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ISC Marketing SEO Brief


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Brief for getting SEO project's initial information

Published in: Business
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ISC Marketing SEO Brief

  1. 1. 20/13 Tan Quy St., Tan Phu District , HCMC Tel: +84.8.22002243 ▪ Fax: +84.8.3847 3864 Email: ▪ CLIENT BRIEF FOR Customer Information Company Address Telephone Contact person EmailWHO ARE YOU?WebsiteIndustryLanguageTarget CountryPositioningDemographicWHAT DID YOU HAVE?On-Top keywordsOn-top keywords is the current on-top keywords of your website.WHAT NEED TO DO?Target market (Regional, World Wide)Define a target market in yourlocation or on the world wideSEO for (Awareness, Sales)Determine the goal of SEO forincreasing sales or brand awarenessProduct/Service PositioningPosition the object class ofcustomers: Luxury, Middle or LowTarget languageIdentify the main language used inSEO, for example: English, Chinese,French …NOTE