ISCTE-IUL MIT-Portugal Venture Competition: Track Finals


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ISCTE-IUL MIT-Portugal Venture Competition: Track Finals

  1. 1. ISCTE-IUL MIT-Portugal Venture Competition Track Finals, 2nd Edition Networking Session, in Partnership with 1
  2. 2. Index Page1 Technology and knowledge transfer office of the Technical University of Lisbon 3 Virtualmente TechSuber2 CRIA - University of Algarve 4 Caviar Portugal3 The Polytechnic Institute of Guarda Research Unit for the Development of 5 Portugal’s Inland KNX Automatica4 TecMinho 6 SilicoLife5 Faculty of Science and Technology – Nova University of Lisbon 7 Ion Jelly Vertebral Metrics6 Technology Transfer Office of Aveiro University 8 2CTech7 Pedro Nunes Institute 9 Gathergy DOGNÆDIS8 In Serralves 109 Évora University 11 Nemaquest Food Quality10 Polytechnic Institute of Leiria 12 BioCarter Printer InsulJet11 Caixa Empreender+ 13 Biosurfit Retmarker 2
  3. 3. 1. Oficina de Transferência de Tecnologia e de Conhecimento da UTL, UniversidadeTécnica de Lisboa: is the technology and knowledge transfer office - OTIC|UTL was created in2006 by the Technical University of Lisbon (UTL), one of Portugal’s largest universities.OTIC|UTL is a flourishing office primarily concerned with establishing a strong relationship withresearchers in order to promote effective results in technology transfer and commercialization. Itorganizes courses and workshops, has patented technologies developed by the Universityschool’s researchers, and has made some successful technology transfers. Parallel to theseactivities, OTIC|UTL also promotes contests in entrepreneurship to stimulate entrepreneurialactivities among UTL researchers and students. Virtualmente and TechSuber are 2 examples. Virtualmente is a Portuguese IT startup that strives to empower the world with creative and innovative solutions based on state-of-the-art technology. With our passion forhelping build modern brands, we created Lisboa Virtualmente, a virtual city that resemblesLisbon, with photo-realistic and immersive graphics. Our main goal with this prototype is toprovide a revolutionary way for people to visit places, like cities, museums or parks, whileengaging with digital content. These virtual spaces are meant to be easily accessed online, ondesktop or mobile devices, but they are also intended to be sold in a physical format, as virtualtourism guides. In this quest, we also desire to help companies create their own custom 3Dspaces, enabling their customers to engage with branded digital experiences, on an environmentthat is growing to become main stream as the web itself. Promoters: Fernando Pereira, Joana Carvalho,Telmo Silva. Solid wood floors, the top in floor covering, have some problems: they propagate sound (noisy floors), the mechanical impact of walking is clearly perceived by bones and joints (hard floors), and they lose heat (cold floors). TechSuber solves these problems with an innovative 3-layer assembly - Design, Technological and Contact - of wood and engineered cork materials that offer a high performance and differentiated aesthetics. The Technological Layer, a result of an innovative process of engineered cork exclusive to TechSuber, provides the unique and enhanced technicalperformance, by reducing sound propagation and heat transfer and absorbing mechanicalimpacts and vibrations. The result is a floor with improved Comfort and Well-being. Promoters:Helena Pereira, Sofia Leal, Sofia Knapic. 3
  4. 4. 2. CRIA – Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer is a unit established at theUniversity of Algarve (UAlg), promoting the relations between the university and the industry,increasing the technology and knowledge transfer, supporting the establishment of new firms,generalizing the use of industrial property rights mechanisms and developing technologicalinfrastructures to enhance specific research fields in the Algarve.With a team of staff from academic and business environments, CRIA is organized by fivefunctional areas under the supervision of the Executive Coordinator and the Rectory. Thefunctional areas are opened and transversal and the members involved in an area alsoparticipate in the activities of other areas: entrepreneurship, knowledge and technology transfer,technological infrastructures, industrial property, studies and projects. CAVIAR PROJECT is an innovative project that aims to farm in closed recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) 4 species of sturgeon with the purpose of producing meat, caviar and value-added products for national and international markets.This innovative project intends to accomplish an estimated production of 1-1.5 ton/year caviarand 40 ton of sturgeon meat. Potential Markets: local, and national: Luxury hotels andrestaurants, gourmet shops, catering companies, food distribution/retail companies, direct sale;international markets: International food distribution companies, direct sales online; Marketapproach: Introduction of the product through gastronomic events and workshops and directcontact with cooks, and international distributors. Promoters: Valeriy Afilov, Paulo Zaragoza Pedro, JorgeFilipe Raiado. 4
