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ISC Marketing - Promotion Brief


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General Promotion Brief for a campaign, product or a brand promotion. Promotion is a vital part of 4P which includes Sales Promotion, Advertising... so this is very important for marketing planning

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ISC Marketing - Promotion Brief

  1. 1. PROMOTION BRIEFClients co. name: ISC MARKETING AGENCYAdd: Add:Tel: Tel:Fax: Fax:Contact person: Contact person:Mobile: Mobile:Email: Email: 1. What kind of promotion: • Trade promotion • End consumer promotion: 2. Objectives: 3. Products: 4. Positioning: 5. Key selling points: 6. Target audience: 7. Market and market share: 8. Key distribution channels: 9. Competitors: 10. Time/ duration to promote: hỗ 11. Budget: 12. Any other advertising tools to support: 13. Any market and/or customers surveys: 14. Other requirements: