20131009 Cloud Computing and Commerce Centre Tony McEnroe


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The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) will be an internationally recognised, industry-led, centre of excellence for innovation and applied research, focused on accelerating the development and adoption of cloud computing in Ireland.

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20131009 Cloud Computing and Commerce Centre Tony McEnroe

  1. 1. Presentation to: Irish Software Innovation Network October 9th, 2013
  2. 2. IC4’s Goals Increase Innovation in Cloud Computing in Ireland Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing in Ireland
  3. 3. Sample Industry Members
  4. 4. Selecting Projects Steering Board Centre Director Project Proposal Approved Project Research Team
  5. 5. PIs Research Team UCC Industry Members 6 Representatives3 Representatives AIT DCU Academic Institutions Chairman IC4 Steering Board IP Committee Centre Director Representatives Representatives 6 Representatives3 Representatives Organisational Structure
  6. 6. trust and dependability design for growth design for widest acceptance design for best service provision
  7. 7. • Interoperability SOA • Data and Service Integration • Managing and Maintaining Interoperable Solutions Design for Widest Acceptance
  8. 8. • Cloud Migration • Cloud Architecture Modelling SOA • Catalogue of Migration Patterns • Developing a Strategy for Migrating Legacy Software to the Cloud Migration Design for Widest Acceptance
  9. 9. • Quality of Service Metrics • Quality of Experience • Organisational Capability Design for Best Service Provision
  10. 10. EU Legal jurisdiction Platform HIPPA Compliant 3rd Party Accountability Building Trust in Cloud Computing
  11. 11. A Nutritional Label for the Cloud
  12. 12. Design for Growth • ASP.NET • Cloud Architecture Modelling SOA • Scalable Websites
  13. 13. Design for Growth • Regulations • Compliance • Lack of Trust
  14. 14. new research projects (June – Sep., 2013) • CloudPass – Metrics, tools and systems for assurance and accountability in the cloud – A digital “nutritional label” for the cloud service. • Elastic SSI – Potential applications of Single System Image in the cloud • CloudMaps – Tools for collecting and sharing cloud migration stories and eliciting best practice • SaaSPay – A low-cost SaaS monetisation stack • SaaS Migration – Techniques for adapting on-premises applications for PaaS • Review of Cloud Contractual Issues – Review of TOS, SLA, AUP and other contractual elements from an EU perspective – Exploration of business consequences including liabilities, IP and vendor-lock-in
  15. 15. Outreach Events Workshops Drop-In Clinics Seminars Forums NC4 Conferences
  16. 16. October 3rd – Workshop on GPU Technology (UCC) - For the technical development teams of member companies. October 15th – “Get Social” Conference (DCU) - For anyone interested in using social media for business. October 17th – “Social Media Marketing Workshop” (DCU) - Eric Weaver (Vice President, IPG Mediabrands) October 29th – Trust Workshop (DCU) -for the management teams of SME and MNC companies. October 31st – Edelman Breakfast Seminar (Dublin) -“Influence Marketing” for Senior Management November 12th – “Get Mobile” Conference (DCU) - For those who want to make greater use of mobile devices in business. November 14th – OpenStack Workshop (DCU) -For companies developing with, or planning developments with, OpenStack. Upcoming Events