  5. 5. 3. The Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (IPG) Research Unit for the Development of Portugal’sInland (UDI) from the, was founded in 2007. It is an organic unit of education, research andintegrated development of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda. It consists of the Directorate,Scientific Council and Monitoring Unit bodies and organizes its research activity in ResearchGroups, in which there will be a main Investigator. The UDIs mission is to promote innovation,entrepreneurship and development of scientific and applied knowledge. Its operation is based onethical and professional values of accuracy, transparency and human and social respect. We have witnessed lately, to a period where energy resource management and increased automatization assume a higher importance in building resource management and control solutions. At the same time, the mobile device segment has had great evolution, with the release a variety of equipment with a high degree of processing, autonomy and with the support to various technologies.The Internet allows users easy access to information from any place. Therefore, it is important tomake platforms capable of offering users functions that allow them to manage their homeautomation system from their smartphone/tablet easily. We have developed an entire platformwas the “KNX Automatica”, which allows us to monitor or control an entire home automationsystem based on the KNX norm, through any kind of Android built-in system. The applicationproved to be efficient and powerful and can easily be upgraded with new options andfunctionalities. Promoters: Pedro Pinto, Fernando Melo Rodrigues. 5
  6. 6. 4. TecMinho is the interface of University of Minho (UMinho) responsible for managing itsIntellectual Property and supporting Knowledge Transfer through licensing, strategic partnershipswith industry and the setting-up of knowledge-intensive spin-offs. TecMinho has been active inthis field for more than 20 years, with an extensive track record of patent portfolio management,technology licensing and a young and vibrant entrepreneurship community.As the Knowledge Transfer Office of University of Minho, TecMinhos multidisciplinary team isparticularly focused on activities such as: encouraging and supporting researchers in effectivelytransferring their research results to the market; maximizing the valorization of the IP portfolio ofUMinho; innovation and IP needs through an unique access point to UMinho’s universe ofknowledge; connecting entrepreneurs, technologies and market opportunities to develop newsuccessful ventures; encouraging the entrepreneurial skills by promoting the development ofinnovative business ideas and supporting the business plan elaboration through our BusinessIdeas Laboratory - IdeaLab. SilicoLife (SL) develops advanced computational biology solutions for the Life Sciences. It benefits from the expertise and international recognition of its founding team in the fields of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, toprovide highly specialized services and products. SL was founded in April 2010, is a spin-off fromthe MIT Portugal program in Bioengineering and is privately held by its founders. The main focusof SL is the development and commercialization of solutions helping our clients to designoptimized microbial strains for the production of specific target compounds such as bio-fuels, foodingredients or bio-polymers. Promoters: Simão Soares, CEO; Isabel Rocha (CFO), Miguel Rocha (CTO),Bruno Ferreira (CBDO). 6
  7. 7. 5. Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (Faculty of Science and Technology; FCT) is one of thenine academic units of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). Since its foundation, FCT/UNL hasgiven priority to the promotion of research in its areas of activity. Today FCT hosts 16 researchcenters acknowledged by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. The scientific output of FCT/UNLincludes a large number of publications in international journals with high impact, which has earnedFCT/UNL recognition by its peers. FCT/UNL has ca. 500 academic and research staff (320 PhDholders) and 220 administrative staff. It has 14 departments/sectors and 8 support services. Throughits departments and research centers, FCT/UNL also provides a range of services to public andprivate enterprises within its areas of expertise. The ION JELLY is a light and flexible conductive polymer that adapts perfectly to a great variety of surfaces. It is stable at temperatures above room temperature and its conductivity can be tuned easily, by changing the proportions of its two main constituents. Briefly the ION JELLY technology combines the chemical versatility of an organic salt with the morphological versatility of a biopolymer. The great versatility of the ION JELLY allows its use in a myriad of applications with special relevance to those related with energy production, such as fuel cells, photovoltaic cells and lithium