countries; and Many Industries From all Industries 18
  19. 19. Diverse Membership 19
  20. 20. W3C Member Testimonials "...Deutsche an active participant in W3C activities. Deutsche Telekoms Internet Media Technology - using open standards - allows for flexibility and speed in adapting new technologies." "Ericsson is committed to the use and development of W3C Recommendations to continue mobilizing the World Wide Web." "Fujitsu supports many W3C specifications in its products and services.“ "Nokia sees that contribution to, and adoption of, W3C specifications are essential for widespread use of the Web, with any user device." "We believe the W3Cs open, consensus-driven process and associated rigorous public reviews make it uniquely positioned to guide the Webs technical evolution."Telco, Games, Devices, Storage, Broadcasting, Social Networking, On-line Marketplace, Consumer Electronics…… 20 20
  21. 21. LG NEC SonyTelco KDDIGames MstarMobile ZyngaDevices NetflixStorage RakutenSemiconductors SanDiskBroadcasting ComcastSocial Networking FacebookOn-line Marketplace China UnicomConsumer Electronics Motorola Mobility 21
  22. 22. How can you participate? Many ways to make an impact and contribute: • Membership in W3C • Sponsorship of W3C programs • Business Groups • Community Groups • Participation in public Workshops/Working groups • Many other Events, Training 22
  23. 23. W3C Membership Brings…Opportunity to advance your organization’s strategic goalssuch as:• Increasing technical expertise for rapid deployment of Web-based technologies• Accelerating adoption of open standards• Access to community of key players on the Web• Develop your organization visibility• Demonstrating technical LEADERSHIP 23
  24. 24. Sponsorships• To be associated with W3C activities, visibility• Organization Sponsors• Event Sponsors• Web For All Sponsors• Developer Sponsors• Validator Sponsorship• Donation program 24
  25. 25. Business Groups• Vendor-neutral forum for collaborating with industry leaders, on business challenges• Expertise & Collaboration: W3C experts help ensure that Business Groups reach other groups of interest and deploy high-quality Web technology in a timely fashion.• Open to all, quick to start, self-determined, without time limit, IPR balanced, and tuned for transition to standards-track. 25
  26. 26. Community Groups• Open forum, where Web developers and other stakeholders develop specifications, hold discussions, develop test suites, and connect with W3Cs international community of Web experts.• Community Groups are designed to promote innovation and encourage individual participation 26
  27. 27. Member Benefits 1/2• Take a leadership role • Exercise technical influence over standards • Provide strategic direction for the Web’s future • Extend your international visibility (W3C: Millions hits/day)• Promote your image as innovator • Introduce new ideas• Gain public recognition of your organization’s contributions 27
  28. 28. Member Benefits 2/2• The opportunity to work directly with the leading companies, organizations, and individuals in the Web world• The ability to provide strategic direction to the Consortium• Accelerate & Reduce cost of your development• Ensure that Web standards can be implemented royalty-free• Benefit from massive deployment based on royalty free global standards• Networking with worldwide technology leaders 28
  29. 29. To Lead the Web to its full potential To Anticipate the Trends To Increase your company value Join W3C 29
  30. 30. We Look Forward to Your Participation! 30