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Google: The future of apps is web

Bas Jansen, Conversion specialist bij Google, vertelde op het ISM Omnichannel Event over hoe u uw doelgroep engaged houdt met de modernste technologie.

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Google: The future of apps is web

  1. 1. Start fast - Stay Engaged By using the latest modern web technology
  2. 2. Source: L2 Inc. October 2017 88% UNIQUE MOBILE UX MIRRORS DESKTOP EXPERIENCE Something better is out there, but it’s not being used
  3. 3. Users generally have a poor experience on mobile Excellent Good Fair Poor 8.6s 3s 5s 8s testmysite.withgoogle.comSource: Think With Google - September 2017
  4. 4. Confidential + Proprietary Proprietary + Confidential
  5. 5. Why people like native apps 2 More easy to navigate 3 Always signed-in 1 Quicker to load Source: Ipsos - Q3 2016 NL Research
  6. 6. Increasingly harder to build reach with apps Source: The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report Comscore - August 2017 51% Amount of users who didn’t install any apps
  7. 7. Engagement Reach Mobile webApps
  8. 8. Engagement Reach Mobile webApps
  9. 9. Modern Mobile Web For better results Start fast Stay engaged
  10. 10. Confidential + Proprietary Start with a search Explore the category, pick your favorite
  11. 11. Confidential + Proprietary See that it’s out of stock Ask to be notified Stay up-to-date
  12. 12. Confidential + Proprietary User loses connection But continues exploring... ...even with no reception
  13. 13. Confidential + Proprietary Get notified by the website Add to cart Checkout your basket Sign up with one tap
  14. 14. Confidential + Proprietary Re-engage on the goAccess with easeOne tap to pay Add to homescreen
  15. 15. The web does not meet can exceed user expectations today.
  16. 16. PWAs work across all browsers
  17. 17. Radically improving mWeb experiences Acquisition Engagement Conversion Retention
  18. 18. Radically improving mWeb experiences Acquisition Engagement Conversion Retention
  19. 19. Average NL Website Average AMP page 8.6 s <0.5 s Source: Think With Google - September 2017;
  20. 20. Source: AdWords Blog September 2017
  21. 21. Source: -
  22. 22. From idea to first Proof of Concept live within 5 weeks Travix used AMP to show +27% CTR You can now measure AMP with Google Analytics and use AMP in Google AdWords Source: Marketingfacts - September 2017
  23. 23. “By 2020, Progressive Web Apps will have replaced 50% of general-purpose consumer facing apps.” Gartner Research Source: Gartner post