batteries. The ION JELLY technology can also be applied in electrochromic applications, such as smart windows. The ION JELLYtechnology is protected by applications on US and Europe. The co-inventors have been directingtheir research towards the characterization of the ION JELLY, as well as exploring possibleapplication of ION JELLY to energy production and drug delivery. Promoters: Pedro Miguel Vidinha,Tânia Isabel Silva Carvalho, Nuno Miguel Torres Lourenço. Vertebral Metrics is a mechanical and non-invasive system able to identify the X, Y, and Z positions of each spinous process. Like some existing methods it is a non-invasive technique (does not involve radiation) and allows for fast evaluation of a large number of subjects in a short time period that can either substitute X-ray examination or be applied as a complementary diagnostic technique. But unlike others Vertebral Metrics also identifies the position in X, Y, and Z of each spine apophysis, from the first cervical vertebra to the first sacral vertebra, in the standing position. This data is considered as essential clinical information because it allows identification of the dysfunction of each vertebra and the intervertebral distance. The Vertebral Metrics has been accepted by the Ethics Committees of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, theMaternity Hospital Dr Alfredo da Costa and the Regional Health Administration of Lisboa and Valedo Tejo. Application areas: orthopedics, neurosurgical and rehabilitation." Promoters: CláudiaQuaresma, Pedro Vieira e Mário Seca. 7
  8. 8. 6. UATEC, the Universidade de Aveiro’s Technology Transfer Office, created in 2006, helpsto meet further the University mission in creating knowledge and extend its access to and for thecommunity, through teaching, research and cooperation. Under the supervision of the Vice-Rector Cooperation University-Companies, Innovation and Technology Transfer, its mission is tosupport UA in its aim of being a national excellence center of knowledge creation anddissemination, through: - Promotion of its technologies in the marketplace; - Intellectual property management and prosecution; - Identification of industry needs; - Promotion of entrepreneurship; - Support of technology-based company creation, the example here presented. 2CTech is a spin-off of the Center for Cell Biology, University of Aveiro, whose mission is to develop and apply new scientific knowledge to the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. 2CTech also provides consulting services, training activities and dissemination of science. Initially, neurodegenerative diseases, particularlyAlzheimers Disease, and male infertility are the main focus of 2CTech. These disorders affect10% and 20% of elderly population and couples, respectively, showing a great market potential.In addition, the company plans to investigate new biomarkers, capable of being patented, forneurodegenerative diseases and andrology. 2CTech has the collaboration of a panel ofinternationally renowned consultants and the medical community in Portugal. 8
  9. 9. 7. Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) - Association for Innovation and R&D in Science andTechnology, is the technology transfer organization from Coimbra University, a non-profit privateorganization founded in 1991 and the main link between the University and the business sector.IPN has a Ideas and Businesses Incubator that promotes the creation of spin-off companies bygiving support to innovative and technology-based ideas generated by its own laboratories,institutions of higher education, particularly the University of Coimbra, the private sector, and RTDprojects in consortia with industry. The IPN’s environment allows to firms the development ofknowledge in such areas as quality, management, and marketing; it also facilitates contacts withnational and international markets. Gathergy®, created by the spin-off under the same name, is a personal thermal comfort system based onspace technologies, producing a hot or cold microclimate inside the garment that is able to adjustto the requested temperature around the human body. It provides 3 modes of operation: FullyAutomated, Semi-automated and Manual. The Gathergy® system is the very first autonomousand lightweight solution that is able to provide active thermal comfort where and when the wearerneeds it. The jacket system consists of an external layer, which includes solar cells, a heattransfer unit in the back, a simple user interface, and an internal thermal active layer. This productaims to solve one of the biggest problems that people suffer when facing extreme thermalenvironments. The target market segments are: general Professional Protection Garments,Policeman and Military, Motorcycle, Winter sports. DOGNÆDIS is a start-up focused on information security created by a team of researchers from CERT-IPN and the Dependable Systems Group at the University of Coimbra. This team was previously at the origin of a CSIRT, the CERT-IPN, hosted at IPN. After five years of activity, DOGNÆDIS was started as a private company. To