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System Completeness Six Sigma Case Study


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Six Sigma Project Case Study Overview by Master Black Belt Steven Bonacorsi, International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS). General Electic ACFC "At the Customer, for the Customer"

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System Completeness Six Sigma Case Study

  1. 1. Six Sigma DMAIC Project GE Medical Systems High Availability Team (Hat) Project Leader/Green Belt: Jay Mertens Project Leader Title: Network Engineer Project Start Date: February 27, 2003Master Black Belt: Steven Bonacorsi
  2. 2. Six Sigma in Action Clarify CompletenessCustomer Profile – 20,000 seat Consumer Products companyBusiness Problem & Impact Process Capability – BeforeAdherence to established Clarify procedures was only 55%. The resultwas inaccurate metrics representing how HAT contributes to thecustomer.Measure & AnalyzeData Collection: Validate repeatability and reproducibility using AR&Rmethodology. Collected 100 Data points which allows us to determinecurrent Clarify Accuracy.Root Causes: Clarify flexibility, Clarify Field definition, and HATprocedures and training were key causes to the level of inaccuracies.Improve & Control Process Capability – AfterAdjustments were made to Clarify to add more granularity for bettermetrics, HAT members were trained, and documentation updated to Inaccuratereflect the improvements. This resulted in a 38% increase in accuracy! 7%Weekly Clarify case reviews will be conducted to maintain process Accuratecontrol. 93%Results/BenefitsIncreased Clarify Accuracy to 93% and provided productivity savings of$88K by greatly reducing rework and metric reporting A 38% improvement along with productivity savings of $88K!