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Google Offers: A Day 1 Experience


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Imagine our surprise when the debut of Google’s much anticipated Google Offers rollout was at Floyd’s Coffee – mere steps from our office in Portland, Oregon.

Coffee is serious business in Portland, and nobody is more serious about (drinking) coffee at our agency than Andrew McLaughlin.

Andrew ran the first Google Offer through its paces, and captured the ups and downs in the below presentation. What do you think of Google Offers? Leave your comment below.

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Google Offers: A Day 1 Experience

  1. 1. Google Offers – Day 1 PresentsA Grand Day Out at Floyd’s Coffee June 1 , 2011 By Andrew McLaughlin
  2. 2. Opening day and it’s time to try outGoogle Offers.Thankfully Floyd’s Coffee Shop is rightaround the corner. Click Buy now - $3
  3. 3. Google Checkout Process… easy enough.Hmmm. I wonder when Igave my credit card numberto Google. Seems they keptit on file. Convenient butcreepy.
  4. 4. “Corporate Accounts. Nina speaking. Just a moment…”
  5. 5. Maybe this is a soft launch. It does still say Beta.Okay, this is not a time to panic. I’ll check back soon.How long is that again?
  6. 6. Okay, is 44 seconds long enough?Still processing payment. Seems clickable, but it’s not.
  7. 7. 2 minutes later. There must be a problem.I’m sure it’s my fault.Let’s checkout the confirmation email. …see if maybe I missed something. Ah! Print offer to redeem. Click.
  8. 8. Figures.
  9. 9. Off to the Help Center.I have no coffee, so I suppose I’m having a bad experience. …But I have a positive attitude.
  10. 10. Really!?!You require my business name?
  11. 11. Positive attitude gone.
  12. 12. Maybe I missedsomething important.Let’s go read some fineprint while I wait.Seems okay… except itlooks like I’ll have to buya few muffins at the sametime.
  13. 13. Well look at that.Within 1 business day can still mean today. Who knew? 
  14. 14. Ooh! What happened!?! Excited now! Click!
  15. 15. w00t!No time to print. Gotta go. Grab phone and jet across the street.
  16. 16. Walk. Tap. Walk. Tap. Walk. Tap.
  17. 17. Proof of purchase in hand!Nothings stopping me now.
  18. 18. Enter.
  19. 19. Queue.
  20. 20. No coffee.
  21. 21. Wait. What?
  22. 22. The friendly coffee shop guy tellsme these aren’t redeemable untiltomorrow.“Really?” I say, “but I justpurchased the offer. Here’s myreceipt. Didn’t this program starttoday?”He’s kind enough to explain thattoday’s offer gives people theopportunity to purchase the offeranytime until the end of the daytoday. Then, after the offer periodis over, I have one year – startingtomorrow – to redeem it.I’m skeptical, but accept the news.Back to the web to double-check.
  23. 23. Oh my! He was right. I totally missed it.In my excitement with the 70% OFFoffer and my five minutes of confusionwith why my payment wasn’t beingprocessed, I missed the fact I couldn’tredeem this until tomorrow.Still, how come I still feel like this hasbeen a bad experience?
  24. 24. Okay Google, I’m not saying it’s not your fault.I’m just saying I blame you.
  25. 25. First, your track record for ease of use andimmediate gratification have set myexpectations high. So when I was confrontedwith issues, I was taken aback.
  26. 26. Second, the red things on the screen and thesecond-by-second countdown keep myattention fixated on immediate need tocomplete the transaction. Damn the details.
  27. 27. I’m not saying your deceived me, just that I was distracted. Here’s a simple suggestion…
  28. 28. Starting tomorrow Add additional colored text about when the redemption period starts. Green seems good. (see what I did above)
  29. 29. Starting tomorrowStarting tomorrow Also, be sure to reinforce that message at each touch point during the transaction.
  30. 30. I’m sure you can implement these today, right?I mean, you are Google.Kthxbye!Looking forward to my cup of joe tomorrow,Andrew McLaughlinAre you ready for day 2? Update: Check out what happened on day two 
  31. 31. All for 3 bucks!And they punched my card!Thanks, Google. And Thanks, Floyd’sA Grand Day 2