20130522 EI Innovation Vouchers Programme - Overview, Mike Dolan


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Mike Dolan, Enterprise Ireland, Innovation Vouchers Programme,

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20130522 EI Innovation Vouchers Programme - Overview, Mike Dolan

  1. 1. Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers Programme Irish Software Innovation Network 22nd May 2013
  2. 2. Innovation Vouchers Initiative • Aim to Build Links between Small Business and Knowledge Providers • Voucher (€5,000) can be exchanged for Advice and Expertise from the Knowledge Providers • Projects: – Require Innovative Solution – Provide Additional Value for the Business – Have On-going Benefits
  3. 3. What Are They ? • Voucher Worth €5,000 Which May Be Exchanged for Advice and Expertise from the Registered Knowledge Providers
  4. 4. What can the voucher be used for ? Any kind of innovation such as: • New Product Design / Development • New or Improved Production Process • New business model development; • New service delivery and customer interface; • New service development; • Tailored training in innovation management; • Innovation / technology audit
  5. 5. What is NOT Eligible ? The Innovation Voucher may not be used for: • achieving compliance with statutory regulations or legislation • standard training courses • software purchases and software development • aid that would promote/subsidise the cost of exports • internships for students of knowledge institutions • design and production of advertising material • sales activities • business plans and economic appraisals • standard website development and online optimisation • standard mobile app development • activities such as market research and market surveys that may be readily provided by the private sector • activities supported by the mainstream funding mechanisms available from other Development Agencies such as the County Enterprise Board’s • activities unlikely to result in commercial enterprise or business capable of generating jobs and/or exports If potential solutions to the knowledge question already exist in the marketplace then Enterprise Ireland is likely to reject the application on the basis that the proposed activity may be undertaken by the private sector.
  6. 6. Company Eligibility • All Small Enterprise – Less than 50 Employees, with an Annual Turnover and / or Balance Sheet Not Exceeding €10m • Restricted to Registered Limited Companies Vouchers Available to Companies: – Two 100% Funded 5k Vouchers per Company – One 50-50 Voucher Co-Funded Voucher per Company •(if the company is part of a group, the group must be a small enterprise)
  7. 7. Knowledge Providers Institutes of Technology Letterkenny IT IT Sligo Athlone IT Galway-Mayo IT Limerick IT IT Tralee Dundalk IT IT Blanchardstown IT Tallaght IADT Carlow IT Cork IT Waterford IT Universities Dublin City University UCG St Angela’s Food Centre University of Limerick Trinity College Dublin UCD Maynooth UCC Tyndall Institute State Agencies & Others Teagasc Seafood Research Centre (BIM) NCI Northern Ireland University of Ulster Queen’s University 6 Regional Colleges 2 State Agencies
  8. 8. Knowledge Providers
  9. 9. • 2,300 vouchers redeemed by companies to 2012 (since 2007) • Worth approx €11 million • 767 approved in 2012 (€3.8m) • 525 redeemed in 2012 (€2.5m) Statistics
  10. 10. Completing the Standard Application: Knowledge Question • Company Profile • The Innovative Idea – Product / Process / Service • The Issue/Problem – Why Do You Need a Knowledge Provider • The Deliverables • How the Innovative Idea Helps the Company Typically, Half to One Page of Text Fast Track Application: Deliverables Confirmed By Knowledge Provider
  11. 11. 2013 Programme • Standard Applications • 2 Calls completed : January, April • We expect to have a third call in September but awaiting final confirmation – Applicant Restrictions:- • Used <2 Fully funded 5K Vouchers To Date • No Active Vouchers • EI Clients: <€300k in Support • Schedule for the rest of 2013 will be posted on our website www.innovationvouchers.ie as soon as we get confirmation • ALL Vouchers are Valid for 12 Months
  12. 12. 2013 Programme • APPLY ANYTIME FOR: – Co-Funded Fast Track Voucher • Available since February 2010 • Approx 35 approved per year
  13. 13. Further Information Web Site: www.innovationvouchers.ie Mike Dolan 01 727 2401 Mary Cahill 01 727 2564 Emails:- FirstName.Surname@enterprise-ireland.com