5th project meeting dissemination presentation


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5th project meeting dissemination presentation

  1. 1. Innovation in the teaching of Sustainable development In Life sciences in Europe 5th Project Meeting April 24th, 2012, Harper Adams University College, UK
  2. 2. WP8Update on project dissemination activities Andreas Katrakilis Organic Agricultural Agronomist Agro-Know Technologies, Greece
  3. 3. Dissemination Tools
  4. 4. website: www.isle-project.eu• Applied revisions/suggestions – More feedback is welcome!• Added Slideshow on the website’s Front Page• Created the Newsletter Section on the Website• Entered the “Next Meeting Counter” • Updated Links’ section
  5. 5. website: screenshots
  6. 6. Website Analysis• Number Of Visits• Page Views• Frequent Keywords
  7. 7. Website AnalysisVisitors Overview
  8. 8. Website Analysis
  9. 9. Website Analysis
  10. 10. Web 2.0 tools
  11. 11. Web 2.0 tools
  12. 12. Web 2.0 tools• Additional tools: – Youtube: ISLE Channel with relevant videos http://www.youtube.com/user/islenetwork – Delicious: Interesting bookmarks collected in one place: http://delicious.com/islenetwork
  13. 13. additional tools
  14. 14. I.S.L.E. Workspace• Based on e-groupware (commercial solution)• URL: http://www.agroknow.gr/egroupware• Login info: your email part before @ (e.g. name@domain.com) as username & password
  15. 15. I.S.L.E. MOLE platform• MOLE: Multimedia Open Learning Environment• Used for creating, indexing and delivering courses online – WP3 outcomes could be organized here• URL: http://isle.moleportal.eu• Login info: registration form available at the portal’s homepage
  16. 16. VOA3R platform: http://voa3r.cc.uah.es• VOA3R: Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository• Used for – Networking researchers working in the same or relevant fields – Providing access to open access scholarly content• I.S.L.E. community/group already existing!
  17. 17. Confused with all these tools?
  18. 18. I.S.L.E. Tools Handbook!• A-K team developed a simple handbook• Basic information about all the available tools in the project and their intended.• Will be circulated among the project partners
  19. 19. Dissemination Material
  20. 20. I.S.L.E. Brochure• Developed by AgroSup Dijon team / revised• Useful for dissemination purposes• Printed a limited number of copies• Digital file available in Workspace (WP8 folder)
  21. 21. I.S.L.E. Poster• Developed by Agro-Know team• Significant contribution by Agro-Sup Dijon!• Printed a copy for each project partner• Digital file available in Workspace (WP8 folder) for further prints
  22. 22. I.S.L.E. Project Meetings DVDs• I.S.L.E. Kick Off Project Meeting & 2nd Project Meeting DVD• I.S.L.E. 3rd Project Meeting DVD• I.S.L.E 4th Project Meeting DVD
  23. 23. I.S.L.E. Newsletters• Developed by Agro-Know team• Three issues are already been circulated• They are expected to reach a wide network of stakeholders through each ISLE partner• Digital files available in Workspace (WP8 folder) and at the ISLE Website
  24. 24. Dissemination Events Name Date PartnerISLE Professionalization Fair 8-9/11/2011 School of Agronomy of the Technical University of Lisbon ISLE Summer School 4-9/7/2011 University of MaltaGCHERA 2011 Conference 27-29/6/2011 Agro-Sup Dijon Sustainable Development 3/4/2012 French Embassy in Bosnia- Week Herzegovina NTUA Workshop 7/12/2011 Agro-Know Green Ideas 2011: Green 5-7/10/2011 Agro-Know Education for Green Innovation MEdIES Workshop 13/12/11 Agro-Know
  25. 25. For more information: WP8 (Dissemination) Leader Agro-Know Technologies, Greece [a.katrakilis@gmail.com]I.S.L.E. Learning Curriculum