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iGrafx PerformanceCentral is ideal for         Enterprise-wide Monitoring and Controlorganizations engaged in:            ...
Increase Transparency and Lower                                              iGrafx Performance Central provides users    ...
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IGrafx Performance Central Brochure


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iGrafx is a parter of the Lean Six Sigma Group and International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)

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IGrafx Performance Central Brochure

  1. 1. iGrafx PerformanceCentral is ideal for Enterprise-wide Monitoring and Controlorganizations engaged in: iGrafx® Performance Central™ identifies problems and issues before your • Business Process customers do. With a real-time window into your company’s process behav- Management • Enterprise Modeling ior and operational effectiveness, your organization reacts with speed and • Enterprise Architecture effectiveness to deliver optimum performance. • Control & Risk Management • Business Continuity • Quality ManagementDisplay and reportindicators associatedwith: • Processes • Activities • Strategies • Goals •Measurements ...and moreEasily create: • Dashboards Key Feature Benefit • Scorecards Scorecards Display Key Performance Indicators in a hierarchical view corresponding to • Dynamic Reports your organization’s strategy, goals and objectives. Customizable Review personalized dashboards and summary charts highlighting the right Dashboards level of information at the right time. Traffic Light Roll Up Identify problem areas quickly with aggregated indicators that reveal appropri- ate detail as you traverse the hierarchy. Process Landscape View related and/or supporting process maps, resources and other objects via Integration iGrafx Web Central. Real Time Access measurements the moment they are stored. Highly Scalable Monitor KPIs from a virtually unlimited size and quantity of data sources. Instant Comments Collaborate quickly with others on reported information, reducing reactivity time. Email Alerts Alert process owners and stakeholders of process performance based on customized filters and notification schedules. Security Utilize your authentication mechanism of choice, e.g., LDAP, Kerberos, Smart Card, etc. and restrict access to sensitive data. Multiple Views Perform discrete and aggregated analysis for accurate decision making.
  2. 2. Increase Transparency and Lower iGrafx Performance Central provides users Looking for a jumpstartCosts the ability to tailor dashboards to their with iGrafx? needs while maintaining a consistent Our training and consultingProcess-oriented measurements displayed services can help you apply thein relation to business strategies and design across the organization. power of iGrafx even faster. For more information, pleasegoals are intuitive and meaningful to visit A Business Process Managementexecutives adopting a Process Performance ExtensionManagement approach. Leverage expertise for a Key Performance Indicators are layered higher ROIBy dynamically charting the right perfor- over an existing BPM model defined in iGrafx tools are used by thousands of organizations throughout themance metrics at the right time, iGrafx iGrafx, taking your investment in process- world. Learn more at:Performance Central reduces the time oriented architecture to a new level. www.iGrafx.comexecutives need to check performance iGrafx Performance Central leverages (503) 404-6050of their processes, and the time process your existing process landscape to displayowners need to react. measurements in context for maximum understanding. Backed with informationProcess and performance transparency is on the performance, health and status ofincreased as both the context and ‘ripple your processes collected live from multipleeffects’ of each measurement are easily data sources, you will be poised for theinterpreted. A Web browser is all that is next step in your journey to processrequired for users to gain access to relevant excellence.measurements and stay tuned to the mostrecent updates.iGrafx is anintegrated suiteof software andservices for processexcellence. Global Headquarters 7585 SW Mohawk Street Tualatin, OR 97062 Tel.: 503.404.6050 Fax: 503.691.2451 EMEA Headquarters Dr.-Johann-Heitzer-Str. 2 85757 Karlsfeld Germany Tel.: +49 8131 3175 100 Fax: +49 8131 3175 101 For complete contact details visit:© 2012 iGrafx, LLC. All rights reserved. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.Printed in USA. 2/12 Job#12206a