reach such endeavour we shall be devoted to bring information security to organizations and individuals who understand its intrinsic value, through excellence on innovative solutions. We promote among all ourcollaborators a responsible freedom allied to a passion by knowledge. This respect for people isleveraged by continuous improvement supported by and leading to state-of-art technologies.CodeV, a DOGNÆDIS product, is a framework for automatic source code analysis in search ofsecurity vulnerabilities that most developers might not be aware or care enough. It acts as a non -human security expert that reviews source code looking for vulnerabilities; it was designed to be a smoothintegration in the development life-cycle throughout different points of interactions such as coderepositories or IDE environments. 9
  10. 10. 8. The INSERRAVES business incubator began operating in May 2008 as part of the SerralvesFoundation’s strategy to promote the Creative Industries, The main aim of the INSERRAVESbusiness incubator is to stimulate the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial capacity ofindividuals and companies, supporting innovative business initiatives within the CreativeIndustries that foster implementation of creative services and products with commercial potential.Located in front of Serralves Villa, the business incubator has a youthful, comfortable and openenvironment that is ideal for stimulating creativity. The support provided to companies includesuse of the incubator’s facilities and infrastructures, use of the INSERRALVES brand,management coaching, training, assistance in drawing up business plans, networking etc. Sincethe incubator began operating it has hosted 15 projects, 9 of which are currently housed therein.Of the 6 firms that have left the incubator, 3 are operating autonomously in the market . 10
  11. 11. 9. Évora University has 3 main schools: Arts, Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences andHealth, offering 33 undergraduate and 41 postgraduate degrees. Research and Development(R&D) is part of a network of 14 Research Units all of them submitted to international evaluationand under the global coordination of the Institute for Research and Advanced Education.Research activities are managed on a multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental basis or aroundspecific programs and projects, in order to take advantage of the synergies and articulationsbetween different areas. Currently there are over 250 R&D projects running, most beingdeveloped within international and national partnerships, by financial programs like 7htFramework Program, Social European Fund and National Science Foundation as also privatesponsorship.NEMAQUEST is an ongoing project for the first Portuguese company entirely dedicated to thedetection and diagnosis of plant diseases caused by plant parasitic nematodes and the researchof practical solutions for their eradication. NEMAQUEST team know-how covers a wide range ofspecialization areas, and presents an extended experience in the detection of theBursaphelenchus xylophilus, causal agent of Pine Wilt Disease. NEMAQUEST has emerged fromthe Nematology Lab from University of Évora, supervised by Professor Manuel Mota, and hasalready been awarded with 2nd prize in the Competition for Business Ideas Atrevome, supportedby the University of Évora and Regional Government. NEMAQUEST target markets are publicand private identities, at regional and national scale, in the Tourism and Agroforest sector.NEMAQUEST embraces a niche of business unexplored in Portugal. Promoters: Cláudia Vicente,Margarida Espada, Manuel Melo e Mota Food Quality is largely dependent on the sensory characteristics of food, including its taste and aroma. For the Food Industry (agri-food and foodservice), sensory analysis is a tool essential to the R&D of new products andinnovation. This relies in the establishment of taste panels, being also used in quality controlplans and consumers studies. In the constitution of the panels, the main objective is to chooseindividuals with adequate sensory acuity, including high taste sensitivity. The genetic variation interms of the individual’s sensitivity to taste is known, leading to a classification of: super,moderately or non-taster individuals and there are studies pointing to some components of saliva,particularly proteins, involved in food perception. Thus, the identification of these proteins couldhighly optimize the stages of the selection. Promoters: Elsa Lamy, Cristina Pinheiro, Elvira Sales Baptista,Fernando Capela e Silva, Manuela Guerra. 11
