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Israel Ruiz: Leveraging the Town-Gown Relationship


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Israel Ruiz: Leveraging the Town-Gown Relationship

  1. 1. Leveraging  the     Town-­‐Gown  Rela3onship     Israel  Ruiz,   Execu3ve  Vice  President  &  Treasurer  -­‐  MIT   Collabora3on:  Leveraging  Collec3ve  Ac3on   ISCN  2014   June  2nd  
  2. 2. WHY  WE  COLLABORATE   The  context  
  3. 3. Why  We  Collaborate   •  Shared  resources  (natural,  built,  intellectual)   •  Shared  challenges  (pollu3on,  conges3on,  economy,  quality  of  life,  innova3on)   •  Shared  opportuni3es   –  Infrastructure  planning  and  investments   –  Urban  resiliency   –  Quality  of  life   –  Living  lab  applica3ons  /  academic  partnerships   –  Two-­‐way  learning  and  beyond   •  BeXer  outcomes  through  collabora3ve  approaches   –  Hubway  bike  share   –  Cambridge  solar  map   –  Compact  for  a  Sustainable  Future   –  Emerging  building  energy  use  disclosure  ordinance   –  {Greater}  Boston  Green  Ribbon  Commission   –  Eco  District  explora3on  and  planning  
  4. 4. Buildings   Materials   Energy   Human  -­‐ well   being   Costs   Mobility   Food   Water   Air   Land   MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OFTECHNOLOGY nMaSS Facility / 31 January 2013 4.3 Renderings AERIALVIEW. LOOKING SOUTHEAST 166 4. PROJECT SCOPE Planning   SHARED RESOURCES: CAMPUS SYSTEMS/CITY SYSTEMS
  5. 5. SUSTAINABILITY  ACTIVITIES   CAMBRIDGE  AND  BEYOND   Some  ways  we  collaborate  
  6. 6. Strategic  Partnerships:  Cambridge   •  Net  Zero  Task  Force     •  Cambridge  Compact  for  a  Sustainable  Future     •  Kendall  Square  Eco  District     •  Pilot  Draa  Building  Energy  Use  Disclosure  Ordinance     •  Cambridge  Climate  Protec3on  Ac3on  CommiXee     •  Climate  Change  Vulnerability  Assessment  CommiXee   •  Bicycle  CommiXee     •  Pedestrian  CommiXee     •  Transit  CommiXee     •  East  Cambridge  Kendall  Sq.     •  Open  Space  CommiXee     •  Friends  of  Grand  Junc3on  
  7. 7. Cambridge  Community  Compact  for  a  Sustainable  Future   !  Building  Energy  Efficiency   !  Climate  Change  Mi3ga3on  and  Preparedness  Planning     !  Renewable  Energy  Systems   !  Sustainable  Transporta3on     !  Waste  Management   !  Water  Management   !  Urban  Natural  Resources   !  Public  Informa3on  and  Educa3on     !  Green  Tech  Incuba3on  and  Promo3on   Amplifying  impact  
  8. 8. Cambridge  Community  Compact  for  a  Sustainable  Future   Amplifying  impact   Eco  District:  Kendall  Square  
  9. 9. Net  Zero  Task  Force  
  10. 10. Cambridge  Community  Compact  for  a  Sustainable  Future   Amplifying  impact   The Commission plays three important roles in advancing the regional vision for climate action: " Advise the City on the implementation of its Climate Action Plan. " Engage sector leadership in aligning their assets and initiatives to support the plan outcomes. " Highlight and promote best practice examples within and across sectors that advance the Climate Action Plan goals.
  11. 11. Campus As A Living Lab  
  12. 12. Campus As A Living Lab