Multi channel mogelijkheden met magento


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De manier waarop consumenten producten zoeken, kwalificeren en uiteindelijk aankopen kan niet langer netjes opgesplitst worden in een online (shop / marktplaats) of offline (fysische winkel) methodologie. Kathleen Claes van Magento zal laten zien hoe Magento als deel van de ebay Inc groep uw organisatie kan helpen om op strategische en technologische wijze antwoord te bieden aan deze uitdaging.

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Multi channel mogelijkheden met magento

  1. 1. Driving You to Success inOmni-Channel CommerceKathleen ClaesChannel Development ManagerApril 23rd, 2013
  2. 2. Omni-ChannelCommerce : It’s notabout Channel – It’sabout your Customer!
  3. 3. Multi-ChannelHaving multiple channels. They aren’t necessarilyintegrated.STORE CATALOG WEB MOBILE SOCIALWHOLESALECOMMERCEMulti-channel customersspend 3x a single-channelcustomer
  4. 4. new retail interface
  5. 5. Retailers Challenged to Determine Which technologies matter? What’s best for customers? When to jump in? At what cost?
  6. 6. Consumers Are Leading With “Mall in Their Pocket”Promotions &couponsMobileCommercePaymentsStore locationShopping listsIn-storeresearchSelf-scanning &self-checkoutSocialCommerceLoyaltyDigitalMobileSocialLocal
  7. 7. Consumers are incharge
  8. 8. best of both worlds
  9. 9. Shopping is at an inflection point… Seamless, omni-channel, multichannel commerce Consumers are leading… Retailers are adapting… … eBay will enable commerce
  11. 11. enabling consumers to shop anytime, anywherecommercee
  12. 12. Accelerating InnovationEnabling DisruptiveInnovation
  13. 13. Magento: Founding PrinciplesPlatform created to be “At the Core of eCommerce” Open-source / open core Feature-rich Unprecedented flexibility & control Highly customizable Extensible framework Large Developer Ecosystem Exceptional valueOur core beliefs Merchants want to focus on delighting their customers Merchants need to be able to easily customize solutions to fit theirchanging needs Merchants want to be merchants, not technologists No single vendor has all the answers
  14. 14. Magento Enterprise: Unique Benefits Complete control with full source-code access for customization and innovation– Developer friendly framework for implementation and custom development– Modular architecture Rich configurable out-of-the-box feature set– Merchandising, Marketing, Targeting, Orders, Customers, Private Sales, Mobile, etc Support of large, vibrant open-source extension and partner community– 5600+ 3rd party extensions covering almost every area of functionality– Community feedback on release candidates for shared features Control of multiple consumer touch points from a single application– Multiple websites, multiple devices, multiple interactions Cost Effective– Low total cost of ownership– Quick time-to- market for projects
  15. 15. Magento Enterprise: Key Capabilities Marketing and Merchandising– Personalization and targeting using Customer groups and Segmentation, targeted catalog andshopping cart promotions, Coupons, Automated email reminder, Customizable product catalog Customer Engagement– Reward Points, Private Sales, Wish Lists, Gift Registries, Store Credits, Persistent shoppingcart across devices Multiple site management– Multiple websites from a single instance, shared or separate cart and accounts, native mobiledevice support Core Commerce capabilities– Flexible product catalog, Customer accounts, Search and layered navigation, Reviews, Orders,Return Management (RMA) Internationalization and localization– Out-of-the-box local support, Multiple language support with available translations, languageand locale control across and within sites Payments– Compatible with PA-DSS certified Magento Secure Payment Bridge
  16. 16. Magento Enterprise Merchants
  17. 17. Reinventing How Eyeglasses Are Sold
  18. 18. Bringing Content-to-Commerce to Life
  19. 19. Fueling Passions
  20. 20. Celebrating 125 Years & Blazing New Trails
  21. 21. Q&A