  12. 12. 10. The Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL) is a public institution comprehending teaching andresearch organic units, namely 5 Schools and the Institute for Research, Development andAdvanced Studies (INDEA). It also has a Centre of Transference and Valorisation of Knowledge(CTC) and a Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development (CDRsp) with amultidisciplinary team of 80 researchers mainly dedicated to the following research areas:Additive Biomanufacturing Techniques; Advanced Materials for Rapid Manufacturing andBiomanufacturing, Biomimetic Design, Computer Aided Design of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds,Reverse Engineering, and Sustainable Product Development. The ultimate goal of the CDRsp isto serve as an active platform for the translation of knowledge between industrial and academicentities leading to more sustainable, effective and efficient products, materials and processes.BioCart Printer OA causes pain and debilitation and hence severe loss in quality of life for ahuge number of people. Current treatments involve joint replacement surgery or the implant ofhomogeneous tissue-like constructs (hydrogel-based implants with embedded cells). Bothstrategies present several drawbacks that limit the success of its application. Therefore with thisproject we aim at the development of an integrated, continuous and fully automated productionand in vitro dynamic culture system for biomimetic zonal cartilage constructs. This novel devicewill integrate in two distinct zones a multiple head bioprinter and a custom-designed bioreactorsystem. The extrusion system is composed of three extrusion heads with the capability to print 3Dbiofunctional hydrogel-based constructs with embedded cells that mimic the functionalorganization of native cartilage. Promoters: Paulo Jorge da Silva Bártolo, Marco André Neves Domingos,Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Nuno Manuel Fernandes Alves, Artur Jorge dos Santos Mateus, Dietmar WernerHutmacher, Luís Miguel Santana de Oliveira.InsulJet relates to a diabetics case with an integrated system comprising a digital glucometer forthe determination of the glucose level in the blood, a pen with a motor driven sensor for automaticdetermination of the units of insulin required and a cooling system for the transport of thecartridges of insulin which are not in use. It also allows the transport of recharge needles andstrips for determination of the glucose level in the blood. The InsulJet is useful to avoid errors inthe regulation of the insulin pen, making life easier for the user (especially blind and elderly) andfurthermore, it is useful to keep the cartridges of insulin, at the ideal temperature. It also includesa sound synthesizer that announces the value of glucose determined, and information base, forexample, "the pen is ready to make the administration of insulin”, allowing the handling by blindusers. Promoters: Carla Sofia Monteiro de Moura, Carla Susana Patrocínio Bastos, Carlos Manuel dos SantosVideira, Ruben José Bento, Paulo Jorge da Silva Bártolo, Nuno Manuel Fernandes Alves, Carlos Alexandre BentoCapela, Ausenda Luís Avelar Mendes, Henrique de Amorim Almeida, Victor Santos Mouta. 12
  13. 13. 11. Caixa Empreender+ is a Venture Capital firm already present in the collective imagination ofyoung people, investors, and employees of the institutions linked to business development. Withan initial endowment of the 25 million euros it is managed by Caixa Capital, the venture capitalarm of Caixa Geral de Depósitos Group. The Fund holds its portfolio of direct investmentsprimarily around two main lines of intervention: Business Creation (Start-ups); ReinforcementsCapital (Follow-On); seed Capital; Business Angels Side Car; Corporate Venture andIndependent Operators. Biosurfit develops innovative medical diagnostics solutions in order to improve the performance and outcomes of physicians, by providing real-time and accurate results of blood analysis. It´s core product is Spinit®, a user-friendly reader that combined witha disposable cartridge uses one small drop of blood to give precise results for multi-parametertest panels in less than 15 minutes. The platform will soon have the potential to perform a vastmajority of blood tests. By 2015 Spinit® will be able to address >50% of the current demand forblood analysis combining cell and immune-based diagnostic into 7 different products (panels)relevant for specific clinical situations. Biosurfit will continuously develop different cartridge forthe Spinit® platform, addressing the physician’s needs. Promoters: João Garcia da Fonseca, NunoReis, Daniel Neves, Sandro Bordeira. Critical Health, a spin-off from Critical Software, is a certified Medical Device manufacturer providing decision supportsolutions to prevent loss of vision in an aging population. Retmarker is the most innovativeproduct, a family of Clinical Decision Support Software aiming to support the analysis andmonitoring of retinal diseases (eg. Diabetic Retinopathy or AMD). The Retmarker solutions weredeveloped in partnership with AIBILI and rely on algorithms that allow to overlap automaticallynon-invasive eye exams taken overtime. One of the solutions, RetmarkerDR, is a biomarker forthe progression of Diabetic Retinopathy. Basically, it allows to predict which patients are in risk ofprogression into a sight threatening condition, thus requiring close monitoring. The technologycan also be applied to Screening Programs with potential significant cost savings. Promoters:Ricardo Cunha-Vaz, João Diogo Ramos; 13