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ISCN 2016: IARU Overview


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Tomas Refslund Poulsen, Team Leader, Green Campus, University of Copenhagen

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ISCN 2016: IARU Overview

  1. 1. IARU Campus Sustainability Initiative ISCN meeting, University of SIENA, 2016 Tomas Refslund Poulsen, Chair IARU Sustainable Campus Initiative Team leader Green Campus, University of Copenhagen
  2. 2. IARU Members Australian National University ETH Zurich National University of Singapore Peking University University of California, Berkeley University of Cambridge University of Copenhagen University of Oxford University of Tokyo Yale University University of Capetown
  3. 3. IARU activities  Research initiatives: Aging, Longevity and Health  Global Summer Programs  Committees on prioritized issues: e.g. Gender equality, university libraries  Sustainable Campus Initiative 3IARU SCI Meeting – Siena 2016June 2016
  4. 4. IARU Statement on Sustainability  ..committed to providing leadership on sustainability that will enhance our campuses and the respective communities of our institutions as well as encourage engagement by others at an international level..  .. opportunity for our institutions to illuminate pathways for transition to a more sustainable future…  …we are uniquely suited to support, test, and enhance work that is done by governments, the private sector, and the United Nations. By virtue of being a small network with a long history and aligned sustainability priorities, our alliance has the capacity to offer high-caliber contributions to the global dialogue on sustainability….  .. We will ensure that our universities prosper and thrive in a way that is not just sustainable, but also promises to enhance the resilience of our communities and the world. We will continue to explore sustainability solutions in distinct cultural contexts and inside and outside of the classroom….  ..We will continue to offer guidance and opportunities to non-IARU institutions on this shared journey toward a resilient and healthy future…  Our aim for the next ten years is to move beyond best practices to transformative change…. 4IARU SCI Meeting – Siena 2016June 2016
  5. 5. Milestones and Activties  Established in 2008  + 85 students exhanged via IARU Sustainability Fellowship Program  Annual Sustainability officers meeting  Student workshops: Green Campuses Workshop at COP15 in Copenhagen, Global Universities Climate Forum  Conferences addressing University Sustainability and Sustainability Research  Guidelines and Tools on university sustainability 5IARU SCI Meeting – Siena 2016June 2016
  6. 6. + 4000 downloads 695.000 tweets including #IARU2014 Distributed in several networks: ISCN, NSCN, Sustainia, regio and national networks.
  7. 7. IARU website  7IARU SCI Meeting – Siena 2016June 2016
  8. 8. 8IARU SCI Meeting – Siena 2016June 2016 Why IARU Sustainable Campus Initiative? • Small group of committed sustainability professionals • Achieve more being 11 major universities collaborating • Develop new knowledge and facilitate sharing of best practice between our universities, and beyond • Attention from own university top management supporting global leadership and significant outcomes – and a leverage to get attention and support within our own organizations • Making a difference – contributes to more sustainable universities internationally