20120522 Clouds and the JCB, Mark Kellett


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Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Networks, Magnet Business, “Clouds & The JCB!”

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20120522 Clouds and the JCB, Mark Kellett

  1. 1. Agenda Mark Kellett C.E.O. Magnet Networks “Clouds & The JCB!”
  2. 2. Magnet ►Deploying NGN Infrastructure & Services for 6Yrs+….Aertv.ie ►Extensive National and International reach ►Servicing Businesses and Consumers in Ireland and the UK ►Deploying Services In The Cloud and Enabling The Cloud for our customers. ►$¼B investment into Telecom’s market in Ireland
  3. 3. Magnet Lives the Cloud Magnet Use Most importantly…….enable the Cloud …connecting organisations to the Cloud! Magnet Total
  4. 4. Agenda “The Network Is THE Computer” Bill Joy 1984 The Cloud Is New Right?
  5. 5. Google Search…… “Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet. These services are broadly divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform- as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)………. The consumer (Business or Residential) needs nothing but a computer and Internet access.”
  6. 6. The Cloud Is An Island….. “…….Without A Solid, Secure Bridge!” - Q: How Resilient Is Your Current Connection - Q: Is the access path secure - Q: What Capacity Will You Need….but what about Capacity/Bandwidth to the Customer - What Level of Latency Is Required…(Measure of Time Delay) - Is PING Time Important…..(think sonar ping or Round trip time from Host Computer to Destination)
  7. 7. Before You Answer….. Some Facts & Trends: - Yottabyte: Fact or Fiction ? - The TB Consumer….4.8% Traffic > 1TB+…early adopters - AerTV….view time of 27mins....24% is Mobile! - The Fat Pipe: - Increasing % of Consumers seeking faster speeds - Upload key - Latency: Low is Key for Business Grade VOIP Experience. - PING Time: Pico second…HFT & Gaming
  8. 8. Agenda Beware the Guy with the JCB…He Does Not Like Clouds!
  9. 9. Agenda Clouds Sometimes Bring snow!
  10. 10. Ask Yourself Now… o How Long can I Survive Without Being Able To: o Send Out Sales quotes o Not being able to take orders o Use Email o Issue Invoices o Take Payment o Answer = P45 Manager IT
  11. 11. Key considerations o Who is providing your cloud application? o Is it their platform / application? oOr Hosted (Built on EC2) o Who connects you to your mission critical service oWholesale service? oInternational Reach oNetwork Quality (Resilience & security) o SLA’s – Networks DO Break so what’s the Service Level…is it on paper or proven? o Don’t take their word, audit the service
  12. 12. Agenda The Opportunity For Ireland Inc.
  13. 13. Greenwich & Wembley Developed!
  14. 14. In Summary ►The Cloud Can and Does deliver substantial benefits to your organisation…. BUT ► Don’t let connectivity be the “Weakest link”…make sure your Network is IP (Idiot Proof) enabled!