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  1. 1. Travel to China with ISE!
  2. 2. Who is ISE?• Intercultural Student Experiences, a nonprofit educational organization since 1972• Strong emphasis on language and cultural immersion• Mission: To inspire and educate students of the world through experiential learning across cultures.
  3. 3. Why ISE?• 40 years of experience and knowledgeable staff• 24-hour on-call emergency phone while group is abroad• Health and trip cancellation insurance coverage• ISE Student Code of Conduct• Financial aid• Classroom preparatory study materials
  4. 4. Our Destination: China
  5. 5. Our Trip Preparation• As a group we’ll get familiar with China and the places we’ll visit: • Classroom discussions • Learn about culture, customs, traditions with assistance from ISE Beyond the Classroom Wiki • Internet research for trip• Seek out additional opportunities to practice Mandarin
  6. 6. What will we be doing in China?• Great Wall and Ming Tombs• Terracotta Warriors• Tian’anmen Square• The Forbidden City
  7. 7. Why stay with a Chinese family?• To fulfill ISE’s commitment to offer studentscultural immersion opportunities abroad• Opportunity for students to observe and partakein daily life in China•To practice using Mandarin in a real life setting
  8. 8. How are families chosen?• ISE Family Stay Coordinators: teachers, community leaders, or individuals connected to churches & other community organizations• Host families chosen by ISE Family Stay Coordinators• Families complete application & provide references
  9. 9. More Family Stay Information• Home visits occur before host family is accepted• Expected to provide room, board, and genuine cultural experience for student• ISE traveler might share a room with a host sibling of the same gender, but is required to have his/her own bed
  10. 10. Trip Information• Program travel dates• Approximate price • *Fuel surcharges now included in price • Add-on’s • Trip inclusions and exclusions
  11. 11. Health and Accident Insurance•Included in program price•$50,000 maximumcoverage•Coverage details availableon ISE website
  12. 12. Trip Cancellation Insurance • Included in price • Valid for cancellation due to medical issues affecting participants or immediate family • $1,000 max coverage
  14. 14. Payment Schedule – Spring Programs Spring Programs Early Bird registration deadline: June 15 Final registration deadline: October 1 June 15 (Early Bird) $500 October 1 (final) Due with program application November 1 $800 December 1 $800 January 15 Balance
  15. 15. Payment Schedule – Summer Programs Early Bird registration deadline: June 15 Summer Programs Final registration deadline: October 15 June 15 (Early Bird) $500 October 15 (final) Due with program application November 15 $1000 January 15 $1000 March 15 Balance
  16. 16. Making a Financial Plan• Consider financial aid & fundraising• ISE Early Bird Discount: save $200• Participate in ISE’s US Hosting Program and receive a discount on your own ISE trip
  17. 17. Financial Aid • ISE provides need- based financial aid • Financial Aid Grant Calculator and Application on website
  18. 18. How do we sign up?• Student Application• Code of Conduct signed by participant & parent/guardian• Family Stay Application• $500 deposit check• Save $200 with Early Bird sign-up by June 15th• Send “Dear Host Family” letters and photos by fall enrollment deadline• Don’t forget to apply for your passport!
  19. 19. Summary of Key Information• ISE’s China program provides language and cultural immersion in a real life setting• ISE’s valuable family stay experience cannot be obtained through a tour only program• ISE’s Early Bird sign up allows you to save $200 and plenty of time to fundraise, submit your application and deposit by June 15 to ensure your Early Bird discount! See you soon in China!