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Published in: Education, Technology
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  2. 2. BLOGGERDesigning and Developing Educational Courseware in Blogger Blogs Simple & Free All you need is a gmail account You can embed useful web tools into your class blogs
  4. 4. 1- WORDLEWordle is a word cloud generator
  5. 5. How 2.0 Use Wordle with YourStudents Turn a text or poem into a word poster. Show the word cloud for the reading text and let your students guess what the text is about. Do brainstorming with your students, then copy the results to the wordle. Compare and contrast the word clouds of your students essays. Ask your students embed their word clouds into your class blog.
  6. 6. 2- ISSUU Collect and share your documents online. Create e-books via issuu. Create an account, write all of your information, then you can upload a file and get the embed code for your e-book. Finally, you can paste the embed code into your wiki. After you have created an account and upload your document, you can now go to your library. Select the file you want, click embed to get the HTML code.
  7. 7. How 2.0 Use Issuu with YourStudents Have your students write stories and upload their stories to issuu. Ask your students embed their stories into your class blog. Write a story on your class blog, ask a couple of questions about the story, let your students guess the answers first. Then, write the answers on a document and upload it to issuu, finally embed it into your class blog.
  8. 8. 3- VOCAROOSimple Voice Recording Tool No membership required All you need is a microphone After you have finished recording, there are two options; you can either -“send to a friend” or -“post on the internet” You can get the html code and embed it into your class blog.
  9. 9. How 2.0 Use Vocaroo withYour Students Have your students record their oral presentations, and choose “post on the internet”, and send you the link via e-mail. Let your students record their voices along with their PowerPoint presentations. Ask them to introduce themselves and paste the html code into their class blog. Ask your students to embed their recordings into Google Earth placemarks.
  10. 10. 4- LINOITLinoit is an online bulletin board. You can upload images, videos and attach files. You can build a lino and send the URL to your students. Your students don’t have to register to post onto the Linoit. You can embed your lino into your class blog You can add icon on your lino, and set due dates. There is no word limit.
  11. 11. How 2.0 Use Linoit with YourStudents As a pre-writing activity, ask your students go to your wall and do brainstorming activities. Have your students practise tenses by using the tense they have learnt. Ask your students write their opinions on a topic. Post a video onto the wall, ask a few questions and have your students write their responses. Ask your students post the words they have learnt that week onto the wall.
  12. 12. THANK YOU!