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20131009 Learnovate Centre Martyn Farrows


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The Learnovate Centre is an industry-led centre of excellence for innovation and research in learning technologies. Our mission is to enhance the competitive advantage of the learning technology industry by partnering business with leading researchers from world class higher education institutions. Our focus is to pioneer breakthrough technology and transfer it into measurable learning innovation

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20131009 Learnovate Centre Martyn Farrows

  1. 1. Leading Learning Innovation ISIN - Innovation Insights 9th October 2013 Partnering industry with research to pioneer learning innovation
  2. 2. Interact CBT 1980 1990 Engage Multimedia 2000 Connect E-Learning 2010 Collaborate “EdTech” Evolution of Learning Innovation
  3. 3. Gartner Hype Cycle
  4. 4. Access & Mobile ‘Social’ Web Economics Why ‘EdTech’?
  5. 5. To support the growth of Ireland’s learning technology industry, by partnering business with world-class academic research. Learnovate Centre Mission
  6. 6. EdTech Industry Learnovate Members September 2013
  7. 7. Research Partners Trinity College Dublin NUI Galway Semantic Search and Web Engineering > €30M investment Mobile Communications Software Research > €25M Investment Waterford Institute of Technology Adaptive, Personalised eLearning > €20M Investment University College Dublin Recommendation Systems, Search and AI > €20M Investment
  8. 8. Targeted programmes as a catalyst for impact Core Research Investment “Generator” Access to IP “Advance” Consultancy Framework “Pathfinder” Innovation Supports “Stakeholder” Research Partnerships Learnovate Sustainable Ecosystem
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Innovation Strengths • True Research Excellence • Industry Direction, Market Proximity • Expertise in Learning Technologies • Proven Tech Transfer Success • Access to Partnerships, Networks
  12. 12. Industry Member Benefits • Influence €multi-million euro research programme • First sight of research outputs • Preferential licence options (Generator) • Technology evaluation and trial opportunities • Outreach activities, workshops, networking events • Access to professional consultancy (Advance) • Innovation growth opportunities (Pathfinder) • Access to research funding (Stakeholder)
  13. 13. ~€6m Investment Over 6 years 25+ Industry Partners 15 FTE’s 4 Academic Partners €1.7m To date 12 Projects Completed 4 Research Themes 6-8 Projects per year 6-12 Months’ duration