LIfe Sciences Finalist: Mediaomics


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LIfe Sciences Finalist: Mediaomics

  1. 1. ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition Lisboa, 22 de Setembro de 2011
  2. 2. Biopharmaceuticals Market Treating complex diseases 80 Bln $ market Cell culture Cell culture Media Process2 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  3. 3. Market Problem Biomedicines are extremely difficult to manufacture × High production costs = 68 M US$/100 kg biomedicine × Systemic production capacity shortage Capacity installed Demand Demand for 5 new blockbusters 4,0 87% 91% 100% Capacity occupancy (%) 80% Volume (million L) 80% 3,0 62% 52% 60% 2,0 61% 61% 62% 51% 50% 55% 40% 46% 1,0 20% 0,0 0% Sources: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Heinzle, E., A.P. Biwer, and C.L. Cooney. Development of Sustainable Bioprocesses: Modeling and Assessment (2007). Wiley. Challenges and Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing. BioProcess Technology Consultants, Inc. http://www.bptc.com3 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  4. 4. Current methodology for culture media design However... Life could never have evolved by chance! Francis Cricket, Nobel Prize winner ...Why should culture media?4 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  5. 5. Our Uniqueness Cell Functional Tailored Culture Media: Enviromics Technology Right ingredients Right amounts Higher performance Less time Portuguese PATENT; International patent application scheduled.5 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  6. 6. Our Solution Pilot scale 50 L 2 productivity 50% fixed capital costs 100% production capacity ■ InvitrogenTM ■ MediaOmics®6 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  7. 7. Our Partners Culture media CMO Processdevelopment CMO Clone developer7 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  8. 8. Investment and Return MediaOmics® needs a €2 million investment. The expected payback is in 5 years. Net present value of €1.6 million. Free Cash Flow Cumulative Cash Flow Sales 6,0 5,0 5,0 4,1 Cash Flow (million EUR) 4,0 3,7 3,0 1,9 2,0 1,0 1,0 0,0 0,0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 -1,0 -2,08 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics
  9. 9. MediaOmics® PromotersRui Oliveira Nuno Carinhas Rui Oliveira holds a chemical engineering degree and a Nuno holds a Biology degree and is sch Biochemical engineering Ph.D. since 1998. He is the head of the SystemsBiotechnology this year. His work focuses o Biology and Ph.D. Biochem. at FCT-UNL since 2001. He has been thePh.D.scientist of biotechnology, the core of M Engineering Lab Eng. approaches to lead Biotechnol. Assistantresearch projects with Biopharma companies in the US andjournals. He entrepreneurial and biote several Professor at heEurope. He has taken Post-Doc researcher at is author of more than 50 research papers in high impact scientific universities, including UNL and MIT. Alon Universidadeof two de Lisboa. patents and 3 national Universidade Nova departicularly in the Bio is inventor Nova international patents. He hasfinance, Lisboa. enthusiast of Inventor of the technology. of CFE-Media technology and of Pichia-FEMTM. coordinated the development ® Filipe Ataíde Filipe holds a M.Sc. degree in ChemicalAntónio Dinis FCT-UNL since 2007. He is currently dev António holds a Biotechnology degree and a MBA. Since 2007 He works as an nanobiotechnology. He has experience in Account Manager at Hovione promoting products and nanoparticles with functional coatings to services to Biotechnol. Degree M.Sc. Chem. Biochem. Eng. pharmaceutical companies. Previously he worked for seven years at DSM,gases to liquids. This technol transfer from PhD international Universidade Student at MBA he held several managerial positions and was involvedmedia ingredients and could be a valua where Business Catalyst António is also an experienced business Nova de Lisboa. operations management o strategic projects. catalyst and has enthusiast of helped a number of scientists to bring their technologies closer to market. entrepreneurial activities. Ana FerreiraJoão Dias Ana Raquel holds a Chemical Engineering João Dias holds a Chemical Engineering degree and a Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Ph.D. from FCT-UNL. He is currently a She started her PhD thesis in March 2008 Post-doctoral She has more than 5 years’ experience in researcher at the same institution. He has over 7 years’ experience in Ph.D. Chem. Biochem. Eng. bioinformatics. He has participated Eng.experience in Pichia pastoris computational systems biology and Chem. has Degree She in 2008- Post-Docaresearcher at with Merck&Co - FASTPICHIA - for the optimization different scales, including sh 2009 in research project PhD Student at Universidade production at pilot scale reactors. She has been dee of Pichia pastoris cultivations. João has also been deeply involved in the Universidade of CFE-Media® technology and of Pichia-FEMTM and he is Lisboa.and she is one of the invento development Nova de Lisboa. Nova de Pichia-FEMof one TM Inventor of the technology.® technology. the inventors of MediaOmics Inventor of the Technology9 | ISCTE-MIT Venture Competition | 22 September 2011 | MediaOmics