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WebVisions: ISITE Design and CCLI on Platformication


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George Ross, CIO at CCLI, and Kam Figy, Solution Architect at ISITE Design spoke at WebVisions 2012 in Portland, Oregon on the topic of “Platformification” and the SongSelect development experience.

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WebVisions: ISITE Design and CCLI on Platformication

  1. 1. platformicationor how to institutionalize your project manager in 10 easy steps
  2. 2. who the heck are you guys? George Ross CTO - CCLI Kam FigySenior Technical Architect - ISITE Design
  3. 3. why are we here? API Mobile Webone code base to rule them all
  4. 4. a little background
  5. 5. is it right for me?
  6. 6. the challenges
  7. 7. key factors for success• Goals not schedules• Ninjas, not Zerg Rush• Assume that everything you thought you knew is wrong• Quantitative trumps qualitative
  8. 8. 1: break up with your old site
  9. 9. 2: the hardest project pitch you will ever make
  10. 10. 3: the wallow
  11. 11. 4: deconstruction
  12. 12. 5: simplicity lies on the other side of complexity• The simplest experience for an end user may result in high technical complexity• Develop UX with the whole team to set realistic shared expectations• Create as little UX as possible because it adds user confusion and multiplies technical complexity
  13. 13. 6: don’t fear the refactor• Design major system components up front• Give things a proper place to live• If you get something wrong redo it right. Do not cut corners.
  14. 14. 7: API
  15. 15. 8: mobile site
  16. 16. 9: regroup and revaluate
  17. 17. 10: the web project you dream about• The backend is already built and tested• Implementation efforts are freed to focus on making it great, not making it work• Open beta allowed for user feedback from the most active users before launch
  18. 18. the result• 9 API Partners• Growing mobile use• Refactor of mobile site underway to make way for HTML5 music player• Drafting version 2 of the API
  19. 19. Questions?• George Ross –• Kam Figy – @kamsarNote: Kevin we are not taking questions fromyou.