Top Five Reasons Service Providers Lose Bids


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On July 18th, ISG conducted a webinar hosted by the Outsourcing Institute on the topic of “Five Reasons Service Providers Lose Bids.” The discussion, led by Partner Tom Young (@tomyoungjr) and Chief Research Officer Paul Reynolds (@paullreynolds), explored in detail the issues outlined here.

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Top Five Reasons Service Providers Lose Bids

  1. 1. The Top Five Reasons Providers Lose Deals July 18, 2012 Sponsored by: ISG Produced and Presented by: The Outsourcing Institute
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Frank Casale Moderator Founder, CEO The Outsourcing InstituteTom Young Paul Reynolds Partner Director of Research ISG ISG
  3. 3. The Outsourcing Institute• Located at – Over 70,000 Executive Members Globally• Trends, Best Practices, Case Studies• Training Through OI University• Specialize in Low Cost Alternatives for Outsourcing Buyers Needing Assistance with RFP Development and/or Vendor Selection: – Outsourcing RFP Builder Software – Matchmaker Service• Qualified Demand Generation Programs• Outsourcing Jobs Opportunities and Recruiting Services Through CMS Inc.• Local, Intimate and Interactive Outsourcing Road Show• Sponsorship and New Business Development Opportunities & ProgramsFor more information contact us or 516-279-6850 ext. 712
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda• Outsourcing Market Characteristics• “Top Five” Reasons Service Providers Lose Deals• A Strategy for Success• Questions and Discussion
  5. 5. The Outsourcing Marketplace• Winning deals isn’t easy• No margin of error• Difference between winning and losing is razor thin• Five key reasons deals are lost….
  6. 6. #1: Lack of Insight• Providers don’t know in advance what opportunities are coming on line• Prevents adequate planning, strategizing and preparation• Providers don’t know the real reason a client goes to market and sell to the stated reason; proposed solution misses the mark
  7. 7. #2: Bringing the Wrong Sales Team• SMEs and delivery leads often arent’ involved in early discussions• Hampers credibility and glosses over client issues• Sales team has to be empowered to make decisions• Constantly seeking approvals is a deal- killer
  8. 8. #3: Spreading Efforts Too Thin• Many providers chase too many deals – and chase none of them effectively• Prioritizing viable accounts is a struggle• Need to define the sweet spot – identify viable prospects and match them to capabilities
  9. 9. #4: Poorly Prepared Responses• Sloppy, generic or irrelevant materials and collateral• Canned responses rather than insights into client issues• Often related to other factors – lack of insight into deal activity and chasing too many deals
  10. 10. #5: Inefficient Pursuit Processes• A talented team with the ability to assemble a winning proposal together isn’t enough – if it takes too long• Responses need to be timely and the process needs to leverage critical expertise
  11. 11. Elements of Success: How to Get There?• Insight into client issues and deal activity• Appropriate sales teams• Focused efforts on the right targets• Tailored responses that address client requirements• Efficient pursuits that leverage expertise
  12. 12. About ISG ISG is a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company, offering clients one source for support in driving operational effectiveness. The world’s leading sourcing data and advisory firm. the power A premier of One independent technology The premier independent advisory serving TM provider of business and the IT benchmarking,U.S. public sector performance improvement, data and analytics services.
  13. 13. About Momentum• What makes our research different? – ISG advisors are NOT analysts – Our data is known for its integrity and high quality – Providers think about the market in terms of accounts, so our research does too• Momentum research combines ISG’s market-leading data and intelligence with the observations, insights, and experience of a world-class advisor community• Our research and advisory expertise provides a unique perspective on the sourcing marketplace that addresses service provider requirements• ISG advises on more than 100 large outsourcing transactions each year – more than any other firm in the world• ISG witnesses several hundred service provider pursuits each year and we understand what works and what doesn’t when working with clients
  14. 14. Momentum Offerings Momentum offers easy to use research tools and services thatenable service providers to better target, win, and retain business
  15. 15. QuestionsTom YoungPartnerISGUrl: http://www.isg-one.comTwitter: @tomyoungjrPaul ReynoldsChief Research OfficerISGUrl: http://www.isg-one.comTwitter: @paulreynoldsLaura MersingerBusiness Development ExecutiveISGTel: 630-955-6809E-mail: laura.mersinger@isg-one.comFrank CasaleFounder, CEOThe Outsourcing InstituteTel: 516-279-6850 x706E-mail: fcasale@outsourcing.comUrl: www.outsourcing.comLinkedIn:
  16. 16. Thank you for joining The Top Five Reasons Providers Lose Deals Tom Young Paul Reynolds Frank Casale Partner Director of Research Moderator ISG ISG Founder, CEOThe Outsourcing Institute This webinar was sponsored by ISG in conjunction with The Outsourcing Institute.
  17. 17. Replay the WebinarAccess the Replay: